Thursday, April 30, 2009

Favorite Saying From The Playoffs--So Far

The Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo made a comment that has become my favorite of the post-season. (This was describing the announcers during a game.)

" of the commentators verbally fellates a (certain team's) player."

I have always tried to figure out a way of explaining what these assclowns do, and nothing I have come up with comes close to describing it as well as this. There are certain players--and teams--that are 'promoted' to the exclusion of others. One of the reasons for this is that the powers-that-be for the NHL feel as if these same players and teams need to be the 'face/s' of the NHL--and the announcers go along with it and do their 'verbal fellating.' While it is very discouraging for Red Wing fans, the fact that the Wings do so very well helps take the sting out of being ignored. I REALLY feel sorry for the fans of teams that don't do as well as Detroit. Basically, EVERY team has a potential super-star on their roster--and MOST have at least one elite player--and to have him be totally dismissed by the 'experts' while they are bragging about the players on the other team, is crushing. It would be nice to see some unbiased announcers for a change. But, then, we can't even get THAT from our news reporters, so...

Game 1

1 May 2009
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit Red Wings vs Anaheim Ducks
7:00 PM (EDT)


Nothing More Needs To Be Said

"A woman in the Midwest named Dorothy watched her little dog get carried away by high winds. Dorothy Utley's Chihuahua Tinker Bell took flight Saturday in a 70-mph gust of wind. The Detroit News reported that "witnesses last saw the dog airborne, heading south over Dixie Highway." Utley says a pet psychic led her to Tinker Bell, who was found nearly a mile away, dirty, hungry and happy to see her."


Monday, April 27, 2009

Yeah, He's Scared ;)

I think I have finally figured out why I haven't gotten to see a Red Wings' game in person: K is scared to take me. He wouldn't admit any of this if he was asked, of course, but here are the reasons why:

1. He is afraid I might embarrass him by being loud and obnoxious.

Okay, I know I'm that way at home, but out in public the only way I would be very loud is if I was in the middle of a group of like-minded fans. And we WOULD be at Joe Louis Arena, so I suppose he might have a point. I WOULDN'T, for example, dare to be too loud if I was in the Xcel Center--too many Wild fans!

2. He is afraid I would give my opinion about the refs--over and over and over again.

This is another thing I do--AT HOME. I would hesitate in public, unless I was in the middle of like-minded fans. ;) However, I WOULD have to have a few good remarks in my arsenal to use should the situation arise.

3. He worries that I would max out my credit cards buying Wing merchandise.

Now, I have three credit cards with very high limits, so I don't see THAT happening. However, I know I WOULD do some major damage with one of them, so he might have a point.

4. And most of all, he is afraid I would hunt down and destroy ANY player that would dare hit my Baby Boy!

Come on now, as if I could even FIND a player after the game. But that wouldn't stop me from trying, right? :D

Despite all of this, I'm shooting for next season to get to the Joe--and I will do ALL in my power to make this happen. GO WINGS!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recapping Round One

By winning the series with Columbus, the Wings did something no other defending Stanley Cup team has done since 2002: make it out of the first round. And that is one big relief.

In the first three games, the Wings taught the first-time-in-the-playoffs-EVER Blue Jackets what the post-season is all about. By game four, they had learned their lesson VERY well. In the first three games, Detroit scored 12 times and Columbus only twice. In the third game, Columbus scored 5 times, only to see Detroit get 6. The sweep wasn't really unexpected by many.

Chris Osgood showed the world that, yes indeed, there IS a playoff switch that can be activated in the post-season. After probably his WORST year ever, he absolutely shined in the first three games. The man did everything but stand on his head and do cartwheels to make some of the saves he did. And then in the third game, he winced. The camera showed a close-up of his face and he was wincing. He did SOMETHING that caused him pain and it was very evident in the second period of the fourth game. WHATEVER they did--injections, probably--between the second and third, gave him enough to let the team win.

Detroit's 'D' threw the switch, also. They HAD started playing better toward the end of the season, but were MUCH better in this series. And when the 'big guns'--the first and second lines--couldn't get the job done, the third line stepped in and took over. There was no evidence of a 'hangover' as far as could be seen. The entire team played much more aggressively and let everyone know that they CAN'T be pushed around--even though they are top heavy with 'soft' Europeans and play a puck possession game. Although the hit-of-the-game was done by Stuart--a Canadian--all of the Wings contributed in the hits department.

