Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Updating, Updating, Updating

The last time we 'talked,' there were several things going on with me--or about to go on. I guess it is about time to update my reader(s) about what is happening.

--When I last posted, my dryer had just crapped out--for good. It had been giving me trouble for a couple of weeks before, but it finally died on 2 October. I am still without dryer. But it--along with a washer--is coming. Next Monday I will have a new Maytag front-loading washer/dryer delivered. And I can't wait. They weren't cheap--even though we got a good deal on them--but the energy/water savings should help defray the cost. And this is what they look like. (I ordered the pedestals, but everything will be white, not red.)

I am kinda pumped!

--Let's just get the sports out of the way. The Tigers pissed away their chance to go to the playoffs, but they played lousy the last few weeks of the season, so I didn't expect much from them. The Wings have been struggling this early in the season and it is getting a little old, fast. They are much, much better than they have been playing--and things aren't 'fixed' from last year, so I'm getting into the pessimism very early this year. My highlight where sports is involved is our local Junior hockey team--they are at the top of their division with a 10-2 record. We have been going to as many games as possible and I will put up an extended post about the last game we were at a bit later.

--We managed a road trip a couple of weekends ago and it was one of our better shopping trips. Old Navy had SO much that I liked, so I bought it all! ;) I can go months--even a year or more--without finding anything in that store, but when they actually have something that will fit me and that I like, I usually buy more than one. I had planned on starting to buy the grandkids their Christmas-gift books, but decided to just order them instead. That way, I won't have to slog through the store, searching for what I/they want.

--Last week we had a new window installed in our kitchen. It was the last one we needed to do since moving into this house. I really like it and don't know why we waited so long! However, the first replacement windows we did here are now over 30 years old, so we could actually replace all of the replacements. Owning a home is a never-ending source of spending money.

--I called my doctor's office two weeks ago and told the nurse that I was done with the newest blood pressure med. I didn't get any call back from the dr, so I guess he's just waiting to see me in December. I finally feel as if the side-effects of the drug are leaving me. Thank goodness. I still haven't been able to get a fly shot--there is such a shortage around here. I must get one--and possibly the H1N1, also {shudder}--because of being on Enbrel, but I don't know when it will happen. Up north--where K and I grew up--the swine flu is in full force. Schools there--as well as elsewhere in the UP--are closed because so many kids are sick. This just makes me want to stay closed up in my house for the next six months!

And how have things been going with you???


ordinaryjanet said...

well, I guess you won't need a flu shot now. But if you don't have H1N1, it's worth getting the vaccine, IMO.

I'm jealous of your washer & dryer! I'll be waiting to see how you like the way they wash & dry.

cmk said...

I will still need the seasonal fly shot--IF I can find one and IF I can ever get over this H1N1! Good grief!

The washer/dryer came yesterday and I ALMOST put a chair in front of them just so I could watch. ;) Quite fascinating.

cmk said...

That is 'FLU,' NOT 'fly.'