Sunday, December 19, 2004

Total Scrooginess

Yeah, I'm still alive. I just happen to be in the middle of the worst time of the year for me. October through January are so terribly depressing that I wish I could just sleep through!

So it's less than a week till Christmas and my attitude is, "Ho, ho, ho--BITE ME." K. and I will be by ourselves again this year, so not much of a celebration. Also, he's working on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so I will be alone for much of the time normal people are celebrating. Oh, well.

I can't figure out how I want to, or should, feel at this time of year. I find myself caught between wanting to love the holidays and hating everything about them. I really envy everyone caught up in the season and wish I could have any reason to look forward to it. I won't even have any gifts to get excited about--and even better, any gifts to be excited about giving! K. and I got the new computer as a Christmas gift to ourselves, so there won't be anything under the tree for me this year! I can't stand the sight of an entirely empty space under the tree, so I went and got some little things for K., but nothing to get too worked up about. So, once again, "Oh, well."

So, anyway, just wanted to drop in and do a little post to let the two or three people who actually read this thing know that I am still alive. Hopefully after the holidays I will feel more like writing. Maybe I'll actually write something amusing, or at the very least, interesting. If I don't write before, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thought Provoking: please take the time to read

I happened to come across this blog entry today and had to add it to this blog. While I don't agree with everything this young lady had to say, I think she made some extremely valid points. If only everyone could read this with an open mind and try to understand what she says, there could be some real changes in 2008.

Friday, November 05, 2004

How You Could Have Had My Vote

It's been two days since John Kerry conceded, and all I am seeing, hearing and reading from the Democratic party is that you guys think you lost on "moral values." You seem to think this means nothing more than opposition to gay marriage. You seem to think that Bush voters waited in line for hours to stick it to the queers, to tell those faggots how much we hate them!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many Bush voters, like myself, were not happy to be voting for the President's re-election. Many Bush voters agonized over our decision and cast our vote in fear, trepidation, and trembling. Many of us would have given our left arms for a Democrat we could have supported.

Because I am too young to be as disillusioned as I am, and because I know that one-party rule is not good for my country, and because it is my deepest wish to see the Democratic party change into one I can give my whole-hearted support, I am going to explain why you didn't get my vote, and how you can get it in the future.

First, for context, let me give you a bit about my perspective: I am a single, heterosexual, college-educated woman in my late 20's with an annual income of about $30,000. I live in a solidly red state in the South, the region you guys wrote off entirely without even trying to persuade us to vote for you. I am not an ideologue, and I experience painful ambivalence about many political issues. The notion of an abortion makes me queasy, but I don't want Roe vs. Wade overturned. I have friends who've been impregnated by rape and friends who found out late in their third trimesters that they were carrying babies too malformed to ever have normal lives. The pictures of Iraqi children who've lost arms from the bombs my tax dollars bought make me shed tears, but I recognize that the war was the right thing to do, given the information we had available at the time the decision was made. I had no health insurance for three years, but I'm still, hesitantly, not in favor of socialized medicine. I know people who abuse the social services, but I also have friends who would be dead without the food stamps and SSI checks they collect each month. I believe in God and consider myself a Christian, but I don't go to church, and Falwell, Robertson, and their ilk scare me more than they scare you. I believe that in a perfect world, Roy Moore would have to live with the stench of his own ego, just like the rest of us do.

I have gay friends who are closeted and gay friends who couldn't be more open if they had QUEER tattooed across their foreheads, and I think they should be allowed to get married if they want to. I read The Onion, Dilbert, Dan Savage's sex advice,, and quite a few blogs. The local librarians know me on sight. I waited in line until midnight when the fifth Harry Potter book came out. I can't wait to see the new Chucky movie. I will probably shack up before I get married, but I won't be proud of it. I wouldn't buy an SUV, even if I could pay cash for one. I recycle. I shop at Wal-mart, but I feel guilty about it, and if they unionized, I would never cross the picket line. I think FOX News is about as fair and balanced as a seesaw with a gorilla on one end.

President Bush's close relationships to people like John Ashcroft scare me. I hate the PATRIOT Act and am fearful of what might be part of PATRIOT II. The two dumbest trial balloons I've heard floated for his second-term agenda are privatizing Social Security and abolishing the income tax. When he says that God chose him to be President during this time of trial, I am embarrassed. I roll my eyes.

I am a pragmatic, disillusioned, realistic, and entirely ordinary member of the radical middle.

Here is why you didn't get my vote:

1. You didn't give me clear positions on the issues. I followed the news closely all through the campaign, but I still don't understand Kerry's position on Iraq. I know he voted for the IWR, but then he voted against the $87 billion. To you, that seemed to be a symbolic stand against Saddam Hussein (the IWR) but also a principled stand against a President who was out of control (against the $87 billion). To me, that was just confusing. He said he would have done everything different, but he also said that, knowing what he knew today (the day he was asked) he still would have cast the same vote. He said that he would bring allies to our side to share the burden, but he also said he would be sending 40,000 more of our troops. He said that we must finish the job, but he also said it was the wrong war at the wrong place and the wrong time. Huh?