As for the hit that Stuart placed on Umberger: UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!! First, it was a purely clean hit--not a thing dirty about it. Stuart hit Umberger so hard that the guy's eyes crossed. I think he may have even blacked out for a second. The only time I have seen someone be so woozy is during a heavy-weight boxing match. I don't think Umberger knew what day it was, much less WHERE he was. He might not have even known his own name. It was the hit of the series--so far--and could even be in contention for the hit of the year. It was priceless. And I HAVE to give the guy credit: he came back to finish the game after resting for a bit. GOTTA love playoff hockey--and hockey players!!

The only thing that kind of marred the win for the Wings is the way they got their last goal. (By no means does ANYONE thing they wouldn't have won the series, just that they might have needed one more game to do it.) Late in the third, the game was tied 5-5. Both teams were playing great. Less than two minutes left in the game, during a line change, Columbus was called for too many men on the ice. It really was too blatant for the refs to ignore: one of the guys actually PLAYED the puck! And Detroit scored on the power play. Columbus felt as if it was something that didn't need to be called and said the refs 'swallowed their whistles' through most of the third, so why call THAT? I certainly understand their feelings--we Wing fans have had to endure 'unneeded' calls VERY, VERY often. But, it is what it is. The series' outcome wouldn't have been any different even if Columbus would have won game four. They learned what it is like to be in the playoffs--it was the first time in franchise history--and they learned what it is like to play against the Champs when they are on their game. These are lessons that will serve them well in the future--and make them MUCH harder for the Wings to play next year. This might turn into a rivalry, yet!

As for who the Wings will play next, we have no idea. If the Ducks can hold on and win their series, then Detroit gets to play them--the dirtiest team in the league. If San Jose manages to win the series--which is beginning to look like a possibility--then Detroit gets to face Vancouver--and a VERY good Luongo in net. Either way, the second round won't be as easy as the first. And I can't wait--even though it will be ulcer time! ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weather News

As anyone who watches the Weather Channel knows, we had a big snowstorm at the beginning of the week. Some areas in the UP got 29"--10 miles up the road from us got 20" and we had no more (?) than about 10" here in the city. Nothing that unusual, actually--we get late-season snowstorms most years. Today, the temp is 74 degrees and we are supposed to get thunderstorms tonight. Can't say enough about how interesting the weather is here. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

As far as athletes go, hockey players are some of the most superstitious people around. The Wings have a player that refuses to wear the laces on his skates more than one time. After EVERY TIME he takes his skates off, he cuts off the laces and puts on new. This includes all practices and all games. Considering they practice almost every day and they play 82 games a season, that's a lot of laces! And I won't even get into the goalies--they are a strange bunch to begin with, but THEIR superstitions...(There was one goalie who used to talk to the goalposts. Just saying.)

A lot of fans tend to be superstitious, as well. Some have to sit in a certain chair, wear a certain shirt, eat a certain meal, etc, to insure a victory for their team. I now have crossed that line. And I can't believe it. But, it is my fault--single-handedly--that the Wings had a hard time getting the job done tonight. And I hang my head in shame. :(

At the beginning of this series, I decided to wear my Filppula T-shirt to watch the game and put on my last year's playoff bracelet, along with the one I'm making this year. I had dinner made, we had eaten, and I had cleaned up by the time the game began. I was halfway through my first glass of wine by the time the puck was dropped and drank one more glass before the first period was done--and I had no more for the evening. I sat in the living room to watch the game. Between the first and second periods, I put the dishwasher going and opened the door to let the dishes air dry between the second and third periods. After the win, I sat in the computer room and placed the next bead on my playoff bracelet and posted a minimal message on this blog. I did this exact same thing the next two games and the Wings won easily. Tonight, however, things didn't go quite the same.

First, I didn't cook tonight--K went and got dinner from out. There weren't enough dishes to run the dishwasher, so I handwashed them. And I was talking on the telephone when the game started. I stopped doing the right thing and everything fell apart! I'm a despicable human being. ;) I guess I have to straighten up and fly right for the next series!

All joking aside, I really am NOT superstitious. But that won't keep me from doing everything the 'right' way for the next round! :D

Here we Go Again

I think I am, once again, 16-years-old.

--I hate my body.
--None of my clothes fit the way I want them to.
--I don't get along with my parents.
--I can't stand my brother.
--My face has broken out.
--I'm not allowed to date.

Like I said, I'm 16 again! ;)

Detroit 6-Columbus 5

While it wasn't as easy of a win tonight, it ended up as a sweep!!!!! GO RED WINGS!!!

