Friday, February 25, 2005


I haven't quite decided whether Paris Hilton is a braindead twit or the smartest self-promoter there ever was. Whatever the case may be, she definitely has worn out her 15 minutes. I can't really believe any living being can be as brainless as she appears to be--you HAVE to have a brain so that you can walk and talk! And if she is as dumb as she acts, PLEASE, someone, stop her before she reproduces!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Political Chaos--But Lots of Fun

Once again I heard a politician give an opinion and hastily explain it is only a PERSONAL opinion--it has NOTHING to do with how s/he will govern. This is just another example of trying to please everyone, all the time. Am I supposed to be happy that elected officials believe as I do, but have them do just the opposite because it's the "law"? I want to be able to vote for someone and have them represent me as I would like. For example: Suppose I was against the 55 mph speed limit and I wanted to elect someone that would try to change it back to 65 mph. I DEFINITELY don't want to hear this person agree with me and then throw up his/her hands and say there is nothing that can be done because 55 is the law. Isn't this one reason we elect the people we do, so they will help run this country the way we would like and try to change things we would like changed?

I would love it if politicians told the truth--wouldn't everyone? But, they are not able to and it is the fault of the electorate. We won't elect someone who tells the truth if we don't like the truth. We need higher taxes--don't say it! We need the death penalty--don't say it! We need to outlaw abortion--don't say it! We need to legalize gay marriage--don't say it! I realize it would be absolute chaos, but it would be nice to have politicians who would truly vow to represent the people voting for them. We would have extreme liberals, fanatic conservatives, skinheads, black-power advocates, etc., etc., all trying for their own little niche--and a true democracy will emerge when the one with the most votes gets elected. I know this is totally naive and simplistic and could never work, but it would be fun to see it happen one time!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Nothing Important

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I don't think we are going to do anything special. K. is on his last night shift tonight so we COULD do something, but I don't think it will happen. Actually, I can't think of anything special to do, so we'll just stay home and get the garbage ready to be put out! :) We have to go and have the taxes done tomorrow PM, so that will be enough excitement for one day. I know I am getting some flowers delivered tomorrow--he ordered them online and had to tell me so I'll be here to accept them. I will be giving him some heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies, and that's the end of the celebration. After 30+ years, you don't need to do that much to say "I care."

Talk about feeling old--in binary numbers I am 110010 years old!

Friday, February 11, 2005


I spent several hours yesterday browsing different blogs. I am truly amazed at the variety there is. I also am amazed at how many people haven't a clue as to how to spell even the simplest of words. Don't they know how to use spell check? Anyway, when you are done reading this very short paragraph, click on the link in the upper right hand corner that says "next blog." You just might stumble onto the most interesting and thought provoking site you could ever imagine! Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Still Shockable

I guess it's nice to know that K. can surprise me after 30+ years, but he shocked me so much tonight that I'm still reeling! We were in the kitchen talking--about what, I don't remember--when he said as soon as the snow goes we'll go up north to visit with C. and the kids. And while we're up there, we'll stop in and see The Mother and The Father! As he said, we don't have to "be there all day" but we'll just drop in and visit with them for "a little while." I just cannot imagine why this has come about all of a sudden. Maybe something was said at Christmas time? Anyway, I'll never know what brought this on. Just another thing for me to tell myself not to obsess over! Good luck!!!