2. You didn't convince me that you would defend America against the threats of terrorism. Kerry seemed to think that terrorism is like any other crime. You catch the people responsible and put them in jail, and that's that. After seeing the destruction – physical, financial, psychological, and emotional -- wrought by the September 11th attacks, I do not understand how he could believe this. The hijackers lived among us, ate at our restaurants, shopped in our malls, and wounded us worse than we have ever been wounded before. How Kerry saw this as a crime, and not as a paradigm-shifting event that deserved a military response, both in direct retaliation and to keep it from ever happening again by going on the offensive, is something I don't understand.

3. You insulted my intelligence by the constant mantra of Kerry's service in Vietnam. Most of the men I know who are older than 50 served in some way, either in country or in the Coast Guard or other non-combat roles. I don't see the relevance, and the drumbeat of "three purple hearts" struck me as manipulation. It was as if you were saying, "These dumbshit hawks want war? We'll give 'em a real war hero! That'll get their votes!"

4. Your constant references to the opinions of the rest of the world scared me, and I'm not talking about the "global test" comment. I don't care what Europeans think about me or my country. I learned in high school that living my life with one eye on the opinions of everyone else leads only to unnecessary turmoil and pointless pain. Why didn't you?

5. You disturbed me with your demonization of the rich. Rich people were talked about in this campaign as though they were all evil cheaters who had wage slaves tied up in the basement to be flogged for minimum wage, and what they didn't earn from the wage slaves' labor, they stole from nursing home residents. I am not rich, but I work hard, am learning about investing money, am continuing to improve my prospects for earning more money in the future, and fully expect to end up at least well-off someday. If I do, it will be because of my efforts and work, not because of winning "life's lottery." I know two millionaires personally. Both are entrepreneurs who took big risks and worked their backsides off for years to get where they are. Given that Kerry is married to a billionaire, this seemed especially hypocritical.

6. Here is something you could work on right about now: I could not stomach to listen to your incessant hatred of President Bush. Bush is stupid, Bush is an idiot, Bush is Hitler, Bush is a Nazi, Bush masturbates to photos of dead Iraqi babies, I'd vote for my dog before I'd vote for Bush, I'd vote for Castro before I'd vote for Bush, the Rethuglicans are fascists, Bush voters are treasonous, Bush should be impeached, blah blah blah blah blah blah. It was old three months after Bush's inauguration, and it's now just tiresome. I don't hate my President, even though I voted for him with more reluctance than I can express and a queasy feeling in my stomach. Language like this makes you seem immature, needlessly vulgar, and obnoxious.

7. Lastly, and I hope this doesn't hurt anyone feelings, because my objective is to make you think, not emote: I don't think you really want my vote. I actively sought out your perspective. I tuned in regularly, for months, to your biggest media project, your serious effort to get your message out: Air America Radio. I listened all day on Good Friday as host after host mocked people like me for believing in Jesus's life, death, and resurrection. I listened as Janeane Garofalo, who was one of my favorite comedians for years, expressed hatred and disgust for Bush voters so vile that I ended my live stream feeling assaulted, as if I'd been vomited on. I listened the night that Mike Malloy told a young Republican to hang up the phone and go open a vein. I listened to pure, unadulterated venom that was so intense I sometimes cut the stream and cried. Tonight, your spokespeople on AAR have been calling people like me "snake-handling evangelicals," and that was about the kindest thing I heard. Um…y'all? I've lived in the South my entire life and have never met a single snake-handler. Your attitudes, language, and behavior toward people like me: reasonable, thinking Christians who are quite moderate politically and who are just as well-informed as you are (yes, I've read all the PNAC essays, too, and yes, they scare me, too) is reminiscent of nothing so much as an abusive ex-lover, a crazy and drunken stalker. "I'll make you love me, or you'll regret it, you worthless bitch! Come here and let me beat you over the head and tell you how stupid and worthless you are! Then you'll see it my way!"

I tried so hard to give you guys a chance. I'm young, I'm not extremely religious, and I'm supportive of liberal ideals like fighting for higher wages, stopping outsourcing of jobs, and standing up for the little guy. I wanted to vote Democratic this time, more than I can possibly put into words. You just didn't give me the option.

President Bush won on values, yes, but not hatred of gays or any other stereotype you have in your head about Bush voters like me.

He won because he has values, clearly defined values, and even though I agree with little of what he believes, at least I know what he believes. At least I know that he really does believe in something. At least I know that he will do what he says he will do.

That's disgustingly little, but unbelievably – you offered me less.

