Saturday, May 31, 2008

Game 4

GAME 4, Stanley Cup Finals

Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Penguins

8:00 PM

31 May 2008

national broadcast: NBC

Get it done tonight, Wings!


Here are the celebrations for this week:

1 June
Dinosaur Day
Donut Day
Oscar the Grouch's Birthday
Pen Pal Day

2 June
I Love My Dentist Day
Rocky Road Day
Leave the Office Early Day
National Bubba Day
Yell "Fudge" at the Cobras in North America Day

3 June
Egg Day

4 June
National Frozen Yogurt Day
Cheese Day

5 June
National Gingerbread Day

6 June
National Yo-yo Day

7 June
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Banana Split Day
Do-Dah Day

Friday, May 30, 2008


Today I officially went over 10,000 hits on this blog. I think that is a milestone--at least for something that is so filled with the monotonous minutiae of my life and LOTS of hockey! Thank you to everyone who makes me feel noticed. ;) I appreciate you all.

Police Log

--11:12 AM, engagement ring taken by ex-fiancee who refuses to return it

--6:11 PM, ex-wife took lawn furniture off front porch

Are these cases of 'women scorned?'

You go, girls! :D


I just saw a commercial for the birth control pill Seasonique. While it seems to do what every other birth control pill does, it has another use: limiting the amount of periods one has during the year. It is being marketed as reducing your periods from 12 per year to four. I understand the attraction of reducing the frequency of periods, but it still is a bit scary to me. Is this playing around with the natural order of things a little too much? Not that I have to worry about this subject. I took care of having periods the old fashioned way: I had a hysterectomy at the ripe old age of 34! ONLY way to go. :D

My Oldest, Part 3

C always was a bit gullible. She would believe anything K said to her. And so we have another story.

One day when C was in fifth grade--or thereabouts--she came home fuming mad. She had had a fight with her teacher--her FAVORITE teacher of all time. She had told him that if you close your mouth and pinch your nose and try REALLY, REALLY hard, you could breathe through your ears. She KNEW it was true, because her father had told her as much. Her teacher thought it was hysterically funny and she got mad at him. I then got mad at K for telling her such nonsense! We were a 'mad' family that day. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Police Log

Wednesday, 29 May

--10:59 PM, noise complaint, three male subjects upset over Red Wings' loss


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Oldest, Part 2

One day when C was about 4-years-old, the three of us were in a local discount department store. All of a sudden, K and I heard a voice from the next aisle over saying, very calmly, "Excuse me. Do you know K and C K___? They are my parents and seem to be lost." Yup, it was C. The girl has been fearless her entire life. :)

Day 6 Post-op

I had an appointment with my eye doc today and all is going well. Everything is healing/healed already and I have 20/20 vision. (The left eye might even be on the verge of 20/15!) The right eye has a touch of astigmatism, but that should actually fix itself over the next couple of months. He doesn't feel as if I will need enhancement surgery--thank goodness. I was taken off of one eye drop and I will be off of the steroid in a week. He wants me to use the Restasis for at least three months and I can use the artificial tears whenever I want for as long as I want. All that is needed from now on is for my brain to adjust to my new sight. He almost did cartwheels he was so impressed with my progress. I guess the surgery worked. :)

Pittsburgh 3, Detroit 2

Good Grief!

I am always astounded by K's eating habits. For example, this morning I found him eating potato chips for breakfast! Unbelievable. After all, EVERYONE knows that the proper thing to eat for breakfast is cake!

Have a nice day. :D

My Oldest

C was born on 4 May. 1978. She was three weeks early. This was the last time she was early for ANYTHING. And it is still true.

On Monday, C and her husband went to Ann Arbor to have their son evaluated at U of M. They were stopping here to pick up our GPS system to help them navigate around the city. The night before, she said they wanted to leave home at 10:00 AM, but she was sure they wouldn't get on the road till 10:30. I expected them here at noon, 12:30 the latest. At 1:00, C called me--they JUST left home. I wasn't surprised. And I don't think she will ever change. :)

Game 3

GAME 3, Stanley Cup Finals

Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Penguins

8:00 PM

28 May 2008

national broadcast: NBC

Go Z!
Go Dats!
Go Mule!
Go Baby Boy!
Do it, Wings!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Okay, So It's NOT Orr...

Bobby Orr shows up at the top of most lists as the greatest player ever to play the game--and I agree 100%. The man was such a joy to watch and he transformed the role of the defenseman in unbelievable ways. It is too bad his career was cut short because of his bad knees. But, there still are the memories.

May 10, 1970. The Stanley Cup Finals. Game 4. Sudden death overtime. Bobby Orr takes a pass from Derek Sanderson and knocks in the winning goal. The Bruins win it all. And then the picture of all pictures is taken:

Last night Valtteri Filppula--aka my 'Baby Boy'--got his fourth goal of the playoffs. It was a thing of beauty the way he skated around the Penguin players. "He shoots--he SCORES!!" And then the picture was taken:

While I would NEVER compare another player to Orr, this goal also was amazing. Kind of took the last bit of wind out of the sails of the Penguins. I guess Red Wings CAN fly--and penguins STILL are flightless.

