Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Other Words...

A few years ago, Michelle Obama was described as 'uppity.'  This caused an entire sh*tstorm across the country.  The media got involved as well as the interwebs.  (I guess everyone was talking about it, but I personally didn't follow the story, so I'm just assuming.)  From what I understand, the word 'uppity' is racist.  Well blow me away!  I guess my family has been racist all these years and never knew it.  We knew quite a few 'uppity' people and not one of them were black--probably because we didn't have many blacks in our part of the country.  But we certainly knew an 'uppity' person when we saw one.

As unpopular as it might be among some people, I have to say that I DO find Michelle to appear quite snobbish.  (I won't use the 'U' word because I don't want to appear racist.)  In no way, shape, or form can I imagine this woman down here in the trenches with us 'little people.'  I cannot see her shopping at Walmart or taking an hour and a half to do grocery shopping because of comparing prices.  I could never see her driving a used, American-made vehicle or eating at anything but a high-end, elite restaurant.  I really don't think she knows what a Holiday Inn is and would never find herself IN one.  Cost Cutters is beyond her realm, completely.

Now, before anyone accuses me of being racist, I feel as if there was no one more snobbish than Jackie Kennedy.  As much as people admire/d the woman, I believe she didn't even know there was more to the US than the east coast--specifically New York City and Massachusetts.  She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and died with it firmly in place--and she certainly acted the part.

And don't think I am only targeting Democrats:  I have to voice my disdain for Nancy Reagan.  I think THIS woman didn't even realize that anyone outside of her social circle existed, much less know there was a middle class or middle of the country.  She built an ivory tower for herself and occupied it and only allowed her 'equals' to come and visit--or so it would seem.

The bottom line to all of this is the word 'uppity.'  The dictionary goes along with how I have always understood the word:  self-important; arrogant; conceited; haughty.  Nothing racist here, for sure.  However, I guess it means something different to people in the South?  Oh, well.  I guess I'm completely ignorant, because I never knew this.  And this is just one more reason why I hate political correctness so much:  How can we ever know just what is and what isn't offensive?  Can't any/every word be offensive to someone?  Are we going to have to have a list of approved words, eventually, that we can use just so someone's feelings aren't hurt?  When is all of this bullsh*t going to end?


Anonymous said...

JK was a snob of the first order. I dreamt once that I was hosting a black tie dinner and she and John, Jr. arrived late. They were not even invited. She scraped leftovers into her purse while her son apologized for her.

meleah rebeccah said...

I had no idea either. And once again, I think people who get carried away with all of this PC nonsense need to calm down and stop being so overly sensitive.

cmk said...

vicomtesse: I grew up during the 'Camelot' era--and I, along with everyone else, was enthralled with JFK and JK. How perfect were they? And then reality set in after I became a grown up and learned just how imperfect their lives were. I think what really made me see her for her 'real' self was watching old news footage of her giving a tour of the White House--she just seemed like she thought only HER taste and what SHE thought was the correct way of doing things. It was really a turnoff. (Your dream was a hoot! ;))

meleah: I honestly think that ANY word could be considered 'inappropriate' if you go far enough back in history. When does it stop? Just ridiculous.

meleah rebeccah said...

it really IS ridiculous.