So, if you want my vote next time, and the vote of all my close friends, and the millions more like us that you refuse to believe exists, it's pretty simple: take positions and don't waffle on them. Stand up for America, especially with regard to terrorism. Shut up about what Germany and France think. Stop pretending that the only way to become wealthy in America is to cheat, for the sake of those of us who still want to get there. Treat the President with at least as much civility, if not respect, as you would've wanted right-wingers to give a President Kerry. Most importantly, please, please, please, please, please, please stop abusing me. No more verbal and psychological and emotional savagery. Treat me like a voter whose vote you would actually appreciate getting, and you will get it.

Do you maybe, just maybe, see where I'm coming from?

I doubt it. But I had to try.


A Very Sad American

Monday, October 18, 2004

MORE Fun Things To Do During Boring Sermons

Start from the back of the church and try to crawl all the way to the front, under the pews, without being noticed.

Raise your hand and ask for permission to go to the rest room.

Whip out a hanky and blow your nose. Vary the pressure exerted on your nostrils and trumpet out a rendition of your favorite hymn.

Chew gum; if the sermon goes on for more than 15 minutes, start blowing bubbles.

By unobtrusively drawing your arms up into your sleeves, turn your shirt around backwards.

Try to raise one eyebrow.

Crack your knuckles.

Twiddle your thumbs.

Twiddle your neighbor's thumbs.

Wiggle your ears so that the people behind you will notice.

(found on the internet several years ago)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Fun Things To Do During Boring Sermons

Pass a note to the organist asking whether he/she plays requests.

See if a yawn really is contagious.

Slap your neighbor. See if they turn the other cheek. If not, raise your hand and tell the preacher.

Devise ways of climbing into the balcony without using the stairs.

Listen for your preacher to use a word beginning with 'A' then 'B' and so on through the alphabet.

Sit in the back row and roll a handful of marbles under the pews ahead of you. After the service, credit yourself with 10 points for every marble that made it to the front.

Using church bulletins or visitor cards for raw materials, design, test, and modify a collection of paper airplanes.

to be continued...........

Friday, October 08, 2004

More Nothing Much

"The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again."
--Humorist Erma Bombeck

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Not a Newbie

Several days ago I was cleaning some files and drawers when I came across a paper with some of the specs on my last computer. It is unbelievable: my Zire 72 has a faster processor and the same amount of memory that the computer had--and I can hold the Zire in one hand! I can't even imagine how obsolete my FIRST computer would be today!

Compared to most people using computers today, I would have to say I know a bit more than a lot of them about the workings of computers. Now, that doesn't mean I am so very close to being an alpha geek, it just has to do with how easy computers are compared to what they used to be. Granted, computers are much better and complex than before, it is just that they are much easier to operate today. Programs have come a long way in becoming user-friendly. My first computer's operating system was Windows 3.1--something a lot of people never heard of, much less used! Considering I actually started out with a Windows OS, I am considered a newbie by some REAL geeks, and I truly admire their knowledge and longevity in the computer community. This is why, when some people consider me their computer guru, I can't get big-headed--I am too much of a newbie in certain ways. I wish I knew a lot more about computers and then I would NEVER have to depend on tech support again!!!!! Oh, happy day.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Today I went out to run errands I have been putting off: mailing a package, bringing "stuff" to the women's center, going to the pet store for cat food, etc. This would have been just normal, boring tasks except for the political discussion at one of the businesses. Nothing new or out of the ordinary was said--we all have heard it all before--it's just the fact it was said in a place of business that rather startled me. It's been said you should never discuss religion or politics, because people are so passionate about their beliefs in either subject, and hard feelings can occur. Hearing this business person speak, AND in such a way that I am POSITIVE this person is a conservative and will be voting as such, was something I don't recall ever having experienced before. Interesting.

The other thing that I found fascinating was the age of the person in question: younger than me. As a member of the "sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll" generation, I don't see many of my age group as particularly conservative in their views. I always thought of conservatives as the "older folks" and it always surprises me to find someone my age or younger as a staunch conservative/Republican. If the "younger generation" is becoming more conservative in their politics, could more conservative morality be far behind? I really don't hold out much hope for the morality issue. Oh, well.

Monday, September 20, 2004

So Sad

" breasts are so versatile now. I can wear them down, up, or side to side."
--Cybill Shepherd

It is really so sad...she could be talking about me! :(


Just finished feeding the cat--and considering she weighs about 15 pounds, that is no little task! Actually, she gets fed only once a day, so her weight can only be attributed to: 1) she comes from a family of big cats (brother weighs 20+ pounds), 2) she has a lot of very heavy fur, 3) she has been weight training--and we all know muscle weighs more than fat! The real reason, though, is that she is a cat couch potato. Her only reason for breathing is so she can eat, sleep, use the litter, and run through the house, once a day, like the hounds of hell are after her. Considering she sheds a pound of fur every day and hacks up fur balls on a regular basis, it isn't always easy to understand why she still takes up space in our home. Even though she isn't always a joy to have around, we still love her. We have had her for over ten years and consider her a member of the family. As she has gotten older, she is actually becoming more of a people cat--she will stay with us most of the time we are awake. She vocalizes more than she ever did and will come to be pet. She still isn't a lap baby, but with her weight that probably is a good thing.