I really am trying not to gloat--there still is the potential of playing five more games. And Wednesday the game moves to Pittsburgh, so it will be more of an uphill battle for the Wings. Still, it is looking pretty good for the Wings--as long as they keep playing their game and don't start to slack off. Keep the pressure on and the Cup should be coming home to Michigan!

The Usual

Memorial Day=unofficial first day of summer.

Temp here in The Frozen North=44 degrees.

Overnight temp is 36 degrees--and falling. We are supposed to have freezing. It doesn't get any better than this. :) Oh, and some areas DID get snow.

Detroit 3, Pittsburgh 0

Monday, May 26, 2008

Odds and Ends

A few things from the emptiness that is my mind:

--While I was channel surfing, I came across Fit TV. I have seen the channel before and it doesn't do much for me. One look at this body and ANYONE would know I don't WATCH the channel. Anyway, it caught my eye because of this show: Shimmy. It is an entire show devoted to belly dancing--as in 'belly dance your way to fitness.' Interesting, but I don't think it is for me.

--I don't know how many people watch Oxygen, but I'm not one of them. I have, on occasion, watched one show: Talk Sex with Sue Johanson. (Actually, I probably watched the show on the CBC, where it started.) It is like watching a train wreck--you just can't STOP watching. For those who don't know the show, here we go. Sue Johanson is older than dirt--she is in her 70s--and she talks about sex. Graphically. And sex toys. Which she shows and describes how to use them. And she talks about sex some more--every aspect of it. VERY graphically. As I said, it is like watching a train wreck--fascinating but horrifying at the same time. Sue has announced her retirement from TV, so there is a very limited time where you can catch the show. Here is the link to it.

--For the past several days, I haven't posted the police logs. There is a good reason for that: nothing much has been happening! While there have been a lot of 'suspicious people,' nothing more has been going on. Hmmmmm, maybe too much went on too early--hopefully things will pick up soon. ;)

--C and her husband are bringing their son to the University of Michigan to be evaluated further for his autism. The director of the autism center is a nationally known pioneer in autism research there, so it will be good for him to be seen. They will be going down tomorrow (Monday) for the appointment on Tuesday. A LONG drive for them--at least 8 hours from our town and it takes them over two hours to get here! They aren't expecting any different results from what they already have, just confirmation. They want to make sure the treatment plan they have is the right one and want to know if there is more they should be doing.

--We are having another holiday that means absolutely nothing to me. I don't mean the holiday is meaningless--FAR from it--it's just it will be another day for me. As usual. K will be working an overtime shift--his fourth in a row. All during his long weekend. Oh, well, it isn't as if we would have done anything if he would have been home, anyway. Such is my life. :) At least I have a game to watch in the evening!

I hope you all have a good holiday!

Game 2

GAME 2, Stanley Cup Finals

Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Penguins

8:00 PM

26 May 2008

national broadcast: VERSUS

GO Wings!!

Day 3 Post-op

Things are pretty much the same as yesterday. The right eye is still not as good as the left and I am still having problems adjusting to the new sight. My headache is from eye stress--I just am not resting as much as I should. It is so hard for me. My life is ALL about reading and always has been, so NOT reading just doesn't do it for me. My own fault. Another thing I will have to learn NOT to do is position my head as if I am using bifocals. While wearing glasses, I would hold my head higher so that I could look through the bottom of my glasses in order to see better. Well, I find myself doing that now and the only thing I'm getting out of it is a stiff neck! I gotta stop that. :) The health of my eyes is fine--no signs of infection, redness, or swelling. YIPPEE!! The rest will continue to improve with time.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Celebrations for this week:

25 May
National Tap Dance Day
Neighbor Day
Nerd Pride Day or Geek Pride Day
Towel Day

26 May
National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
MEMORIAL DAY (observed)

27 May
National Grape Popsicle Day

28 May
National Hamburger Day
Whale Day
Slugs Return From Capistrano Day

29 May
Escalator Patented

30 May
Hug Your Cat Day
Loomis Day

31 May
National Macaroon Day
Speak In Complete Sentences Day

Day 2 Post-op

Today I am seeing better out of my left eye than my right--I guess it really IS true about the fluctuations! Several strange things about this whole experience: I find myself trying to 'adjust' my glasses when I can't see something. I'm having a hard time remembering that no matter how much I want it to be so, putting something closer to my face will NOT make me see it better. And I am amazed at how much I actually do need the reading glasses.

About the adjusting my glasses: I was a big adjuster--whether I adjusted with my hand or by scrunching my nose, I did it all of the time. I think it was more a habit than a necessity, but it still is something I will have to quit. I'm sure I look absolutely ridiculous every time I put my hand to my face to move my glasses into position--and there are none there!