Game 4

23 April 2009
Nationwide Arena
Columbus, Ohio
Detroit Red Wings vs Columbus Blue Jackets
7:00 PM (EDT)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Detroit 4-Columbus 1

Surely, You Must Be Joking

No, I'm not joking...and quit calling me Shirley! :D

On Saturday, I was thinking about going into my garden and getting my hands dirty. Today, I can't see my garden because it is buried under about a foot of snow. And it is STILL snowing out there. Schools were canceled today because of the snow. And the snow won't stop till some time tomorrow. And on Friday, the temp is supposed to be in the 60's. Welcome to my world--and I have NO desire to EVER live anywhere else.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Game 3

21 April 2009
Nationwide Arena
Columbus, Ohio
Detroit Red Wings vs Columbus Blue Jackets
7:00 PM (EDT)


THIS Is What This Country Has Become

I try to not be too political on this blog--sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. Today I am going to rant and rave and call down God's wrath--okay, not THAT bad, but still.

I. DON'T. EVER. WATCH. BEAUTY. PAGEANTS. EVER. That being said, I DO read news headlines and that is how I saw the story about the Miss USA Pageant. Seems as if during the question section, Miss California was asked about gay marriage. She said she was against it. She lost the contest--some say BECAUSE of her answer--and drama diva, out-of-the-closet gay, gossip columnist Perez Hilton has climbed onto his rainbow-colored high horse and is appalled--APPALLED, I tell ya--and ranted and raved in his blog about her and called her a dumb bitch. How DARE she say gay marriage is wrong?!?!?!?! How DARE she have a difference of opinion than this little disgusting BUG of a human being? One of the Miss USA muckity-mucks said she was wrong with bringing 'religion' into the pageant. After this, it is VERY obvious that all that is required of a beauty queen is Barbie looks and Barbie's brain.

I REALLY worry for this country. I am very conservative. That being said, I feel that if someone is gay, so be it. Do 'your thing' if you want, but do it behind closed doors as I 'do my thing.' Unfortunately, with the new 'hate crime' legislation that is about to be passed, I could be arrested for the statement I just made. I feel homosexuality is more a choice than something a person is born with. THAT statement could also get me arrested. I feel as if homosexuality is against God's law. Arrested, again. There is NO free speech in this country if it comes from the conservative, Christian perspective--it is ALL considered hate crime.

I FULLY admit to being a conspiracy theorist--anyone reading ANY of my hockey posts knows that about me ;)--but things are getting a bit ridiculous in this country. It is becoming more and more obvious to some of us that the conservative voice is being stifled at every turn. As ridiculous as some may find it, Fox news is about the only place--other than talk radio--where conservatives can actually hear some of their own opinions discussed on a daily basis. When a conservative voices an opinion--as did Miss California--the wrath of the entire mainstream media comes falling on his/her head. From nothings--like Perez Hilton--to university professors, to political heavy weights, the judgment and vitriol comes spewing forth and the condemnation is swift and intense. It takes an EXTREMELY powerful person to stand up to what rains down--and there are going to be less and less people able/willing to do so. Thus, the conservative voice WILL be stifled--and our country will be poorer for it.

Before anyone says that conservatives stifle liberals, all I have to say is "You've GOTTA be kidding!" The majority of media in this country IS liberal, so the liberal agenda is ALWAYS in the spotlight. And so be it. Just let the other side be heard, too. I don't care WHAT your point of view is--even if I find it vile--I think you have the right to be heard. The liberals don't seem to feel the same way. What are they afraid of? That if people hear a different point of view that they may agree with it? It is very much like negotiations between unions and management: Ask for way more than what you want, counter with way less than what you will give, and things will even out somewhere in the middle where everyone can live comfortably. The same with speech, please.

For anything that I said that may have offended someone, I apologize. I know gays and have gays in my family--and I love them no less than any other person. A person's 'gayness' is between him/her and God just as any other 'sin' that someone may commit. Yes, I said being gay is a sin--just as my jealousy over my best friend's slenderness is a sin and my NOT keeping God as number one in my life is a sin! (Sin is sin--one is no more 'horrible' to God than any other.) I sin every day and I must reconcile myself with God every day--something I don't always achieve, I admit. God loves each person He has created, He just doesn't love the sins that we commit. This is my 'opinion,' if you will--but I am allowed to have an opinion.

I don't know how to end this post. I am very upset and very afraid of what will happen in this country. And I see very little that can be done to stop the downfall of this great nation.*

*I may not live to see it, but this country WILL be brought to its knees--and not in a good way. (Another thing that could get me arrested.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Postcards From Yo Momma

If you aren't going to Postcards From Yo Momma, then you are missing out on gems like this:

"I had a CT done today of my stomach. I’m sure it was fine but the patient before me was a possum from the zoo. I have to be the only person in the world that had to wait for a possum to go first for a medical test."

Wouldn't it be fun to get these kinds of text messages from someone? :D

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Last night brought the first of the final episodes of Prison Break. While I think it is time for it to end--actually, it could have ended a season or two ago--I think I will miss it. Hopefully it will go out in a real big way.