Anyway, back to my original idea for writing. Most of the time I try to feed the cat on the sly--if she is in the kitchen when I do the job of feeding her, she is always in the way. It doesn't matter which way I turn, where I walk, how I move, she is ALWAYS under my feet. One of these days I am not going to notice her (not easy to not notice a 15 pound cat) and will trip, fall, and break my leg. Hopefully I won't fall on her because then, surely, she will be dead. So, I try to wash, dry, fill, and place her food and water dishes without her in the room. And this is something I can't accomplish. I only wish I had the hearing ability she does--I could have a brass band playing "76 Trombones" as loudly as possible and she would hear me lift her dishes off of the floor and come running. It is truly amazing to me.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Martha Stewart asked to be sent to prison to serve her 5 month sentence, as soon as possible. That is one way to get out of having to celebrate the holidays! Something I never thought of, that's for sure! If you haven't noticed, I hate the holidays. I'm a cross between Scrooge and the Grinch--a total Scrinch.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Nothing Much

"The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass."
---Comedian Martin Mull

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just a Chuckle

"The reason I'm not losing any weight is that every time I complete an exercise, my personal trainer gives me a treat."
----dog talking to friends (Cats With Hands)

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Important Stuff

There is legislation in a Senate committee that can have a devastating impact on technology and it is called the Inducing Infringements of Copyright Act (formerly the INDUCE Act). Whether you are technologically challenged or a total geek, this is legislation we all must urge our representatives to oppose. Following is an article written for The Computer & Communications Industry Association and it explains, far better than I can, the possible consequences if this becomes law—we ALL will be affected.

The following is taken from The Computer & Communications Industry Association website:

“The Computer & Communications Industry Association (June 24, 2004)

A bill introduced Wednesday in the name of stopping illegal duplication of copyrighted works in fact, threatens fundamental civil liberties, The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) said today. SB 2560 (The Inducement Devolves into Unlawful Child Exploitation Act of 2004) - being rushed through the Senate by Senator Hatch - is an overreaching bill that will have profound effects far beyond its original intentions. The measure is being supported by the leadership of both parties, including Senators Patrick Leahy, Bill Frist, Tom Daschle, Lindsey Graham, and Barbara Boxer. This new bill could make illegal any technology that might infringe a copyright, even if it is routinely used for legitimate purposes.

The Induce Act would kill innovation by giving the entertainment industry an effective veto over many new technologies. Under this bill, even the financial backers of a new technology could be held accountable for infringing activity they have no knowledge of, even for activity they could not foresee. It seems almost unthinkable that in a time of economic recovery, the Senate would cast a shadow of uncertainty over an industry central to our economic growth.

Had this measure been enacted twenty-five years ago, the following technologies might not exist:

· DVD Players
· Tivo
· iPod
· Instant messaging
· Online media players
· Compression technology
· Search engines
· Camcorders
· Home video editing software
· Internet service providers

The Induce Act reaches into the heart of our Constitution by calling fundamental First Amendment rights into question. Even a journalist or website author discussing ways in which a technology might be used to infringe copyrights could be liable under this poorly worded act. The bill would likely restrict technology users’ access to legal counsel.

Legitimate academic research could also be chilled. For example, any researcher wishing to study hacker culture may not be able to mention where the hackers exchange their wares o­nline. This could be seen as abetting infringement.

“The purpose of this bill is clear - to give copyright holders complete control over the development and distribution of technology in the United States,” said Dan Johnson, CCIA Technology Counsel. He continued, “Under the bill, copyright holders have the ability to accuse anyone of infringement at any time - without proof. This will obviously chill innovation as technology companies will be forced to have lawyers guide their technology through development, or not release new technology at all.”

Mr. Johnson concluded, “We are alarmed by the speed at which this bill is being forced through the Senate. A bill that creates such undue burdens and has such far-reaching effects deserves a full public discussion. We call o­n Senators Hatch, Leahy, Boxer, Graham, Daschle, and Frist to hold public hearings immediately so the full effect of this bill can be examined."


CCIA is an international, nonprofit association of computer and communications industry firms, representing a broad cross-section of the industry. CCIA is dedicated to preserving full, free and open competition throughout its industry. Our members employ over half a million workers and generate annual revenues in excess of $200 billion.”

More can be learned about the IICA at Public Knowledge.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Playing Catch-up

Last weekend I realized that I pretty much know how I will die. I will perish in a car accident: that is why I sleep whenever we travel. Now, I don't just take naps, I am asleep by the time we get to the stop sign at the end of our street and I wake up when K. nudges me as we get within two blocks of our destination. I have often wondered why I do this and it became clear to me that I don't want to see my death approaching. Increasingly over the years, I have become more nervous by the way K. drives: too fast, passes too often, etc. He doesn't drive foolishly or recklessly, it is just that as I get older I feel as if slow and steady is the safest way to get anywhere. If I am awake, I find myself "putting on the brakes," gasping, cringing, and just making an annoyance of myself, so I sleep. One day in the (hopefully, distant) future, I will wake up outside the "gates" and know we were in a car accident--even before St. Peter tells me.