Being near-sighted for most of my life, it is so very hard for me to NOT bring something close to my face in order to see it better. I don't know how long it will take for me to quit doing this, but it is beginning to be annoying. After I realize I'm not seeing because something is close, I have to find my readers and THEN look at whatever it is I need to see. I'm hoping I will be able to see as well with the readers as I used to see up close. Time will tell.

I never realized I would need readers for as many things as I do. Of course I knew I would need them to read and write. I figured I would need them for sewing and beadwork and any other craft I would do. However, I never expected to need them for cleaning! If there happens to be a stain in the sink, for example, I need the readers in order to see to clean it--and make sure I did a good job. Unbelievable!

So far, other then eye-strain headaches, I haven't had any pain. Throughout the day my vision continues to fluctuate wildly. Sometimes I have very clear vision, sometimes it is a bit cloudy/hazy/blurry. I don't think I am having a dry eye problem, but I might. My far vision is quite good--I was able to watch the game tonight with no problem whatsoever. I am trying to be as patient as I possibly can be and keep telling myself this is NOT a quick process to get through. I'm still happy I had the surgery.

Detroit 4, Pittsburgh 0

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stanley Cup Finals

GAME 1, Stanley Cup Finals

Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Penguins

8:00 PM

24 May 2008

national broadcast: VERSUS


Friday, May 23, 2008

About My LASIK

Here I am 24+ hours post-surgery, just trying to get used to things. It really is going to be interesting.

I watched a video--on YouTube--of someone's LASIK surgery and, frankly, if I would have seen it before having mine done, I probably would NOT have done it. Anyone thinking of the surgery, just do your research and DO NOT watch any video of the procedure!

I got to the surgical center yesterday and checked in. After the paperwork, I was brought into an exam room. A surgical cap was put on my head, a name tag was put on my chest, and stickers were placed over my eyes--the stickers had the letter 'D' on them so that the doc would remember to only correct for distance vision. (K was with me in the room and I forbade him to take a picture of me--besides, he doesn't know HOW to take pictures with my phone, so I guess I was safe.) The doctor came in and did a little exam and answered any questions--of which I had none. (I did all of my research ahead of time, so I didn't need to ask anything.) He also gave me some ibuprofen and an Ativan--which was to curb any anxiety on my part. (Actually, I wish they would have given me the drugs WAY earlier--I think it only helped me sleep afterwards and didn't do a thing for anxiety.) Then I was brought into the operating room.

I was put in the chair and it was tilted backwards to the point where my feet were higher than my head. Very weird. Then I was given a stuffed bear dressed in surgical scrubs--something for me to hold because the chair didn't have arms. (I think it was good to have something to hold on to--it was a white-knuckle ride all the way for me.)

The doctor taped my right eye closed and began on my left one. I remember a LOT of drops being put into my eye during the operation--AND a lot of mopping up of the liquid. I remember when he put the clamp onto my eyelids to keep my eye open. I know when he cut the flap on my cornea and when he flipped it back. I know when the laser zapped me. (The smell of burning hair is something I will always associate with the lasering of my cornea.) He put the flap back, took off the clamp--all the while wetting and drying the eye--and then he went on to the right eye. I know that he lasered my right cornea for 25 seconds, but I'm not sure how long he did the left one. I had an abrasion--loose epithelial layer--on my left eye, so to protect it even more, the doctor put on a bandage contact. I really didn't notice it. Contrary to what you might see on the 'extreme makeover' shows, I DIDN'T have immediate 20/20 vision. I WAS able to see the chart that was on the wall, but it was quite wavy and blurry and cloudy. I was then brought into another room, had the goggles put on me, was given my post-op instructions, and escorted out of the facility. From getting to the center to being settled into the back seat of the Jimmy was less than two hours. Amazing. I slept all of the way home.

So far, if I had to do it again I would. There was no pain--everything was just very strange. Even post-op, I haven't had any pain. My eyes have felt a little gritty and I have had a headache, but nothing more. (The headache is because I haven't rested today--my own fault.) I had an appointment with my local eye doc today and he said everything was healing wonderfully. The bandage contact was removed, so the sight is much better in the eye than it was. I am amazed at how well I am seeing--I drove myself to the appointment. That is something I NEVER would have dreamed of doing without my glasses! It seems as if my sight is improving constantly--the doc said it will probably take a month for full improvement and can take up to three months. I am learning how to wear reading glasses and had to go out and buy sunglasses. I will have a collection of reading glasses and sunglasses like no one has ever seen by the time I'm done--I am planning on adding to my collection OFTEN. I am using four different eyedrops and still have to sleep wearing the stupid goggles, but this too shall pass. I would rather go through this inconvenience now and have excellent results rather than NOT do it and have bad complications. I am really excited to see how well my vision will be a week from now.

I think that just about covers it. So far, so good--and I hope it continues that way.

