Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week Two

There really is very little reason to blog when nothing is happening. And the reason for nothing happening? H1N1 flu. Yes, I'm beginning week 2 of the siege. And I'm supposed to have a mild case. Which, I guess, is true--at least compared to most other people. I'm still experiencing fever off and on, every once in a while I try to cough up a lung, and I can't stay upright any longer than a newborn baby, but I could actually be worse. I, at least, don't have a high fever or the aches anymore--which were never that bad--and I don't have much of a headache, so I'm doing better than most. I talked to my doctor's nurse yesterday and was told to 'ride it out'--I guess there is almost a 100% chance of relapse with this thing. I was feeling better on Saturday and by Sunday was back to feeling like crap, so I guess I'm doing the normal thing. But this, too, shall pass.


One of my favorite shows right now is 'Castle.' It is about a mystery writer who helps the police with investigations, as research for his newest series of books. Not a ground-breaking concept, but the writing is quite good and very, very witty at times. I don't know if I would have started watching it at first, but I'm a big Nathan Fillion fan--he plays the main character. Last night's episode was the Halloween one and the show started out with Castle trying on costumes for his annual Halloween party. And the costume he started the show out with? He was dressed as Malcolm Reynolds. Malcolm Reynolds was the character he played in the sci-fi show 'Firefly' a few years ago. It was done very, very well and was one of the funniest moments I have ever seen on TV. Of course, one would have to be a Nathan Fillion/Firefly fan to appreciate it. ;)


My new washer and dryer was delivered yesterday. Quite impressive. Of course, I had to try it out immediately. Seeing laundry washing through a window is fascinating. This is a whole new experience and I came close to putting a chair in front of the washer just to watch a cycle or three. ;) It does seem as if it will take longer for clothes to WASH, but the time should be made up with the decreased drying time. I'm amazed that the washer re-distributes the clothes when it senses an unbalanced load--but it does cause the cycle to last quite a bit longer. The other thing that amazes me is the small amount of water that is used--probably no more than what I use to do dishes by hand! And it seems as if the washing is much more gentle than the normal agitators. After the wash is done, the clothes come out quite wrinkle-free and not tangled at all. (I used the regular water-extraction cycle, not the high spin--yet.) It will be interesting to see how I feel about this in a couple of months.


sue said...

My daughter and I were huge "Firefly" fans, so yes, as "Castle" watchers we caught the whole costume gig in the beginning. I laughed when his daughter was like, "that is so five years ago"... lol.

Congrats on the new washer/dryer. Isn't it odd what things can make our lives easier?

Sorry to hear you're sick. Me too. I haven't been 'officially' diagnosed with H1N1, I'm just thinking it is a bad cold... either way, it will only take time. :(

cmk said...

I think I laughed the most over the 'so five years ago'! I still think Nathan Fillion is cute as a bug's ear. ;)

As I get older, appliances are what I 'lust after' most. I get soooooo excited whenever a new one comes into the house. Maybe it is more that I need a life and has nothing to do with getting older. :D

While I haven't been 'officially' diagnosed, the Health Department has said that anyone with flu most likely has H1N1. It is still so bad here. And I'm still coughing up my lungs one at a time. >:(

sue said...

Hope you feel better soon... no fun to be sick (you can't get the FULL enjoyment out of the new toys!).

cmk said...

Every day a little bit better. At this rate, I should be fully well by the New Year! ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

Yikes! Im so sorry you were so sick! Thats terrible!

Castle is a GREAT show. I love it! And who doesn't love NEW appliances!!