Sunday, June 12, 2011

Completely Self-Serving

This post is completely, 100% self-serving.  This is to pat myself on the back and make me feel good.  So, here goes:

Earlier, I was at the grocery store and got into a conversation with a woman about the strawberries we were looking at.  She looked very familiar to me--later, I realized I knew her from that very store where she used to work--and we talked more about where we were from, etc.  As it turned out, she was from 'back home' and we were trying to figure out whether or not we ever had come into contact years ago.  After exchanging names and hometowns, she mentioned that she had graduated in 1971.  To that, I responded that I had graduated in 1972.  "Really!?" she said.  "I would have thought you were much, much younger than me!"  Fireworks went off, rainbows appeared, the sun came out, butterflies flew about, flowers bloomed--right there in the grocery store!  I came thisclose to doing cartwheels--and I don't know HOW to do cartwheels!  Talk about an ego boost.  I came home in a very good mood.  ;)


ordinaryjanet said...

It's great when you get a boost like that, isn't it?

When people tell me I look so much younger than I am, I don't know if I'm supposed to say "you look young, too!" even if they don't.

Flip side-I got carded recently by what looked like a 16-year-old clerk and it was priceless-she glanced at my license, then when it dawned on her how old I was, her eyes got big, but bless her, she didn't say anything-just smiled and gave me my license back.

cmk said...

I know what you mean by not knowing what to say when someone says that. I KNOW that a great reason I look younger is because of the lack of wrinkles because of my being overweight, so I don't come by my
youthful looks honestly. :D

I, too, had a grocery store clerk card me a couple of years ago. I laughed hysterically because I thought he was joking, but he WAS serious. Poor thing will NEVER live it down because the next-aisle clerk overheard the entire thing and she laughed along with me. ;)

ordinaryjanet said...

I think my clerk had probably been told by the manager to card everyone, because at that age (I'm just guessing she was 16), everyone looks old, and you aren't a good judge of age. Or maybe he told her to card everyone just to be on the safe side.

However, another kind of carding happens at Target-whenever I buy NyQuil I have to show my driver's license and they swipe it on the register. Last time, I bought a bottle of wine and they had to swipe my license for that too. I wonder about the NyQuil-is it because it's 10% alcohol? or is it an ingredient used in meth production? I just don't like them swiping my license in the register computer, so I'm not buying NyQuil there unless I really need it, and I won't be buying wine there anymore.

cmk said...

I really have no idea about the NyQuil. I know there are some over the counter meds that they keep close track of, but I always thought that was done in the pharmacy.

I have ALWAYS had problems with trying to figure out someone's age--and I find it more and more confusing to pin point ages of young people. Most girls these days look like they can be anywhere from 13-28! I certainly would be carding EVERYONE if I was selling alcohol to the public. :D

ordinaryjanet said...

Yeah, but it's easy for us senior citizens to think people look younger than they are-it's confusing to me how a teenager can think that I'm under 21! I thought we all looked decrepit to them.

cmk said...