Post Surgery

The surgery went well--I guess. :) I still am experiencing haziness, which is to be expected, and reading isn't all it should be--I WILL need reading glasses. To say the whole thing was an experience is putting it mildly--MUCH different than what I expected. I should post an in depth report later. Now I need to get to sleep--the eyes feel SO much better when I rest them. DUH!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where In The world Is CMK?

Tonight I'm sitting in a hotel room in Green Bay, WI. I am having my LASIK surgery tomorrow afternoon, so we decided to come into town tonight already. Works for me--I got to eat a wonderful meal, drink one too many stingers, and sleep all alone in a queen sized bed! Who wouldn't like this?

Driving around Green Bay, I am absolutely amazed at everything painted green and yellow. (Okay, maybe they consider it gold.) Of course, those are the Packer colors. I don't believe there is another city with a pro-sports team that is like Green Bay. EVERYTHING is Packers here. I can just about guarantee that you wouldn't have to move too many blocks from Joe Louis Arena in Detroit to see the colors red and white diminish immensely. They sure do love their Packers here.

I got to see Lambeau field today--I have seen it before, but I thought I would mention it anyway. This is where the Packers play. yippee. I suppose Packer-backers would be thrilled to see it--probably the way I would feel if I got to see 'the Joe.' Lambeau field is situated right up against a residential area. From what I am told, people who live there have a hard time finding parking whenever the Packers are playing. I also have been told that some locals even rent out parking spaces on their property on game days. Hey, you do what you have to, I guess.

K and I always download a copy of the Packers schedule when it comes out. We put game days on our calendars. We do this so that we make sure and stay the hell away from Wisconsin on those days! Some people wind up having to get rooms just over the border in Michigan for the games because you can't get anything closer to Green Bay. We are talking 50 miles or more away. Unbelievable.

So, other than driving around and looking at Packer colors, and then getting tipsy during dinner, I have done very little today. I just want this all to be over. And in less than 24 hours, it will be. I will post an update as soon as I am able.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Western Conference Champs

The Wings did it tonight--they won the Western Conference and are now in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in six years. I am a happy woman! They are four games away from winning the Cup.

The next round will be very difficult--they will be fighting the refs as well as the Penguins. I see the series as being called very much in favor of the Pens--after all, you can't hurt golden boy Crosby's feelings by penalizing his team too many times! Saturday will begin the finals--guess where I will be!

--Detroit Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood (30) and Dallas Stars goalie Marty Turco (35) greet each other after Game 6 of the NHL Western Conference hockey finals, Monday, May 19, 2008 in Dallas. Detroit won, 4-1. (AP Photo/LM Otero)--

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Party

I figure I should just write about the party first. It will take me time to sort out my feelings about the rest of the weekend. :)

Surprisingly, C managed to get to the party on time. The last time she was early for ANYTHING was her birth--she was three weeks early.

The 'room' where the party was held was the eating area off of a cafeteria in one of the university buildings. While it turned out to be more than what we actually needed, it was nice that people were able to spread out if they wanted. And it gave C some privacy when she had to nurse the baby. We only put a little bit of crepe paper and balloons up in the way of decorating. Nothing more was actually needed. The center of attention was the display board I made with pictures of C--most of the guests spent a good amount of time 'remembering when.' This is what it looked like:

And, of course, that is her tiara on the table. :)

The food went over very well--the catering was excellent. We had ham and pickle rolls, silver dollar sandwiches, fruit, veggies, potato chips and dip, and nachos and cheese dip. Coffee and punch were also served. I was impressed with the way things were handled and set up. The food table:

The food was very good and everyone was well pleased. Of course, being my family, someone had to complain. The Father's oldest sister said the coffee was cold. I took a cup and, while it wasn't SCALDING, it definitely wasn't cold. I told her as much and then ignored her. (If you only knew how big a triumph that was for me. Less than ten years ago I would have apologized until I was sick, worried for WEEKS after that someone wasn't happy, gotten my stomach tied up in knots, etc, etc, etc. I am now a stronger person--and I like me MUCH better. :)) If anyone else didn't like something, I didn't know about it.

I really liked the cake. The decorator did a great job--and it was sooooooo tasty! It had REAL buttercream frosting--YUM!

There was a scepter and crown as decorations on the cake--and the princess theme continued.

The first hour was spent eating, mingling, and visiting. It was nice to see my aunt--The Father's twin sister. I don't know how many years it has been since I saw her last. She has terminal cancer--spread throughout her body--and I don't know how many more times I will be able to visit with her. It is so very sad. Her daughter and son had come to visit her for the weekend, so they came to the party too. I hadn't seen either of them since we were children! It was good to connect.

