Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bonus Post, Part 2

Several times these past few weeks, we have gotten a phone call where the caller ID says it is from 'FinacialServices.'  Obviously, this is some sort of telemarketer call and we just ignore it.  The phone rings the requisite number of times and then the answering machine kicks in and answers*.  Each time, we then hear this:

Telemarketer:  Hello...this is Grace.  How are you doing?

Us:   'dead silence'  (because she's talking to the answering machine)

Telemarketer:  Hello...are you there?   Hello...

And then 'Grace' hangs up.

I don't think 'Grace' is the sharpest knife in the drawer...

*Our machine 'says' it is a machine and 'asks' the caller to leave a message.  It isn't as if we try to prank our callers by pretending they aren't talking to a machine.  Good grief...

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