Monday, November 09, 2009

TV Talk

I don't remember if it was during the first season or just before the second started, but I found the show Mad Men and fell in love! Last night was the third-season finale and WOW!

Mad Men is a show set in the 1960s about an ad agency in New York--and all of the people who work there. I think what got me hooked at first was seeing all of the period clothing and furniture, etc. It is unbelievably well done. It really takes me back to see all of the characters chain-smoking and drinking in their offices. Gone are THOSE days, for sure.

*spoiler alert*

So much happened in the show. The 'big guys' left the ad agency to begin a new one. Betty left for Reno to get a quicky divorce. Joan came back to help start the new agency. Several of the old agency's employees were taken away to the new one. Many, many things happened that I didn't see coming.

While a lot of people feel badly for Betty--and I guess I do, too, in a way--because of Don's behavior (especially his many, many affairs), I can't completely blame him. She is such a stuck-up spoiled rich bitch and has always had an air of superiority when it has come to him. And she REALLY let it come to the surface after she found out his 'real' story. Now, I'm definitely NOT an advocate for violence against women, but I really wanted him to slap her silly last night when he found out about her sneaking around with her new guy. She just acted way too superior and really needs to be taken down a peg or two. When someone talks about a woman being an 'ice princess,' the character of Betty Draper is the perfect example. (And the actress who plays her is brilliant!)

The character of Pete is such a weasel, that I almost wish he would just go away, However, he makes for some great conflict. He is so whiny and sniveling that I can barely stand seeing him on screen. (Again, a great performance by the actor. However, I don't know if I EVER will be able to watch the actor do anything else without cringing.) His wife is playing the part of the 'power behind the man' to perfection.

I think this show is quite an accurate portrayal--to a certain extent--of what was going on with people involved in corporate America in the '60s. With all of the changes going on in the show, I can't wait for the next season to begin.


My real guilty pleasure--as far as TV shows are concerned--is Sons of Anarchy. It is all about a motorcycle gang and it is now in the middle of its second season. I really think this show taps into my inner sense of always wanting to be a 'bad girl'--even though I always was too afraid to actually BE a bad girl. :)

It is always interesting to see Katey Sagal--aka Peg Bundy--in a serious role. She plays the Queen Bee to perfection--NOBODY craps on her or her family and gets away with it. A very, very tough individual. It is hard to watch her character when she is vulnerable, as she IS so tough--and Sagal is very good. Another interesting casting is Ron Perlman--aka Hellboy and 'Beast' from the TV series Beauty and the Beast. He is Sagal's second husband and the leader of the 'Sons.'

This show deals with a lot of violence and quite a bit of sex. There are times I'm amazed at what I am seeing, as this is NOT on a pay channel. The relationships between the characters is what keeps me going back--and the story lines can be very compelling. While I'm sure this is extremely exaggerated, it is interesting to see the inner workings of a life style I have no experience with. I hope this show is on for quite a while.


meleah rebeccah said...

I freaking love Sons of Anarchy. But Ive never seen the sow Mad Men! Now I'm not sure I even WANT to check it out! xoxoxo

cmk said...

Sons is great, hey? And Mad Men is really, really, good--I'm sure you would like it!