After the food, C was presented with everything she needs now that she is so 'old.' She was given Gas-X, Metamucil, Raisin Bran, etc, for the digestive problems she will have in her old age. We gave her bladder control pads. An AARP magazine was presented to her along with reading glasses on the most obnoxiously ugly cord possible--it was a beaded lime-green. In all there were about thirty different things--each funnier than the last. A good time was had by all. Then several of us told our favorite 'C' stories, which went over well. And that pretty much took up the two hours of the party. And I was happy it was over. :)

While the party was a success, there was a blot on the whole thing--at least for me. I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but The Brother and his wife were there 'only because they HAD to be.' They both acted as if I didn't exist--walked past me like I was invisible, never said a word to me, looked through me. While everyone else was listening to my stories, they sat with their arms folded across their chests, with frowns on their faces. If they would have acted like decent humans, they could have added to the stories and helped things be even better for C than they were. Oh, well, I won't dwell.

C was happy with the party and I am so very glad I did it. And I learned something that I will never forget: CATERER! The ONLY way to go. :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Police Log

The good times with the police logs continue:

--11:22 PM, juveniles on roof of building

I guess the people in this town have a thing for roofs!

--1:28 AM, people lighting off fireworks inside residence

Please, let's hope THESE idiots don't reproduce!

(next day)

--1:32 AM, boat anchor thrown through window

I don't think I want to know the person that is strong enough to do this.

--4:32 AM, subjects walking around backyard with flashlights

COULD they have been looking for nightcrawlers?


Celebrations for the week:

18 May
National Cheese Souffle Day
Rooster Day
Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day
Visit Your Relatives Day

19 May
National Devil's Food Cake Day
Bike to Work Day

20 May
Flower Day
Eliza Doolittle Day

21 May
National Strawberries 'n Cream Day
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
I Need a Patch For That Day

22 May
Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day

23 May
National Taffy Day
Penny Day

24 May
National Escargot Day
Plant a Letterbox Day
Tiara Day

Home Again

We got home around noon today--and it definitely is good. The party went very well and the weekend was okay. I have to sort through things in my mind and will post again later.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here I Am

Posting will be a bit spotty for the next day or two. We are here in the north country where we will be celebrating C's 30th birthday. Yes, the day is finally here--her party! I will update when I can. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Police Log

--10:49 PM, gun found in patient's belongings (at the hospital)

WHOA! I wouldn't want to be this patient's doctor!

--2:21 PM, suspicious people arguing

Why 'suspicious?' I don't get it.

--2:43 AM, problem between tenants

THIS one I want to know more about. Where is Paul Harvey when you need him? I want 'the rest of the story!'


I'm not a conspiracy theorist. (I lied, I am. I just don't tell people--they tend to look at you funny if you do.) But, once again, I gotta wonder.

Last night, the Wings played game 4 of the series against Dallas. They pretty much have been rolling over the Stars. The Stars won last night--they played better than Detroit in many aspects. (Yes, once I cool down I can admit it.) Game 5 will be on NBC on Saturday afternoon.

Tonight, the Penguins (boo, hiss) and Flyers played game 4 of their series. The Penguins (boo, hiss) have been rolling over the Flyers--just like the Wings in their series. The Flyers won tonight's game--and played much better than Pittsburgh. Their game 5 will be played on NBC on Sunday afternoon.

So here is where the conspiracy comes in. NBC didn't broadcast either of last weekend's games--they put on golf (?) instead. This weekend will be the last time they can put on a Cup playoff game until (possibly) the finals--whenever they are played. Did someone put in the bribe for each series to continue for the weekend? And who got the money? My vote is the refs, but it is only an opinion. It just seems WAY too coincidental. ;)


The Mule, AKA Johan Franzen, has been cleared to begin light workouts. He will not be playing in Saturday's game because he still is suffering headaches. None of the tests show anything. (No jokes about hockey players not having anything in their heads anyway!) There is no word on when he might play again. It has fans concerned.

One of the reasons Wings fans are concerned about this is because of Jiri Fischer. Fischer played for the Wings for several years. He was 25 years old, healthy, a pro-athlete very good at what he did. He had star written all over him. And then came that night in November 2005. Jiri Fischer died during a game. Late in the first period in which he was playing, Fischer went into cardiac arrest while sitting on the bench. Luckily, he was revived, but remained unconscious for six minutes. Subsequently it was determined that he had a heart problem that never was diagnosed. Today he is healthy in every way but will probably not play hockey again. He now is a scout for the Wings.

So, fans are very worried that Franzen might have something going on that is extremely serious. Let's hope that isn't the case.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dallas 3-Detroit 1

I hope you enjoy your celebration, Dallas, because it all ends on Saturday! And I hope you all are proud of the fact that the only way you can beat the Wings is by having legal goals waved off--Datsyuk's goal in the second, for example--and having your ILLEGAL goal allowed. It is also nice how the refs didn't call all of those hooking, tripping, slashing penalties against you--with Detroit on the power play, NOTHING could have stopped them.

So enjoy, Dallas. Saturday is coming--and don't forget what will happen next year. I'm sure the Wings won't.

