Thursday, October 06, 2011

Just A 'Keeping In Touch' Post

One thing is really hurting my chance for being over-the-top happy today and that's the weather.  Now, most people are unhappy with rain/snow/sleet/cold/etc, but not me.  Noooooooooo. I'M not happy because it is October and the temp is close to 80*--and should continue to be this warm through the weekend.  I just want to get on with the fricking fall already--is that so wrong?  ;)  And we are doing a road trip this weekend, so that means I will be shopping in stores that have already turned their a/c off, so I will be sweating like a thoroughbred right after running a race--NOT a pretty picture, by any means.

In other news...

Today K and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  After this many years, we don't go all-out in celebrating, though.  I think we'll probably order pizza for dinner and then watch the Tigers and some hockey--a REALLY big night for us.  ;D  And it's not as if we are/feel so old, it's just that 'special' days aren't all that different from any others and this far into the marriage, we don't necessarily need to make big deals out of them.  That being said, K DOES do extra nice things on big days.  Today he gave me a beautiful matching necklace/earring set as a gift and he also brought flowers home.  I really did get one of the 'good ones' when I married him.

The NHL starts its new season tonight and the Wings begin theirs tomorrow night.  I should NOT be this happy.  ;)  While other people wait for Christmas, my biggest day/night of the year is when I finally get to watch hockey again after a very long off-season.  I'm warped, I know.

I have been playing around with my nookCOLOR and have been having far too much fun.  Finally, I got around to trying to load some DVDs onto it and I must say it is EASY!  Surprisingly, the picture is fantastic when seen on the nook and I'm amazed at how nice it is to watch something on a 7" screen.  Now, all I have to do is take the time to transfer some things onto the nook--it IS VERY time-consuming--and then I'll have movies/TV shows with me at all times.  I also found out that transferring music onto the thing was super-easy, as well, so I can always have music going while I read, if I want.  I am very much loving my rooted nook and can't wait for 2-3 years down the road when I get myself a full-time tablet.  (I am waiting a bit before getting a tablet because there just aren't that many options with Android right now.  I WILL NOT buy an iPad, so I will wait until things settle down and a clear front-runner is named in the Android market.  I'm thinking this will be an anniversary gift I get myself in a couple of years...)

With fall here, I'm looking to get back into some crafting.  I have been doing a bit of sewing now and then and need to get into it much more.  I have baby shower gifts to make--one of the babies is almost 4 months old already--and bridal shower gifts.  Of course, I ALWAYS have things I need to make for the grandkids.  Last night I made a reusable, cloth snack bag.  I think it will do very well for dry snacks--trail mix, pretzels, etc--and will be used a lot by the friend I made it for.  I used ripstop nylon to line the 'bag'--which is made out of cotton material--and put Velcro as the closer.  It came out pretty neat and is one of those things that I have to make for the granddarlings.  The original instructions called for using oilcloth as a liner, but I didn't have any in the house, so the ripstop was used as a replacement.  I think I'll be getting some oilcloth and trying that variation, too.  So little time to do so much.  ;)

I have mentioned how the neighborhood dogs come to the house on a regular basis to beg me for treats.  The dog from across the street is a daily visitor.  The poor thing is getting up in years and every day I notice how old he is looking.  He is getting more and more 'pigeon-toed' as time goes on and his joints really seem to bother him when the weather 'turns.'  I hate to say it, but I don't think he will be with us for much longer.  To top it all off, his face is getting that 'old dog' look--the fur is turning whiter and whiter.  He still is happy and smiles whenever I give him his treat--he will be missed when he is gone.  (However, I will NOT miss him using our yard as a toilet...)  Here is (as K calls him) my boyfriend:

After he got through his 'puppy' years--which lasted until he was almost three--he became one of the nicest, sweetest dogs I have ever been fortunate enough to know.  But, I really don't know how many more winters he'll be able to last.


leazwell said...


I'm rooting for the Tigers. Verlander is local boy; I've been following him for a few years.

I loathe this weather as well. We expect it but still I long for colder temps.

cmk said...

Thank you!

I like watching Verlander pitch--he IS very, very good. However, Valverde is the one I LOVE to watch because he is a lot of fun. While he makes me nervous a lot of the time, he definitely is a great closer.

Today is in the mid-70s and the weekend should be even warmer. I CAN feel the fall in the air, so relief is coming. ;)

ordinaryjanet said...

I've been wondering-can you get closed captioning with those movies on Nook?

Happy belated Anniversary!

meleah rebeccah said...

I'm tired of the heat too. I just want it to be 50-60 degrees already!

Happy 38th wedding anniversary! That's amazing.

Go Wings!

Glad to hear that you're enjoying the Nook Color so much!

Have fun making your crafts. I wish I was creative like that.

And that dog is adorable.

cmk said...

Thank you for the anniversary wishes. When we got married, it always was 'for life,' but when you're young, 38 years doesn't REALLY mean anything to you. It still surprises me that we are still here after this many years. ;D

Janet: The conversion program I'm using is supposed to convert the subtitles, but I have just played around with the trial version so far and the 'settings' aren't available on the free version. I think most DVDs put closed captioning in the 'subtitle' category, so I'm thinking the answer to your question will be 'yes.' (BTW, the conversion program can be used for getting videos on many, many different devices besides the nookCOLOR. Don't think I will put any on my phone, however. :D)

meleah: After the hotness of the summer, I think most people are ready for the milder temps.

My puppy friend IS adorable. I really didn't like him until he was about three years old because he was far too wild and jumped on people too much. He scratched me once and I was afraid we would always have 'bad feelings' between us, but he has turned into one of the nicest dogs I have ever known. Even though he isn't tied up as per the city ordnance, he is such a sweet dog that I don't mind too much--until he sh*ts in our yard right after I give him his treat! Grrrr. ;)

ordinaryjanet said...

Thanks for answering my question-it gets frustrating because there are some movies I'd love to watch but aren't captioned or even English subtitled. It wouldn't be worth watching anything on a handheld device if there were no caption capability.

That's a sweet looking dog! Spot was an unholy terror until well after 2 years old. I hope Daisy settles down soon!

cmk said...

I will be trying the conversion on the full program soonish--and then I will be able to tell you 100% if the closed captioning works. The one big problem with rooting the Nook is that the volume isn't great on the tablet side--just a quirk in the nature of the Nook, I believe. So, if I don't want to use earphones, I will have to have the closed captioning to watch any videos.

The 'puppy' is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known--the other two were the dog I grew up with and the one my oldest brought to The Parents' house when she lived there. While I'm not ready to have a dog in our house--it probably will happen at some time in the future--I would take this guy any day of the week if he needed a home.