Monday, November 16, 2009

Big News

The Oldest's husband goes deer hunting every year--this is their main source of meat for the winter. (There's no accounting for taste, I guess--I HATE venison.) Anyway, last year my 13-year-old granddaughter went hunting for the first time and got her first buck. Today, we got the call that she got her second buck. Second year hunting and on the second day of hunting season, she got her second deer. What a girl.


Anonymous said...

wow! Either she's a new Annie Oakley or she's lucky.

cmk said...

And I guess she was pretty nonchalant about it, too. I have never shot a gun, so I am hugely impressed.

Anonymous said...

I saw "Bambi" at an early age and can't fathom shooting a deer-unless I was very, very hungry, and even then I'd feel bad. But I respect hunters' right to hunt.

cmk said...

I remember The Father bringing home a deer just once--this was before he landed in the hospital. After he got out, there was never any wild game on the table, as he quit hunting. (Thank goodness.) The Husband has never hunted since we got married--and I'm thankful for that, too. I could never get used to eating the wild meat--it ALWAYS has a gamey taste to it, no matter what I do to try and disguise it.

The hunting has never bothered me, as I think Texans are only a bit more attached to their guns than the people here. :) Hunting is a birthright here and the start of hunting season is almost declared a holiday. If someone isn't in school on the start day, it is pretty much ignored--it is just accepted that people will ignore everything else and be in the woods on that day. :D

The Oldest's family rely on someone bringing home a deer every year. And with eight people in the family, they NEED the 'free' meat.