Yesterday the temp was about 72 degrees. Today it was no more than 44. Tomorrow night we just may be getting 'significant accumulations of wet snow.' Welcome to my world.


I'm really tired of people implying--subtly, of course--that because I don't have a job and don't bring home a paycheck, I don't need to voice my opinion on taxes, unions, or the economy. Pardon me, but just because YOU have a job doesn't mean YOU are any smarter than I am.


It took me a bit, but I finally figured out why I have been on such a horrid eating binge: it is April. What does April have to do with anything? Well, the month of May means I have to see The Mother because of her birthday and Mother's Day. My stress level goes up EVERY time it gets to this time of year--and it ISN'T only because it is playoff time.


And that brings me to the playoffs. So far--and it IS only two games--the Wings have been doing very well. They have been 'putting on a clinic' and Columbus has seemed to be quite out of it. Again, it HAS been only two games and the next one is in Columbus, so things can change fast. This is why I can never let my guard down and feel good for more than hours at a time--the end of the next game could see me crying in my beer!


While I never quite embraced Twitter, I enjoyed it as much as I could with the limited time I was on it. Since the 'contest' between Ashton Kutcher and CNN and the fact that Oprah is now 'tweeting,' I just may need to delete my account. I think Twitter is over with. Thank you Oprah for screwing up something else for me. :/

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Detroit 4-Columbus 0

Postcards From Yo Momma

This just REALLY made me laugh! From Postcards From Yo Momma.

Backstory: My dad is VERY particular about his car and keeps it very clean.

Mom: you better call your father asap
Me: why what happened?
Mom: i didn’t see the car on the driveway when i pulled in the van and smashed it through the garage door
Me: holy s*** are you okay
Mom: your father isn’t
Me: why
Mom: he was in the car cleaning the windows

Game 2

18 April 2009
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit Red Wings vs Columbus Blue Jackets
6:00 PM (EDT)


Friday, April 17, 2009


What comedian called Philadelphia 'Filthydelphia?' (I'm thinking it was George Carlin, way back when.) What was this in reference to? This popped into my mind yesterday and I can't grasp where I remember it from. HELP!! Or is this just a false memory of my misspent youth? Someone MUST remember this!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Detroit 4-Columbus 1

And The Playoffs Begin

15 April 2009
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit Red Wings vs Columbus Blue Jackets
7:00 PM (EDT)
Versus, FSN-D



Once again, is having a Photoshop war--and the results are pretty good. Some of the submissions are classy/classic and some are just, plain funny. Then again, because of the abbreviation for Blue Jackets, some show absolutely no class--and are completely hysterical. (I'm surprised how restrained the fans are--but, then, maybe the adminstrator of the site censors!) Here is my favorite of all of the submissions I have seen:

Kitten Update

My youngest called for a chat last night and we talked about the kitten she is taking care of. She is eating and getting much stronger and looks as if she might make it. The little thing is doing quite well even without the leg, but will need further surgery. Youngest isn't admitting it, but I think she will be keeping the kitten--which will bring the total to six cats and two dogs. Good grief. I asked what they will call the newest addition and she said they will keep the name they have been using, the one she was given at the clinic, which is 'Leena.' This name was decided on because 'Eileen' (I lean) has been used too much and the kitten is a female, so 'Neil' (kneel) is out of the question. While I thought this was terrible, macabre humor (yeah, right), I did suggest they could call her 'Tripe,' as in 'tripod.' Puns can be VERY dangerous! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stanley Cup Trivia

Because I did this last year, I HAVE to do it again. MUST keep up tradition! :)

--The Stanley Cup was first presented in 1893.

--And it is the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes.

--Has logged more than 400,000 miles in travel during the past five years.

--Has raised more than $4 million the past three seasons for charity.

--Weighs 35 pounds and stands just under three feet in height.

--Is the only trophy that is passed along from player to player the summer their team wins it. Each player and team management member of the winning team gets to take it home for a day.

--Has visited the White House (several times), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the David Letterman Show.

--Made a guest appearance on 'Boston Legal.' Denny Crane was trying to engrave his name on the Cup. He felt he deserved it because he helped the Bruins win the Cup by lending Bobby Orr his lucky jockstrap for the winning game. (Of course, it probably WASN'T the REAL Cup, but still...)

--Players have used /abused the Cup in many ways. Among them: It has been used as a baptismal font. It was 'forgotten' on the side of the road by a group of players when they stopped to fix their flat tire--it was still there when they went back to get it. Has been used as a cooler at parties. Has had cereal eaten out of it. A baby pooed in it. Has visited a sauna. Several players have tried to see if the Cup 'will float' by throwing it in a swimming pool or lake. (I guess it doesn't.)

