Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Another Concert

On the 15th of June, we went to see a performer that I never really thought I would go to see--and enjoyed every minute of the concert.  We found ourselves at the Barry Manilow concert--and this happened, mainly, because my best friend is a huge fan and wanted to go.  I was pretty much surprised at how much fun we had.  Don't get me wrong, I AM a fan, just not a 'Fan-ilow.'  ;)

The venue where this concert was is an ice arena where they hold other events.  And we had fantastic seats. We sat in the first row of seating that was off of the floor and I think we had better viewing because we didn't have to worry about the people in front of us.

For some reason, my phone makes things look much further away than they actually are.

Anyway, we were given 'glow sticks' when we first sat down and it was really cool to look across the arena and see everyone waving the lighted sticks:

So, we finally got to see Barry Manilow:

Once again, I took sucky pictures with my phone.  I really don't know how to take good pics at a concert.  And then K told me to just take a pic of the Jumbotron and I got this fairly okay one:

It is hard to imagine he will be 70 on his next birthday.  He still is a very good performer.  The only problem is that whatever plastic surgery he has had makes him look like a caricature of himself, but other than that, he is not much different than he has always been.  He always was, and always will be, an entertainer--something that all performers cannot aspire to.

Of course, he sang 'Copacabana.'

And here is a short video of the song--I will hope that I won't be asked to take it down.  ;)

I'm happy we decided to go.  It just goes to show that you need to take a chance once in a while.  This is the second time I went to a performance that I wasn't especially excited about--the other one was to see 'Wicked'--and found myself having a great time.  I hope this is a good sign, because I have been 'coerced' into seeing 'Mamma Mia!' in August--and I most definitely am NOT an ABBA fan.  ;)


meleah rebeccah said...

I love me some Barry Manilow.

"Whatever plastic surgery he has had makes him look like a caricature of himself."

Ugh. I hate when celebrities do that to themselves.

cmk said...

I realize most celebrities want to cling to the past and the way they looked way back then, but there is something to be said for growing old gracefully. His plastic surgery didn't take away from the concert, however--it still was good! :)