Someone's In TROUBLE

I was on the phone with C earlier and she was making dinner. She needed something out of one of the freezers and sent one of the kids to get it. A couple of minutes later, the child came to C and said, "Something is wrong in the freezer. All of the meat has like blood on it." C went to look and everything in the freezer was thawed out. Upon further investigation, she saw where her husband had UNPLUGGED the freezer so a sander could be plugged in. After using the sander, he neglected to plug the freezer back in. They lost an entire deer--and more--of food. I told her I don't want to read about her in the paper.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Police Log

I CAN'T even comment on this:

11:00 AM, bird banging into window

Okay, I lied. Maybe if the bird was a VULTURE...

Police Log

--11:10 AM, goose feces on playground

EWWWWWW!!!!!!!! But, what are the police supposed to do about it?

Now, I'm sensing a theme here:

--10:50 PM, two people retrieving tennis balls from roof

--2:58 AM, people on roof of veterans center

--3:56 AM, people on school roof

I don't know what to say.


With tonight's win--5-2--the Wings are one win away from becoming the Western Conference champs and moving on to the Stanley Cup finals. And they played unbelievably tonight. Even some of the announcers are showing some love to the Wings--the comment heard often tonight was, "They are putting on a clinic." How true! Z and Datsyuk played as well as I have ever seen them play--D got the first ever hat-trick of his career! It was a joy to see--he is a very stoic, rather unemotional person, but he couldn't contain his elation. AND the Wings even got secondary scoring--Hudler got a goal. Z got the other one--DUH! A nice win, completely. Next game: Wednesday.

--Detroit Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk, of Russia, reacts after scoring against the Dallas Stars during the third period of Game 3 of the NHL Western Conference hockey finals in Dallas, Monday, May 12, 2008. Datsyuk scored three times in the game for a hat trick. Detroit won 5-2. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)--

Busy Day

Today was one of my busier ones for a while. It started at 7:30 AM--EXCUSE ME!!!!!--when I woke up to get ready for my pre-op eye appointment at 9:00. I was prepared to be there for the hour they said it would take, but I didn't get home till 11:15! Good grief. And the doc put extra super-duper strong dilating drops in my eyes, which he said could cause my eyes to stay dilated till tomorrow. Needless to say, I had a headache all day. Anyway, he said everything looks fine and there is no reason why I can't have the surgery, so it is a go.

When I got home, I had to take a nap--too short, but a nap. It is very difficult to stay awake and be able to do something when your eyes are as unfocused as mine were. The nap helped, but not enough.

All afternoon I had to get ready for my dinner guests--my sister-in-law and her daughter-in-law. They were in town so that the daughter-in-law could have her radiation treatment--she has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. These radiation treatments are supposed to be the last of what she has to go through--everything is looking very well. I hope all continues to go well--she is a real sweetheart.

They stayed for a visit till after 8:00 and then left to go back to their room--they need to stay the night for another treatment tomorrow. Niece-in-law will have to be here every day for about 18 days (Monday through Friday only) for a treatment. And they live 100 miles away. And she has school-age children, so she needs to be at home when she can. But, the three weeks will go fast for her, I hope.

I wouldn't let them help me clean up because K is on night shift and it gave me something to occupy the rest of my evening. I got to watch the hockey game while cleaning up, so things went pretty fast for me. My eyes are slowly getting back to normal, but I still need to get some more sleep.

This has been a very boring post and isn't particularly well-written. I apologize for that. I guess I'm tired. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Sure Hope Not!

At the end of last night's game, Ozzie stuck the end of his stick out and caught Ribeiro with it. Ribeiro retaliated by swinging his stick with both hands and hit Ozzie just below the throat. The whole thing was reviewed and both got monetary fines, but no game suspensions. (I'm not too sure I'm all that happy with the decision, but...) Anyway, there will be hell to pay either tomorrow night--unlikely--or some time next season. I'm just hoping things don't wind up like this:


To All The Mothers

For all of my readers who are mothers--I hope you are as appreciated by your families as I appreciate you!

Another Win

Tonight's win wasn't nearly as easy as Thursday's, but it doesn't matter: The Red Wings won! Unfortunately The Mule was out and will be out the next game because of concussion-like symptoms. Turns out he has been suffering headaches since the Avs series and they just won't go away. He will undergo tests on Monday and won't be with the team in Dallas--at least for the first game. The league rules state that anyone with a concussion must be out for a week, so if he has one he won't possibly play until the Cup finals--if Detroit goes on. Damn. He was playing AMAZINGLY well.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Police Log

Forgot to post yesterday's police log offerings, so here goes.

--4:41 PM, hurt seagull in roadway

Now really, WHAT are the police supposed to do about this?

--6:00 PM, people sitting on top of car while driving around

These must be the same nutjobs with the office chair from the other day!

--6:18 PM, couch blocking roadway

So what, the couch went out for a walk and stopped short?