--Is the only trophy in professional sports to have names of all players, coaches, management, and club staff of a winning team engraved on it.

--There are 12 women's names engraved on the Cup.

--There are several misspellings on the Cup. Jacques Plante's name has been misspelled five times.

--One name was put on it--and shouldn't have been--and was later "x'd" out.

--Henri Richard won the Cup 11 times.

--Jean Beliveau's name is on the Cup the most times: 17. Ten times as a player, 7 as management.

--It takes 13 years to fill a ring of the Stanley Cup with names.

--In the space for the 2004-2005 season, it is engraved "2004-2005 Season Not Played." That was the year the season was canceled due to a labor dispute.

--Montreal has won the Cup a record 24 times. Toronto comes in second with 13 wins.

--Detroit has won the Cup more times than any other US team. At 11 wins, they are number 3 on the list behind Montreal and Toronto.

--The first US citizen to have his name engraved on the Cup is John Sherf of Calumet, MI. (That is here in the UP!) He played with the Red Wings in 1936.

--To have one's name inscribed on the Cup, a player must have played at least 41 games for the championship team during the regular season, or played at least one game in the finals. There are exceptions--of course--and are looked at in a case-by-case basis.

--It is a tradition that, after winning the Cup, each member of the team takes a lap around the ice while holding the Cup above his head.

--When the Cup travels, it is always accompanied by at least one representative of the Hockey Hall of Fame. When the reps touch the Cup, they always wear white gloves.

--In 1997, the Wings won the Cup for the first time in 42 years. The last time they won was in 2002.

--In 2008, the Cup was won by the Detroit Red Wings--for the 11th time in their history!!!!!

Red Wing Trivia

Yes, I have done this before. Yes, I am doing it again. Sorry people, but I am in full playoff mode here!

--The team was founded in 1926.
--Before they were the Red Wings, the team was known as the Cougars and as the Falcons.
--The Wings play at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.
--Mike Ilitch, the owner of Little Caesar's Pizza, owns the Red Wings.
--The team roster consists of four Americans, seven Canadians, eight Swedes, one Czech, two Slovaks, one Russian, and two Finns.
--The oldest player in the NHL (age 47), Chris Chelios, plays for the Wings.
--The Wings are one of the Original Six teams of the NHL, along with the Montreal Canadiens, the Toronto Maple Leafs, The Boston Bruins, The Chicago Black Hawks, and the New York Rangers. The NHL doubled in size in 1967 when 6 more teams were added. (There now are 30 teams.)
--Detroit is nicknamed 'Hockeytown' because of the Wings.
--The Wings have won 11 Stanley Cups--the most of any US team. They are third behind the Canadiens and Maple Leafs.
--Gordie Howe (Mr. Hockey), is one of the greatest to ever play hockey. He was a Wing.
--From 1967-83, the Wings went into a funk. This was the period of time when they were known as the 'Dead Wings.'
--The Stanley Cup win in 1997 was the first time the Wings won in 42 years.
--Fans of the Red Wings have a tradition of throwing octopi on the ice after goals are scored--especially during home play-off games. This is for good luck.
--The Wings have retired 6 numbers that former players wore. One other number has been retired league-wide: Number 99, which Gretzky wore.
--As a team and individually, the Red Wings have won more honors, trophies, and awards than can be mentioned here.
--Steve Yzerman was captain of the Wings from 1983 to 2006. This was the longest tenure of a captain in NHL history.
--There are 54 members of the Red Wing organization in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
--The Wings' minor league team is the Grand Rapids Griffins.
--The colors of the Red Wings are red and white.
--During the 2008-2009 season, the Wings became only the third team in history to have four consecutive 50-win seasons.
--Babcock led the team to 200 wins faster than any coach in franchise history.
--Again, in 2008-2009, the Wings broke records for consecutive years in the playoffs and consecutive years winning their division.

About Beards and Bracelets

Since the early 80's, hockey players have been growing playoff beards. It became a tradition started with the New York Islanders and continues to this day. Some Wings--Zetterberg, Draper, Franzen--grow GREAT beards, where others--Filppula, Hudler--might as well not even try. :) For some unknown reason (?) this year's Wings slogan for the playoffs is "The Beard is Back." (Pretty bad, if I do say so myself.) Of course, this allows puns, such as "Here We Grow Again." (Again, I don't get it.) I think they could have come up with something better, but after so many years in the playoffs, I guess they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

In solidarity with their team, many men will grow their own playoff beards. (K can't do this because of work restricitons. He is allowed to grow a mustache, but not a beard.) Along with the slogan, there are contests to find the best beard amongst fans, as well as players. All of this is well and good for men, but the female fans find themselves out in the cold. And then there was a solution.

