Friday, December 11, 2009

Teddy Bear Toss

Since starting my hockey blog, I don't post too often about hockey here. I am making an exception today. Tomorrow night we will be attending the Rangers' 2nd annual teddy bear toss--and I HAD to post pictures of the bears that I will be tossing. I have two of them because we didn't get to the game last year.

All of the stuffed toys will be donated to the hospital, fire departments, and police departments to be given to children in stressful situations. This should be a fun night.


Anonymous said...

Hope you make it a good throw!

Ranger Tom said...

Very cool idea!

cmk said...

This is something that has been done in Western Canada (and I'm sure other places) for quite some time. Last year in Calgary, over 22,000 stuffed toys were tossed onto the ice at one game! I don't think there will be anywhere near THAT many tossed tonight. ;)

This will be the team's third game in three nights, so I'm hoping for a good one. They have won the last two nights, so fingers are crossed.

Anonymous said...

how'd it go?