Sunday, December 19, 2004

Total Scrooginess

Yeah, I'm still alive. I just happen to be in the middle of the worst time of the year for me. October through January are so terribly depressing that I wish I could just sleep through!

So it's less than a week till Christmas and my attitude is, "Ho, ho, ho--BITE ME." K. and I will be by ourselves again this year, so not much of a celebration. Also, he's working on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so I will be alone for much of the time normal people are celebrating. Oh, well.

I can't figure out how I want to, or should, feel at this time of year. I find myself caught between wanting to love the holidays and hating everything about them. I really envy everyone caught up in the season and wish I could have any reason to look forward to it. I won't even have any gifts to get excited about--and even better, any gifts to be excited about giving! K. and I got the new computer as a Christmas gift to ourselves, so there won't be anything under the tree for me this year! I can't stand the sight of an entirely empty space under the tree, so I went and got some little things for K., but nothing to get too worked up about. So, once again, "Oh, well."

So, anyway, just wanted to drop in and do a little post to let the two or three people who actually read this thing know that I am still alive. Hopefully after the holidays I will feel more like writing. Maybe I'll actually write something amusing, or at the very least, interesting. If I don't write before, Merry Christmas!