While some women decide to not shave themselves during the playoffs, for some of us, that is just not going to happen. (Three months of leg and pit hair?? I don't thing so.) A lady over on one of the fan sites suggested that women use embroidery floss and tie a string on the wrist for every game: a red piece for a win and white for a loss. This worked very well for quite a few. I, however, did something more to my liking.

I made a playoff bracelet, but I only had one 'string' on my wrist. I started with hemp cord--or anything that was thin, but with a rough texture. First, I put a silver bead on to signify the President's trophy and then added a glass bead after every game: red for a win, white for a loss. I tied this on my wrist with a loose knot--that is why the cord had to be rough, so it COULD be loose. After every round, I added a silver bead to separate the series. When the Cup was finally won, I made myself a playoff bracelet of sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. I think it came out quite nicely.

So, I am beginning the 'tradition' for Stanley Cup 2009. I only hope I get another great bracelet out of the playoffs. :)

I Just Couldn't

I tried, I REALLY tried to watch the game being broadcast on both channels tonight--Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia. I didn't scream like a little girl as the announcers wet themselves each time they said "Sidney Crosby." I tried to ignore Bettman sitting at the game, despite the fact there are three other games going on tonight. After all, where else would he be other than worshiping Crosby? (I failed and found myself gagging a little.) When Crosby scored "THE FIRST GOAL OF THE FIRST GAME OF THE 2009 STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I vomited a bit into my mouth and had to stop watching. I couldn't stand it anymore. The ONLY time I can handle watching the Penguins play is when I KNOW they will lose--and even THAT is hard, which I found out the other night while watching a repeat of Game 6 of the 2008 finals. The game where Detroit won it all. I don't even know if I hate the Ducks as much as I hate the Penguins--and that is saying a lot.

More Ramblings

I have never seen an entire episode of Spongebob Squarepants, Family Man, the Simpsons, or South Park. Some of these, I have TRIED to watch, but just couldn't do it. I hope I'm not missing much!


On Saturday, the truck died. K was able to get it going so he could drive it home from work, but it has been parked on the street since then. The first appointment he could get to fix it was for Wednesday. At noon. This means I have to get up in the morning, drive to where the truck will be fixed (provided the truck can be started and he can actually drive it there), wait till the truck is done, drive him back to pick it up, and drive home. The only good to all of this: I will have my Envoy back. He has been driving it to work and I have been vehicle-less.


I have never been a fan of Apple products. When I started with computers, I went with a PC and have stayed with them. I like the fact that I can actually figure out how my computer works--which I never feel is the case with an Apple. PC's allow a lot more 'tinkering' than Apples do--and I don't like the feeling of having my hand held that you get from Apple. Apple seems to think that everyone is an idiot and has to have everything done for them. I NEVER feel that way with a PC. (However, it isn't ALWAYS a good thing, either. :))

Despite all of the hype, I don't believe Apple products are all that great. Before I purchased any of my music players, for example, I read ALL of the reviews--even the ones for iPods. Granted, they can do quite a lot of things, but no more than what my Creative Zen X-Fi can do--and my Zen cost a whole lot less! While I want a phone that can do a few more things than mine can, the iPhone does WAY too much--and from a lot of reviews, not all that well. I sometimes believe Apple product owners won't admit when what they have doesn't work right--they just are too ashamed of paying the exorbitant prices that are charged.


Pavel Datsyuk has come out with his own clothing line. Actually, just some T-shirts right now, but there probably will be more to come. They went on sale on Monday--the 13th, because his number is 13--and I managed to snag one right away. Don't know how fast they will go, but I didn't want to chance not getting one. Kind of cool:

It has the number 13 all over it and the tag line: "Lucky for me, unlucky for them."

It is April and that means only one thing--to me, at least. Yup--the Stanley Cup playoffs are starting. While they begin on Wednesday, the Wings don't play until Thursday. I'm not sure WHAT will happen this year--but I don't have very good feelings about things. IF Detroit can get through the first round, they might have a chance to go far. But Columbus has a goalie who has played very well--and I think the Wings have let him get in their heads. NOT a good thing. I am working on my bleeding ulcer already. Only one good thing comes from the Wings exiting early: my ulcer won't get to the bleeding stage. >:/

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

With Apologies To Mail Carriers

Did you hear the one about the turkeys and the mail carriers? No, it isn't a joke, but a true story. Seems as if there is a group of tom turkeys harassing the mail carriers in Grand Haven, MI. They are more aggressive than some dogs and chase and peck the mailmen. This story made me laugh so hard I spit coffee through my nose! For the whole story, go here. (Some of the comments are hysterical, too!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

RIP, "Bird"

Mark "the Bird" Fidrych died as the result of an accident on his Massachusetts farm. He was only 54 years old. He found fame as a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, but had his career cut short due to injuries. The Associated Press has a good story about him here.

