Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Business As Usual?

Quite uncharacteristically, we haven't had any snow here in the UP for several weeks.  Typically, we would be experiencing melting and (depending on the temperature) the possibilities of flooding.  While there usually is a late-season snowstorm of some consequence, the time is fast approaching where we don't have to worry about it.  Of course, I always like to point out the SNOWSTORM that we had within the first few days of May 1973, where the UP--or parts of it, anyway--were pretty much closed down.  It was blizzard conditions, the roads were impassable, we had white-outs and drifting, and the only way to be completely safe was to stay indoors wherever you happened to be stranded.  The biggest positive about the late storms is that the snow melts very quickly afterwards and we are back in the business of springtime.  And this year we have the strangest weather to ever be recorded.

Since we had record-breaking temperatures in the 80s during the month of March, the temps have been quite normal.  Basically, we have experienced 30s and 40s with fluctuations into the 60s.  As I said, this is quite normal, but without any snow on the ground--it all melted during the heatwave--things just don't seem 'right.'  And to make things even a bit more unusual, it really was a bit surprising to see snow actually stick to the ground here today.  And that is something I never thought I would say.  :)

At 7:30 this evening, here is what our yard looked like from our back porch:

You can't really tell from the pictures, but we have some hyacinths that have flowered near the side-fence and the chipmunk-replanted tulips are already quite high.  It will be interesting to see what this snow will do to those plants.  I'm not too concerned because these are all leftovers from years gone past, but I do worry about what this snow/cold will do to the just-emerging leaves on all of the trees.  And I don't know what will happen to our neighbors' magnolia tree.  It is/was in full bloom before this snow and it certainly isn't going to escape unscathed.

I am feeling fairly confident in proclaiming this the last measurable snow of this winter.  If things had been 'normal,' I never would make such a declaration, but I don't fear saying as much this year.  :)


meleah rebeccah said...

Man, I wish it would SNOW over HERE. It was almost 90 friggen degrees yesterday. UGH!!!

cmk said...

I don't mind the snow at all and this year I actually MISSED it! We usually have a few slam-bam, old fashioned blizzards every winter and it really didn't happen this year. The weather certainly has been strange and I shudder to think what this summer is going to be like.

We got a total of about 1" with this last snowfall and today it all melted away. Which was to be expected, but still...

vicomtesse said...

Magnolia in bloom now, out there??? Is it one that defoliates?

cmk said...

Yes, the leaves do fall off. I'm assuming the reason for the flowering is the 80* temps we had in March. We don't normally have any budding before the end of April-beginning of May, so EVERYTHING has happened far too early for us here. When I searched, I found that there are quite a few varieties of magnolia tree, so I would guess the one our neighbors' have is quite different from the ones down south. ;)