Some questions came to mind during last weekends wedding festivities:

1) Is it proper to ask the bride when the baby is due? When, exactly, is an appropriate time to do this? Obviously, it is not good to ask while in the receiving line after the wedding. (And this applies only to unmistakably pregnant brides.)

2) Is it actually proper to have the baby ultrasound pictures at the rehearsal dinner?

3) Do baby items really make a proper or appropriate wedding gift?

I guess I will just have to write and ask Miss Manners.

Watched Joey the other night and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I never was a fan of Friends, but I always liked the Joey character, so I had hopes for the new show. I found myself chuckling over 50%+ of the jokes--sometimes right out loud. They still have some fixing-up to do with it, but there is a good chance this show could be a hit. The next door neighbor/married woman character was rather lame--they have to come up with something more than having her show up every-so-often. And the character of Joey's agent is just BAD. I don't know if it is the way the character is written, or the actress who plays her, but I found it painful to even look at the screen while she was on. The actress looked like she was suffering from collagen/Botox overload and as if she was reading cue cards instead of acting. She didn't look at Joey while talking to him--just looked like a news-anchor reading the teleprompter, and doing that badly.

Don't know yet how I will feel about this year's The Apprentice. I am just more than a bit tired of Donald Trump patting himself on the back, tooting his own horn, bragging himself up, etc., etc. Hopefully the candidates won't be "playing to the camera" and will just be their selves (themselves?), otherwise I won't watch too many episodes.

I'm Baaaaack!

Yes, we got home from our little trip. Actually, we got home on Sunday already and it has taken me this long to get back into my routine! I could never be a REAL traveler! The wedding went well and we had a good time being with K.'s family. Even though the weather was hot, it didn't seem to effect me as badly as it usually does--hmmm, wonder why?

I will write more about the weekend later--just wanted to check in and let everyone know we are alive and well!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Why Me?

I know, I know, I'm awfully paranoid, but I think there is a conspiracy to make sure I can never completely enjoy myself. Case in point: we will be out of town this weekend for a family wedding and the weather is supposed to be in the 80s! Now, anyone who knows me knows that I find 68 to be the absolute tops in temperature for me to be comfortable. So, wedding, lots of people, possibly no air conditioning, warm temperatures, equals my not being nearly as happy as I could be if the temp didn't go above 64! Such is life. But, I'm sure a good time will be had by all--me included!


I feel so badly for the people of Florida having to deal with another hurricane so soon after the last. (I know, it hasn't reached them yet, but it is supposed to by the weekend.) I can't imagine how devastating weather disasters are--and can't help feeling so grateful for the lack there-of that we have. Granted, we have blizzards and massive amounts of snowfall and the occasional ice storm, but they seem so minor compared to tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc. I guess that is one of the reasons I have never really wanted to leave here and move to another part of the country: I don't know if I could cope elsewhere. But, I guess you learn to accept what you live with, in so many things.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Fashion Statement or Being Warm?

Looks as if the Ugg craze isn't going away for awhile and the question is: Do I get a knock-off pair and be warm this winter (and look absolutely ridiculous) or do I continue the way I have been for years (sneakers or, at most, hiking boots)? I'm still not old enough to totally not worry about how I look, but I really like to be comfortable, so I'm getting to the "hell with fashion" state of mind that comes with getting older and wiser. Maybe if I could afford a REAL pair of Uggs, then it would be cool to be in fashion. Have to think on this.


Got my Gmail account today. Didn't think it would happen until they were done with beta testing, but I found the Gmail Swap web site, posted to it, and the rest (as they say) is history. And I only had to give the cat's name to be used as a screen name, for the invitation. I am so happy!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sunday Meanderings

Not much on mind today--but then, is there ever? :) It is quite chilly outside and I am enjoying every minute of it. I can't wait till it is cold enough to put the furnace going again--I guess I'm just plain weird.

I really should run to the grocery store, but I can't decide what time would be best. The students are back in town and it will be a zoo out there. You would think admission into a university would imply a certain degree of intelligence, but most of these students couldn't be too bright because they don't know how to read! At least they don't know how to read street signs! Eventually, they figure out how to drive in this town and then we get snow--and it starts all over again. I wonder if they could pass a law to force them to take a driving test before allowing them to operate a motorized vehicle in the city limits? Although, that wouldn't help because we still have the idiots on their bicycles--even better are the imbeciles who ride bicycles in the winter! And all year we have the tourists who could use some instruction on driving and the rules of the road. Oh, well, I guess they will give a driver's license to just about anyone--after all, they gave one to me, didn't they?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Great News?

