Friday, November 20, 2009

Not Always Right

And this story is NOT from the website.

The Youngest works at the Northside Animal Clinic. Down the street from them is McDonald Animal Hospital. Yesterday, the following happened.

A couple walked in with their (obviously new) puppy.

Woman: Hi. We're the Smith's and we have a 2:30 appointment.
Youngest (after checking the schedule): I'm sorry, but you aren't listed. You probably wanted the McDonald Animal Hospital down the street.
Woman (glaring at The Youngest): This IS the McDonald Animal Hospital!
Youngest: *speechless*


kristi noser said...

I love it when people do this to me. I just agree with them.
"Oh, ok, please come this way and if you would be so kind as to let me carry that cute little puppy!"
Lead them to the back door, shut it and lock it.

cmk said...

I can just imagine the look on Youngest's face--she is so very expressive. People are just so unbelievable. But when you work with the public, what can you expect, right?

Anonymous said...

When people insist they're in the right place, there must be a moment when you wonder if YOU are in the wrong place!

cmk said...

That is so true.

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG. That is TOO funny!!! I would have showed her the SIGN on the outside of the building!