The holidays for the week:

11 May
Twilight Zone Day
Eat What You Want Day

12 May
National Nutty Fudge Day
Kite Day
Limerick Day

13 May
National Apple Pie Day

14 May
National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
Root Canal Appreciation Day

15 May
National Chocolate Chip Day
Straw Hat Day
Nylon Stockings Day

16 May
Love A Tree Day
National Pizza Party Day
National Sea Monkey Day

17 May
National Cherry Cobbler Day


Friday, May 09, 2008

Blogger Problems

Anyone else having Blogger issues today? I have to keep reloading pages before they finally come up. Everything is going so slowly. ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!


I really hate it when I eat something that I thought was going to be good, isn't. Then I have to look around for something else to take the taste of the first thing away. And, hopefully, the second thing tastes good, or else I have to find a THIRD thing to eat. This has the potential to turn into an eating binge.

And I really hate it when I am craving something, but don't know WHAT. This DOES turn into a binge. I eat my way through the house and, inevitably, never find what it was I was craving.

And it is no fun when I eat something 'salty' and feel the need to eat something 'sweet' right after. And 'sweet' doesn't usually do it for me--unless it happens to be a donut--so I then have to eat something 'salty' again. This can go on for hours--and has.

And it REALLY is a bitch whenever I am on a diet and KNOW what I am craving, but feel as if I can't eat it because it is not 'on program.' I wide up eating three times as many calories of 'good' food, trying to satisfy my craving, as I would have if I would have eaten the 'forbidden' food right away.

I have food issues. (And I wonder why I look like I do! :))

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Detroit 4, Dallas 1

First game of the conference finals and the Wings won. WOOT!! Seven more to go. Baby Boy got the fourth goal of the night--GO VAL!

A Visit To The Doc

Let's say you have a pain in your shoulder. You finally decide you must see the doctor. After an exam, the doc says you have bursitis and need a cortisone injection cause you waited so long to be seen. The doctor takes a syringe with a relatively long needle and jabs you in the shoulder. When I say 'in the shoulder,' that is precisely what I mean--you get the needle in the joint. That's why the needle is long. Then, while the needle is in your shoulder joint, the doctor begins to manipulate it and move it around to find the spot where the pain is. S/he might also move your VERY sore shoulder back and forth in order to get the needle exactly where it is needed. The plunger is pushed and the cortisone goes to the pain. All of this takes a few minutes and is excruciatingly painful.* So tell me, WHY did I ask the doctor for a cortisone injection today?

Okay, truth be told, I DIDN'T have any pain and I had no joint involvement with the injection--I just wanted to get your full, undivided attention. I'm an attention whore, so sue me! :) I had an appointment with my dermatologist and I asked if she could give me cortisone to see if it would help my psoriasis. We decided to try the spot on my ankle and re-evaluate in six weeks to see if we continue. While the injection in no way was as awful as getting one in the joint, it wasn't exactly pleasant, either. First, I got poked six times in the ankle--albeit, just under the skin, but still. Then, while the needle is inserted, the doc wiggled it from side to side a bit in order to distribute the cortisone in as wide an area as possible. EWWWW!!!! While it didn't take all that long for her to do this, I still could have done a lot of things that were more pleasant--like clean a toilet, pick up my cat's hacked-up hairballs, scoop out the litter box. You get my drift. She added an anesthetic to the cortisone in order to numb my ankle, so I am now left with a very funky-feeling leg. I hope this was worth it--we'll see how things look after a few days. All this just so I can wear shorter-length capri pants for the summer. I don't know. I have to decide whether or not I want to get my elbows shot up--but short-sleeved shirts aren't REALLY that important, are they?

*The Mother has had several of the painful cortisone injections, so it is her description that I use here. Thankfully, I have never needed one and hope I never do.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Police Log

--3:45 AM, unknown drunken woman entered house and fell asleep


Round Three

Tomorrow it all begins again. Dallas will be in Detroit playing round three--the western Conference final--of the playoffs. It WILL be interesting and it won't be easy. It DEFINITELY will be a harder series than the last one. NO sweep here.

Baby Boy re-injured his leg during the Colorado series and has used the time off to heal. Today was the first time he has been practicing with the team and is still questionable for tomorrow night's game. And just when his line has been doing so well. With Franzen on the tear he's been on, you hate to see any changes happen--what isn't broke doesn't need to be fixed!

The word is out: The NHL has decided to 'loosen the rules' regarding the swinging of the octopus at JLA. DUH!! After all of the shit Bettman took for the stupid decision, I'm surprised it took THIS long for the reversal. Go Al!

Also tomorrow, the word should come down as to what team Fabian Brunnstrom will sign with. He has been the 'next, best' that everyone has been talking about for the entire season. Detroit is one of the teams he is considering, but I have a feeling he WON'T sign with them. If he decides to wear the winged wheel, I hope all of the hype proves true. If he wears some other team's sweater, I hope it is ALL hype! :)

Police Log

Here we go again!