Just found out that the Krispy Kreme opened in Appleton. Bad, bad news--now all I can do is count the days till we get to go there again! I only wish I had ANY amount of will-power.

Monday, August 23, 2004

The Scream;jsessionid=4XFOS1HACXMN2CRBAELCFFA?type=entertainmentNews&storyID=570044&section=news

My favorite painting of all time has been stolen. And no, I didn't have anything to do with it! :) Click on the link above to read the story.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Windows SP2

Well, I forgot to turn off automatic update, and Windows SP2 was downloaded and installed on this computer. I had read that there were some problems with SP2, so I wasn't going to install it for a couple of weeks until some of the bugs were worked out, but it's too late now. I guess I could uninstall, but I'll just see how things go. I don't want to tempt the computer gods into doing bad things, but so far I haven't seen any real problems. Some things ARE different--I think getting mail and surfing the net are a bit slower, but with the firewall, pop-up blocker, and anti-virus going on, of course things will be slower. If I find it too slow, I'll just do some tweaking and turn off the firewall and/or anti-virus, etc. After all, the protection that Windows has now is just backup for me: I already have virus protection and a firewall. Oh, well, I'll just have to see how things go.

I have been using Mozilla Firefox as my web browser for a few weeks now and I really like it. It is as easy to use as Internet Explorer, but it has some neat features IE doesn't have. There have only been a few web sites I have had problems with, and they seem to be Microsoft related--go figure! :) Anyway, I think I'll keep using Firefox as my main browser and only use IE when I have to!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Going To The Fair

Yesterday, K. and I went to the fair. Wow, what an earth-shattering bit of news. Anyway, this was our annual trek, and all in all, not much different from other years. We did our walk-around as soon as we got there: went to most of the animal barns and saw nothing new. They did have a display for kids that was set up like a little farm, which was new and rather cute: if you were a grammar-school aged child! We didn't feel too badly when we saw their garden wasn't in much better shape than ours is--so much for trying to grow anything in the cold! I was very disappointed that there wasn't anything going on in the birthing tent--there were a couple of cows in the center ring, but they didn't appear to be in labor. They didn't even have any newborn chicks, just eggs in the incubator. What a bust. After seeing the animals, we made our way to our favorite food vendor to eat. Don't know what they did this year, but neither one of us was happy with the food--and it takes a lot for us to be unhappy eating! We finished our walk-through and decided what to get to bring home and that was that. All together we were there about three hours, which is normal. My biggest disappointments were, of course, food related: I really can't eat caramel apples right now, with the braces, so I didn't get any to bring home; the braces keep me from eating taffy, so I didn't get any of that; this year (and I have been waiting for a year for this!) they didn't have the apple dumplings, which were to die for! So, while the whole experience was not much different than other years, there was a factor that was rather unfulfilling. Of course, the best part of the day was that we got to spend it together, doing something together. Can't get any better than that.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Guilty Pleasures

My favorite guilty pleasure recently has been the Defamer blog. Although I don't know if everything written is completely true, I think the info is much closer to the truth than 90% of what you find in People magazine (for instance.) Very interesting reading--like it much more than what Rance's blog was. At least Defamer is straight-forward with information--Rance had too many name/circumstance/location changes to protect the guilty and it was too hard to figure out who was being talked about. I definitely like Defamer's "tell it like it is" style more. Check out the blog and find out if it could be YOUR new guilty pleasure!

WARNING: The site can be rather raunchy--both language and subject matter.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ain't That The Truth!?

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
Mark Twain

If only some politicians took this advice!


Recently I watched a couple of Quentin Tarantino movies (the sanitized TV versions) and I just don't get it! Critics, as well as others, go on and on about how great his movies are and I fail to see what is so wonderful. Instead of using violence and bad language as devices to move the story along, he uses a (minimal) story to go from one violent act to another, all the while having the characters use language no one I know uses. To me, his movies are all about violence and language and very little in the way of plot or character development. I consider myself fairly intelligent and sophisticated enough for my life-style, but I JUST DON'T GET IT! Maybe I'm just getting too old and conservative to understand.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Time Goes On

It just doesn't seem possible that it is August already. I guess the time seems to go much faster now that I don't have kids to get ready for school. We did go out last week and bought most of the school supplies C.'s girls need. They seemed to be real happy with them. I think we will get them backpacks, too. I know they have backpacks already, but we thought we would get really good ones from LL Bean, so they will last for more than a year.

Anyway, C. was down here last week with the kids and stopped in to see us. Of course, the baby is just that: a baby, so he didn't do much more than eat and sleep. The two oldest ones seem to be so big and mature next to the babies. With both of them in school this year, at least C. will have a bit of a break during the day. Noelle, however, is just plain fun. Kids around a year old are just so fun to be around--if they aren't your own! She just was laughing and performing all of her "tricks" for us--after all, she had a new, captive audience! Such fun. I still don't know how C. manages with the FOUR kids--I do admire the fact she is managing and doesn't seem to be ready for the purple, padded room. I know for a fact I never could have handled having four kids--I guess that is why I never had four kids.