Postcards From Yo Momma

If you have never been to this site, go there. Some of the conversations/emails/chat texts they post are hysterical. This one absolutely floored me--couldn't stop laughing.

"Mom: Movie time - yeah! We’re starting with “Debbie Does Dallas”. Sounds weird. Tonight is double feature; don’t know what’s next. lv u

[2 hours later]

Mom: Well, that was an eye opener if I say so myself. 2nd feature is Gidget Goes to Hawaii. lv u

Me: are u kidding or have you been replaced by pod people?

[2 hours after that]

Mom: Well, debbie and gidget live very different lives. From now on I’m leaving the movie choices to your dad."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Up from the grave He arose.


Have a blessed Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's Game >:(

While the game today had absolutely no meaning whatsoever, it still was hard to see the loss--especially because it was so unnecessary. A minute left to the game, tied score, the refs called a penalty shot against the Wings and Chicago scored. Not only did the play NOT call for a penalty shot, but it wasn't even close to a penalty at all! Oh well, I guess the refs are getting into playoff mode--and that means calling useless penalties against the Wings. We see it ALL of the time.

Tomorrow is the last game of the season--against Chicago. Hopefully the Wings will take the bitter taste of today's game with them!!!!


The Red Wings signed Johan "Mule" Franzen to a contract extension today. He signed for 11 years and will make about $44 million. This will make the cap hit quite manageable and possible for Hossa to sign, too. Ken Holland is an absolute genius.

Hockey Talk

It must be the countdown to the playoffs because the Wings are beginning to get a bit feisty. Two games ago my Baby Boy made a hit that was unbelievable! (Didn't know he could hit like that! It brought a tear to my eye, I was so proud.) Anyway, a Buffalo player took exception to the hit--which WAS legal, by the way--and tried starting something with VF. This caused a bit of a scrum with VF standing toe-to-toe with the Buffalo player with a "you talking to ME!!!!" attitude. FEISTY!

Thursday night against Nashville, VF was credited with THREE hits for the game! AND he was ready to get into it with the Nashville player that cross-checked him in the lower back--again standing toe-to-toe with the same "you talking at ME!" attitude. (Frankly, I wouldn't have been surprised if he would have decked the asshat--it certainly WASN'T something good!) And in the middle of the scrum, Datsyuk punched a Nashville player in the chin! WHAT are they putting in the water the Wings are drinking?!?! Almost would think it is 'roid rage setting in. ;)


The NHL hasn't had a steroid scandal like some of the other sports have. Now, I don't believe that there are NO players in the NHL that have or do use steroids, I just don't think there is much of a chance that too many would. Steroids bulk people up and hockey players have to be a bit sleeker so that they can be faster, so bulk isn't something most players want or need. That being said, there ARE rumors that amphetamines might be a problem in the NHL--or were at one time. The NHL has a very strict drug policy--and testing--so it would seem as if there are any culprits, they would be caught. I certainly hope this is the case.


We are lucky to have as many channels broadcasting hockey on TV throughout the year that we do. Our cable company allows us to see Red Wing games on FSN-Detroit and we also get Versus and the CBC. Add to this the (few) games that NBC carries on Sundays, and we have hockey most days of the week throughout the season. So, we don't need to buy the Center Ice package that is also available.

That being said, we have had the opportunity to see Center Ice for free this past week. Major League baseball has begun its season and its pay channels are being shown for free this week. Baseball's channels are the same ones that hockey is shown on during the season, so the last of the hockey games are being shown for free. It has been a hockey fanatics dream come true: multiple games every night! WOW!


Tonight I watched the Predators game on Center Ice and was struck with one reason why Wings' fans are hated so much. It was being talked about how the Predators were trying to get into the playoffs for the fifth year in a row. I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing. The reason? The Wings are in the playoffs for the 18th consecutive year. I realized--yes, too late--that it was rude to be like that. Even though there wasn't a Pred fan around for miles and miles and miles. At least, I don't think so. :)

Anyway, Wings' fans are VERY spoiled. We have the tendency to freak over things that other teams' fans would cheer about. Wings' fans have lamented the fact that they will finish the season no better than 2nd in the league--and could possibly finish 3rd! (This, after the Wings regularly finish in the top 5.) Wings' fans were upset because they didn't win their 50th game the first game they could have. Even though they were only the third team in HISTORY to have four consecutive years of 50 or more wins--when they DID win their 50th. The Wings' fans have pissed and moaned when they have won games by only one goal--or lost games that they have lost in the shootout--even though they played solidly for the entire game.

