Sunday, May 30, 2004


A couple of days ago we were worried about frost killing our gardens and today we put the air conditioner in our bedroom. The weather is just so typical for here.

Speaking of gardens, I am just about done with my wall garden. I still have a few more plants to buy and plant, but, for the most part, I'm about done. I decided to go with very low-maintenance flowers this year. The garden, right now, has alyssum, impatiens, and coleus--that's all. I might put some gerbera daisies in the empty spots, but that will be very few plants to take care of. K. took over my mum garden and planted dahlias there. Actually, there were only a couple of very sad looking mums left after I killed everything off with too much weed killer. That is, I killed everything but the weeds! Oh,well.

Right now the biggest problem I have with my garden is the chipmunks. There are so many of the little beasts running around out there that we have to watch so we don't step on them. Anyway, they take all the seeds out of the bird feeders and then bury them for the winter. Trouble is, they bury them in my garden--digging up my flowers at the same time! SOMETHING MUST be done about those little rodents. Maybe if I got a, no, can't go there! Bad thought! I would be too dangerous if I had one! Guess I have to think of something else.

Saturday, May 29, 2004


Got an email from C. last week--she still hasn't given birth! She is at 33 weeks--the longest she has held on to a baby. If she can go another three weeks, she can deliver up there. The ultrasound shows the baby is over five pounds--the biggest baby she has ever had. Hopefully, we will not have another ambulance ride here or a stay in the NICU. Will keep you posted.

Stop the Madness

I am about ready to drop-kick the tv out the front window! I can't hear "I am (insert name here) and I approved this message." one more time! We learn absolutely NOTHING from these commercials, so stop them already. How long has the campaign been going on now? Nine months? Eighteen months? And how much longer before the election? Ten, twelve months? No matter who wins in November, it will be wonderful to not have to hear the ads anymore! (What? You mean the ads haven't been running for more than five months or so? And the election happens in five months? Are you sure about that? Absolutely sure? I don't believe it.)

The Beginning

I decided to start a blog because--I really don't know. I don't have anything profound or very interesting to say. I actually don't think more than a couple of dozen people will ever read this--and of those, maybe a dozen will be regular readers. And all of them will be people who actually know me. I will just begin and see what evolves.

I COULD make things very interesting and write about people in my life, but there are a whole lot of people who would sue me for DEFINITION of character if I told the truth about them, so, they will be ignored! We'll just have to see where this journey into my mind takes us. If you are along for the ride, WELCOME!