Haven't been doing too much out of the ordinary here. I've been doing a little bit of sewing--trying to get some of the already-started projects out of the way. We have a wedding to go to over Labor Day weekend and I was going to make something for that, but I decided I didn't need to bring any more new stuff into my sewing room. Hopefully, I will get some of my projects done this winter--thought I was going to get them done last winter, and didn't. Oh, well.

Time to get going. Will write more later.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Nothing Much

C. stopped over with the babies on Thursday--they were in town overnight. I got tired just watching her. How does she do it? One newborn and one 10 month old--happy it is her and not me! I do admire how well she seems to be handling things--I sure wouldn't be as good at it as she is.

K. and I went to Appleton on Friday and came home on Saturday. Just another one of our short trips. Even though they don't last long, the trips are enjoyable and they are a way to get out of town--if only for overnight! Probably won't be going again until September. Things will be less crowded then with the kids back in school, etc.

Nothing more to report. Will write again when something happens--whether it is interesting, or not!

Monday, July 19, 2004


Just finished the book called Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Very good, very interesting, and I wish I had never read it! The things he says about the fast food industry and HOW the food gets from the field/pasture, etc. to our local restaurant is scary enough to make ME a vegetarian. Now, every time I go to eat something I don't prepare myself, I must turn off the part of my brain that remembers anything I read in the book. Quite a nightmare picture the man paints!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Quite a day here in our little city: President Bush came to town. Whether or not a person is a supporter of Mr. Bush, this was very exciting, truly an historical event. After all, it has been almost 100 years since a sitting president has visited "God's Country." I was most impressed with seeing Air Force One and all of the hoopla surrounding the whole deal. With over 10,000 people at the rally, I don't believe President Bush, or the Secret Service, press corps, or other "outsiders," will forget this part of the country very soon.

Talked to C. last night and she and the baby went home on Sunday. Sounds like she really has her hands full with two infants to deal with. Just so happy it is her and not me! :)

Thursday, July 08, 2004

It's a Boy!

Found out this morning that C. had the baby. It was a boy--over 7 pounds, about 18 inches, and a lot of hair. Not sure on the name, yet. She sure will have her hands full when she gets home: two babies under the age of one. Good grief!

Monday, July 05, 2004


The comment feature has now been turned on for anyone to post. Hope to hear from you.

Sunday, July 04, 2004


For the past few months I have been very busy trying to rid the basement of spiders. There seems to be a seasonal thing with the amount we have, but this year there is an overabundance. Not only do we have a lot of spiders, but they are growing awfully big. I swear, I heard a couple of them whispering "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty" at the bottom of the stairs the other night. Every time the cat goes downstairs, I'm afraid she will become a midnight snack for the giant crawly things. The spiders and I have had an understanding for quite awhile: they stay out of my space, and out of my sight, and they get to live. As soon as I see even one hairy leg, they are done. And I am very good at stating this fact every time I go downstairs: as I descend into the basement, I, very loudly, let it be know that I am coming, and I warn all spiders of this. I feel I give them enough time to get out of sight and if they aren't fast enough, then I guess it is survival of the fittest!

Now, killing the spiders is not that difficult of a job, usually. However, the ones we have now are much faster than in the past. (I hope this isn't another sign of my "old age!") Once I have managed to demolish the spider, then I am faced with a new problem: what to do with the carcass. I feel it is enough that I actually kill a crawly thing--I don't feel it is my job to throw the remains away. So, the basement usually is littered with dried-up spider corpses. One interesting thing I have observed about leaving the spiders is this: the remains seem to attract more spiders. I have always figured these are the relatives from the surrounding counties coming in for the wake and memorial service. They pay their respects to the immediate family, catch up on the news from other relatives and friends, and end the evening with a feast of flies and centipedes. (The wealthier families have wasps and beetles to offer.) Of course, this just means more spiders to kill, which means more wakes, which means more spiders,.....a never-ending battle. I lead such a full life.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Talked to C. today and she is scheduled for a c-section next week Thursday. The doctor wanted her to have it this week, but she "has too much to do." Does that sound just like her, or what? She wanted to celebrate the Fourth and she has a party planned for Christina's birthday, so she wants to wait a week. I guess there isn't a problem if the doctor agrees. Well, this time next week (and one day) I will be the grandmother of four! Doesn't seem possible.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


The other morning I woke up and couldn't move, or feel, my left leg! Panic gripped me for a few seconds until I realized the cat was sleeping on it. Considering she weighs 15+ pounds, it is no wonder I couldn't feel anything! The joys of pet ownership. :)

Monday, June 21, 2004


IF anyone happens to be reading this blog, I want to apologize for not writing for two weeks. I do have an excuse, though: I lead a very boring life, so I just don't have much to write about.

The weather here has been all over the place: one day we have record-breaking high temps in the 80's and two days later we have temps in the 40's and 50's. Normal for this part of the country. Looks like it will be cold for the rest of the week--might even get down into the 30's by the weekend.