I don't know what is wrong with Wings' fans, besides being spoiled and used to perfection from the Wings. We KNOW they could have had a perfect season with the talent on the team. (Not seriously, but theoretically.) The Wings are consistently among the top teams in the NHL and have been for almost 20 years, so anything short of being THE best is painful for their fans. Also, too many fans remember--or have been told of--the Dead Wing era. 42 years between Cup wins. THAT is something too frightening to think about. And every time we see the Wings NOT play their best, we fear it is the beginning of another Dead Wing stretch.

Maybe these are the reasons we fans are the way we are.

Some Ramblings

I'm almost done with the Russian novel I have been reading. Now I can get to some brain candy--the next Dresden Files book and the last two Twilight books! While the novel hasn't been a difficult read, it is very different from what I am used to reading. I'm hoping the whole thing will be wrapped up nicely in the epilogue OR the translator notes. I WILL, however, have to wait a week or two and think about what I read--so that I can decide whether I liked the book or not. Hmmmm.


For two days in a row, I have seen a robin in the yard. I guess this means that spring is finally coming. Next week the temps are supposed to be at least 50, so things are looking up.


Today I took a walk around the back yard--at least the parts that weren't still snow-covered--and saw that the chipmunks are excavating again. (At least I THINK they are chipmunks--they might be some other nasty little rodents, actually.) I will have to do SOMETHING this summer to keep the little buggers away from the tomatoes. I think K will have to do some target shooting before the summer is over with.


The youngest daughter has a new kitten to take care of. Now for the story. Someone brought this kitten to the clinic--it had a nasty cut and a broken back leg. And it was only about two weeks old. The vet bandaged the cut and couldn't do anything with the leg because of the kitten's size, so the leg was left. Because the kitten wasn't litter trained--duh!--the bandages wouldn't stay clean, so they were disposed of. Unfortunately, the kitten developed an infection and wouldn't eat. After a few days of watching the poor thing get worse, the vet decided that the best chance for it to get better was to remove the leg, which he did. That night, A took the kitten home and had to deal with it having seizures all night. Tonight I talked to her and the kitten is finally eating and moving around. It just may make it. And I think A will fall in love with the little thing and decide to make it part of her family. Good grief. But, that is my daughter--she just can't turn her back on ANY animal! And I love her to bits and pieces for her kind heart.


My oldest finally bullied me enough and I now am on Facebook. I have to keep this blog and my Facebook separate, as both of my girls and TONS of my nieces, nephews, and cousins kids are also on Facebook. I am not ready--if I ever will be--to have anyone in my family read this blog. Oh, the horrors!

I also have a Twitter account and am not sure if I will continue with it. It is like universal text messaging, seen by the entire world. I suppose I would like Twitter better if more people I know were actually using it.

Now, back to Facebook. To me, Facebook seems to be somewhere between blogging and Twitter--and in many instances, I like Facebook better than either of the others. That might be one of the reasons I'm not on Blogger as much as I used to be. And uploading pictures to Facebook takes a fraction of the time that Blogger does. But it doesn't look as if I will give up ANY of them any time soon. Just more time for me to spend on the computer. :/

So, anyone else on Facebook or Twitter? How do you like it? And how do you think it compares to blogging and/or Twitter?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I watched Colorado and San Jose play to a 0-0 tie through overtime last night, only to have Colorado lose in the shootout. They SERIOUSLY took my happy away. Now, the best Detroit can do is place second in the league for this year and San Jose will get the President's. Oh, well, MOST of the time, the winner of the President's doesn't win the Cup--if THAT happened, the Detroit would have way more than 11 Cup wins!

Playoffs start a week from now. Life is put on hold until the Wings win number 12!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

More Florida Pics

The house we stayed in was quite nice--very spacious. It was nice to have the room to stretch out and not be falling all over each other! So, here are some pics of the place:


Dining Area


Living Room

Our Bedroom

Another View of Our Bedroom

Our Bathroom

There were three more bedrooms--another master bedroom and two smaller--and two more bathrooms. There was a pantry and laundry room with washer and dryer. There were walk-in closets with plenty of space for clothes. It was a nice way to vacation, for sure!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Ideal Job

I have finally decided what my ideal job is: surrogate mother to the Red Wings' players. I could see me having a similar demeanor as the Oracle in the Matrix movies. I would make them chocolate chip cookies, listen to their problems, help them through their homesickness, and tell them to get their F****** heads out of their F****** asses and start playing hockey like the champions they are! I'd be good at my job.