Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Award

My dear, sweet Meleah gave this award to me. I'm supposed to write 10 things I haven't written in this blog ever before. Wow. I tend to be quite open, but I will give this a whirl.

1. I love my daughters dearly and unconditionally. However. If I knew THEN what I know now, I'm not sure I would have ever had children. Because of problems we had with the girls, I no longer have a relationship with my family. K and I came very close to divorcing because of problems with the girls. I had severe bouts of depression because of the girls. You get my drift.

2. At different times in my life, I had a very colorful fantasy life. It was like 'fan fiction,' only it played in my head and not on paper.

3. I practice conversations in my head before I actually have them in real life. Unfortunately, real life NEVER plays out the way I think it will.

4. Anorexics see themselves as fat when they look in a mirror. I, on the other hand, don't necessarily see myself as heavy as I actually am. Now don't get me wrong, I KNOW I am way too fat, but I see myself as I was about 15 years ago and don't 'see' the weight I have gained since. Yes, I was overweight even then, but I just don't see the added baggage. I can actually be surprised when I truthfully look at myself and see what I REALLY look like.

5. I am just over 5 feet tall. I LOVE being short and wouldn't have been upset if I was an inch or more shorter. People seem to be very protective of short women, and I don't mind that one bit.

6. After K and I started dating, while he was out 'cruising' with the Navy, I went out one night with my ex. We talked, made out a little, and he even talked about getting married. Afterwards, I realized what a horrible mistake I had made. Then I was left with explaining all of this to K. The two of them had been closer than brothers way back in the day, and another person from K's hometown knew all about the 'encounter,' so I had to confess before he heard about it from someone else. That mistake almost cost me a wonderful man.

7. I always wished The Mother would have let me skip first grade like the teachers recommended. I often have wondered what my life would be like today.

8. I am quite terrified that I will look like The Mother as I get older. If my hair wasn't colored and it was short and permed, I'm sure I would look like she did at my age. And that scares me.

9. I have gone to the store, bought candy bars--or other junk-type foods--and eaten them in the car before getting home. I did this because I didn't want to share.

10. I've always wanted to sell some of the stuff I make. However, I hate doing the same thing over and over again. I also would never want someone to order something and give me a deadline to produce the product. I could never be an entrepreneur, because I have a very difficult time charging friends for stuff I make--it just doesn't seem right to me somehow.

And there is my list of ten. I'm supposed to tag 6 people to do this, but I will leave it up to each person reading this as to whether they want to or not. I certainly hope someone else does this--I always find other people's lists fascinating.


meleah rebeccah said...

I never knew #6! Wow.

And, I like being short too!

cmk said...

#6 was the result of being very young, very stupid, and very lonely. No other explanation for it. Happily, there were no long-lasting consequences.

Despite what Randy Newman sings, short people ROCK!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

#9, hehe, me too.

cmk said...

I also used to hide candy bars in the vegetable drawer--I knew full well that no one would EVER look there for them! ;)

Anonymous said...

I can identify with #3 and #4! Especially 4.

I once had a dog that could hear the crinkling of a candy bar wrapper from 100 feet away through a closed door. I took to pulling blankets over my head and s-l-o-w-l-y unwrapping the candy bars, but sometimes she'd still hear me. Then I'd have to share. :-(

kristi noser said...

I'm totally with #4. I ask my family (sometimes, if I'm feeling brave) if I am as fat as the person I am looking at. Most of the time I am fatter. I just see myself as thinner than I am. Which I guess is ok with me, until I try to sit in the airplane seat or carnival ride. Then the truth hits home.

cmk said...

I really like knowing I'm not the only one who has 'seeing' problems. ;) But, yes, kristi, it IS hard when the truth hits home. :(

Ranger Tom said...

I'll get back to you on this one...