The gardens aren't really doing very well and we don't know why. It might be too cold and not enough sun, or animals are involved. All of the cucumber plants are dead and half of my coleus plants are gone. I know the rabbits sit in the flower garden, so they might be killing off the plants. Who knows. I just hope we get some fresh veggies eventually.

There haven't even been any new animals in the yard to tell about. Just the same-old, same-old. Not as many birds are around, but that isn't so strange now that all the bugs, worms, leaves, grasses, etc. are out.

I will now close this very boring post and hope that something interesting comes to mind for the next time I write. TTFN.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


Is anyone else as tired of hearing about Jennifer Lopez, as I am? Hasn't she gone way beyond her 15 minutes, already?

Talked to C. yesterday. She is at 35 weeks and the baby is over six pounds. I must correct something I wrote earlier: she is now tied for her longest pregnancy. Her second one went 35 weeks. Anyway, it will be very different for her to FINALLY have a normal-sized baby--her first one!

The chipmunks are about to meet their maker: they dug up one of K.'s tomato plants while trying to bury sunflower seeds. To say he was not pleased, is an understatement. He is ready to become a chipmunk killer.

The birds haven't been at the feeders very much lately. Don't know if it is because of all the rain, or not. Haven't seen the cardinals, indigo bunting, or even the ducks for several days. Guess I'll go out and clean the feeders and put new seed--they might be getting fussy!

The dining room air conditioner was put in yesterday. They are predicting temps in the high 70's, maybe even low 80's this week. Looks like summer may very well be here.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


This morning I was about to open the blind in the kitchen nook when I heard the crows making an awful lot of noise. Now, this isn't all that unusual--the crows like to hang out in our yard to drive the cat crazy! (How DARE they come into HER yard!) The tone to their voices was a bit different, so I knew something was up and I decided to watch out the window for awhile. I sure didn't have to wait long and there, running through our yard, was a fox. And as I watched, it JUMPED over the fence into the neighbor's yard! It proceed to run around, jumping fences, for about five minutes, came back into our yard and ran down the driveway--I am assuming it was going home! Now, it is not at all unusual for us to have deer, birds (including the pair of ducks), chipmunks, grey squirrels, rabbits, skunks, and raccoons, but this is the first time we have seen a fox. From now on, I will only be surprised if I happen to see a bear, coyote, or moose in our yard. When those events occur, I will then have TRULY seen everything!

Sunday, May 30, 2004


A couple of days ago we were worried about frost killing our gardens and today we put the air conditioner in our bedroom. The weather is just so typical for here.

Speaking of gardens, I am just about done with my wall garden. I still have a few more plants to buy and plant, but, for the most part, I'm about done. I decided to go with very low-maintenance flowers this year. The garden, right now, has alyssum, impatiens, and coleus--that's all. I might put some gerbera daisies in the empty spots, but that will be very few plants to take care of. K. took over my mum garden and planted dahlias there. Actually, there were only a couple of very sad looking mums left after I killed everything off with too much weed killer. That is, I killed everything but the weeds! Oh,well.

Right now the biggest problem I have with my garden is the chipmunks. There are so many of the little beasts running around out there that we have to watch so we don't step on them. Anyway, they take all the seeds out of the bird feeders and then bury them for the winter. Trouble is, they bury them in my garden--digging up my flowers at the same time! SOMETHING MUST be done about those little rodents. Maybe if I got a, no, can't go there! Bad thought! I would be too dangerous if I had one! Guess I have to think of something else.

Saturday, May 29, 2004


Got an email from C. last week--she still hasn't given birth! She is at 33 weeks--the longest she has held on to a baby. If she can go another three weeks, she can deliver up there. The ultrasound shows the baby is over five pounds--the biggest baby she has ever had. Hopefully, we will not have another ambulance ride here or a stay in the NICU. Will keep you posted.

Stop the Madness

I am about ready to drop-kick the tv out the front window! I can't hear "I am (insert name here) and I approved this message." one more time! We learn absolutely NOTHING from these commercials, so stop them already. How long has the campaign been going on now? Nine months? Eighteen months? And how much longer before the election? Ten, twelve months? No matter who wins in November, it will be wonderful to not have to hear the ads anymore! (What? You mean the ads haven't been running for more than five months or so? And the election happens in five months? Are you sure about that? Absolutely sure? I don't believe it.)

The Beginning

I decided to start a blog because--I really don't know. I don't have anything profound or very interesting to say. I actually don't think more than a couple of dozen people will ever read this--and of those, maybe a dozen will be regular readers. And all of them will be people who actually know me. I will just begin and see what evolves.

I COULD make things very interesting and write about people in my life, but there are a whole lot of people who would sue me for DEFINITION of character if I told the truth about them, so, they will be ignored! We'll just have to see where this journey into my mind takes us. If you are along for the ride, WELCOME!