Thursday, December 09, 2010

I'll Be Back!

This blog has certainly been less than a top priority for me this month.  I have been overwhelmed with the season--as usual--and am just waiting for the day when I can kick back and relax.  Whether I get to doing an update this week--maybe even as soon as tonight--or having to wait until next week, remains to be seen.  But, rest assured, I WILL be updating soon.  In the meantime, I hope all of you are enjoying this time of year--at least more than I ever can.  ;)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New Purchases

We don't buy furniture very often.  Actually, we practically run the stuff we have right into the ground before getting new.  K claims it is because he doesn't want to play the 'furniture game'--this is where we wander from store to store over the course of several months and then I finally and reluctantly decide on what I want.  I say it is because he doesn't tell me how much I can spend and so that is what takes me so long to decide--it isn't easy finding what I want that comes close in price to my self-imposed priced limit.  On Black Friday, we went wild and crazy and bought furniture--and made the decisions in a 45 minute time span.  Un-freaking-believable!

To begin, let me explain about the furniture we replaced.  K's recliner/rocker has been in this house for more years than I can remember.  The back was sagging on one side and the decorative buttons from the back were mostly missing.  I believe I repaired the underneath, protective material several times--when the cat was smaller/younger, she would climb up inside of the chair, after she ripped the cover material.  It wasn't even in good enough shape to put it out on the side of the road with a 'FREE' sign on it--no one would have wanted it.

Our couch has always been a second bed.  The master bedroom in this house is quite small, so we can't fit anything bigger than a full-sized bed.  K and I really need a queen or bigger bed in order for us to sleep comfortably.  Also, we both radiate heat like space heaters, so putting two hot bodies in the same bed does not make for restful sleep.  K has taken to sleeping on the couch--a lot.  Some nights he will start off in bed and then move to the couch and other nights he just falls asleep while watching TV and stays there for the entire night.  AND he likes to nap.  On the couch.  Having over 200 pounds rolling around on a piece of furniture that is not supposed to be used in the manner he uses it, doesn't do good things.  (Full disclosure:  I have been known to sleep on the couch at times, also.  ;))  I am still convinced that the spring--or whatever it was--that broke in the back of the couch several years ago was because of all of the sleeping done on it.  Of course, the cushions were beginning to break down and the upholstery was beginning to wear, so it was time to buy new.

We also replaced our mattress and box spring.  It has been way too long with what we had.  I would wake up in the morning less rested and more sore than I was when I went to bed.  NOT good.  When we moved the furniture out of the room in order to clean for the new stuff, I realized just how bad the mattress was.  We set the mattress on its side and it looked just like the belly of a woman who had gained 85 pounds during pregnancy, only to lose it all in less than six weeks.  In other words, it was sagging and lumpy.  Yeah, time to replace.

This time, we went with La-Z-Boy furniture.  We have always had wonderful luck with La-Z-Boy recliners, so that is what we replaced K's 'old blue' with.  It was completely his decision, as it was mainly his chair.  The couch, too, is a La-Z-Boy.  I'm assuming it will hold up a bit better than the last one we had--which was a different brand.  K decided that he really wanted a pillow-back--after saying a while back that we would NEVER get one.  Sooooo, here is the new furniture:


The bed frame we have is antique brass.  I believe it was my great-grandparents, so it is probably close to 100 years old.  And it sits rather high.  With the old mattress and box spring--which were quite thin--the bed was high.  But nothing compares to what the bed is like with the new mattress.  I can't get into the bed without a step stool.  The top of the bed is about waist-high for me.  This will be a very interesting 'getting to know you' period until I'm used to it.  The only good thing is that I won't strain my back whenever the bed needs fixing or the bedding needs to be changed.  ;)  And to top it all off, I think I will need to get quite a bit of new bedding.  But, at least it will be fun.  And here is the new bed:

Oh, and if you never noticed or knew, I LOVE the color blue.  :D