Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Just Another Conversation

The other day we got a promo mailing from a local car dealership.  They are holding a contest of sorts and this is the way it works:  They sent a key with the mailing and during certain hours and days, you are to take the key into the dealership and try to see if it will start the vehicle they are giving away.  The vehicle in question is a brand new Toyota truck.  K was looking at the mailing and the following conversation took place:

K (more to himself than anything):  Hmmm.  I suppose I should go in on my days off and see if this key fits.  Although, I just bought a truck and don't really need a new one.  And I really don't think I would ever drive a Toyota.  (We buy 'American' vehicles.)  
--He is VERY optimistic and approaches any kind of contest, lottery, raffle, sweepstakes, etc, as if he WILL be a big winner.--

Me:  Well, if you won the thing, we always could sell it and use the money for something else!
K:  Or we could give it to (oldest granddaughter) for her first vehicle--she will be getting her license soon.
Me:  Really, I don't think THAT is a precedent I want to set.  We do have SEVEN grandchildren, after all.
K:  Okay, but when (second granddaughter) gets her license, we can just tell her it is hers, then, and keep going down the line.
Me:  Fine, but what do we do for (last grandchild--number 7)?  Give her a roll of duct tape and say 'Happy Driving'?
K:  Or we could just tell her 'It's a CLASSIC!'

Yeah, the man is quick on his feet.  :D


meleah rebeccah said...

Me: Fine, but what do we do for (last grandchild--number 7)? Give her a roll of duct tape and say 'Happy Driving'?
K: Or we could just tell her 'It's a CLASSIC!'

That CRACKED me up! AhahaHHAhahahHAHa

cmk said...

He certainly can come up with responses quickly--and the thing that kills me is he didn't even miss a beat! :D

meleah rebeccah said...

too funnny!

Anonymous said...

Haha! My first car was "almost" a classic. A 1988 Chevy Barretta.

And I've always wondered if anyone ever actually wins those contests or if none of the keys work and it's just a ploy to get people down to the dealership and possibly get sweet talked into buying a new car.

cmk said...

Silver: I don't ever remember hearing of anyone winning one of these things. And yes, it most definitely is a ploy to get people into the dealership where the salespeople can swoop in for the kill.