--3:44 PM, cordless phone picking up other phone conversations

Isn't this a problem that the PHONE company should fix?

--4:48 PM, assisted older person who fell

I can't help it: "I've fallen and can't get up!"

--9:47 PM, person sitting in truck for hours

Obviously, the person who called this in needs to get a life!

A Lesson Learned

To continue growing and becoming a well-rounded individual--NO comment on my weight, please!--I try to learn something new every day. Of course, there are many days I don't quite get this accomplished, but today I DID learn a very valuable lesson. NEVER go to the local pub, down a couple of stingers* in a short amount of time, and return home just in time to set up the recorders to record the three programs you want to watch for the evening. As of now, I am aware that I screwed up at least one of the recordings. Unless there is a replay of the episode, I will have to wait another week to see Hell's Kitchen. Damn.

*Brandy and white creme de menthe. While they should be shaken with ice and strained into a glass, I prefer mine on the rocks.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Police Logs

I really think I may have to add 'police logs' as a label for my posts. It looks like it might be a banner year! Here we go:

--9:10 AM, skunk in fence post hole

I'm sure the response from the person taking this call was, "And just WHAT do you want ME to do about it?"

--11:55 AM, littering in dumpster

Um, don't you USUALLY put litter/garbage in dumpsters? Or am I missing something here?

--8:30 PM, juveniles riding on an office chair towed by a black Jeep

Just picture this in your mind--no comment from me is necessary!

Western Conference Finals

Dallas and San Jose finished their series. Dallas won. The game that just ended went 9 minutes into the fourth overtime--that is equivalent to more than two full games. And I watched it to the bitter end. It wasn't a good game after the first overtime--all of the players were just too exhausted to play very well. Unfortunately, the game was determined as the result of a power play goal. Bummer.

The Wings FINALLY know when the next round begins. On Thursday, the Western Conference finals start. I just hope they haven't gotten rusty by being off for so long. It's time to drop the puck already--I need me some Red Wings hockey!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Same Time Next Year

I don't have a good singing voice. See, I don't think you understand: I DON'T HAVE A GOOD SINGING VOICE! People who don't have a good 'ear' would find my singing bad--anyone with any kind of musical ability thinks I sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, only worse! About the only thing I can choke out without sending people to the corner to puke are hymns--and at Christmas I can almost be considered okay. I guess He doesn't even want to hear me sing as badly as I do, so I get a little boost. :) With all that said, I must tell of something I do that has become a tradition in our family.

Every year on their birthdays, I call my girls and sing them 'Happy Birthday.' That is all well and good, but I do EVERYTHING in my power to make my singing even worse than it already is. So bad that ANYONE would want to take a pointy stick and poke their eardrum out after hearing the 'song.' We are talking worse than William Hung, bad. (Love how I can reference a show I have never seen, hey? :)) I sing while listening to my daughters groan on the other end of the line. They protest and beg me not to do it ever again--and I sing to them every year.

Today is C's birthday and I called to sing to her. It was later in the day and I really think she was waiting for my call. I told K that the girls would wonder what happened if I DIDN'T call with the birthday greetings. Despite their protestations, I believe they secretly like my rendition of 'Happy Birthday.' It just wouldn't be the same if I didn't call. :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I have been waiting for this commercial to show up on YouTube--it is one of new favorites.


Holidays for the week:

4 May
My Oldest Daughter's 30th Birthday!!!!
National Weather Observer's Day
Join Hands Day
Respect For Chickens Day

5 May
Cinco De Mayo
Totally Chipotle Day

6 May
National Crepe Suzette Day
No Diet Day
No Homework Day

7 May
National Roasted Leg of Lamb Day
Great American Grump Out Day

8 May
No Socks Day
National Coconut Cream Pie Day

9 May
National Butterscotch Brownie Day

10 May
Golden Spike Day
National Shrimp Day
Windmill Day

Friday, May 02, 2008


I am doing the 'Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy' dance in my mind--the Wings ran all over the Avs tonight. The score was 8-2. The Wings swept the series. It was pretty. So many highlight reel goals were scored and records broken, that it would take pages to write about all of the them. Which I won't do. Now the guys get some time off while they wait to see who they will play in the Western Conference finals--it will be either San Jose or Dallas. I can't wait.

I am truly a very, very happy woman tonight. :)

--DENVER - MAY 01: The Detroit Red Wings are congratulated by the Colorado Avalanche after the Red Wings won Game Four and clinched the Western Conference Semifinals of the 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on May 1, 2008 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. The Red Wings defeated the Avalanche 8-2 and swept the series 4-0. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)--

Thursday, May 01, 2008

That Time Of Year

I can tell it is getting close to summer, because we are starting to see the REALLY strange police calls. Here are today's:

--4:03 PM, woman beating her head against car

A man HAD to be involved in some way! :D

--10:06 PM, kids playing flashlight tag

At least they weren't SHOOTING at each other!

Looks as if we might be having a good summer for wacky police logs--I can't wait.