Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yeah, It's Winter

Today K and I had hair appointments and thank goodness the weather quit blizzarding. (I don't think that's a real word, but it says what I want.) I'm not sure just how much snow we got over the last 36 hours, but it was a lot. Everything is covered and K had to do quite a bit of shoveling this morning. And it is always a learning experience to go out and about after the first big snowfall of the year.

After our appointments, we needed to go to the grocery store. K parked the Envoy and I opened the door, stepped out, and promptly fell on my ass. Actually, it was more on my tailbone. I don't think I even got all of my weight on my foot when I went down. I hit a snow-covered ice patch and went down for the count. I'm lucky my head didn't go backwards, cause I would have hit it on the running board, possibly knocking myself out in the process. While I wasn't seriously hurt--at least it doesn't seem so at this time--my jeans were wet through in several places. NOT very comfortable, at all. And what gets me the most: I was wearing snow boots--which I RARELY do--when I fell. I thought that was one of the reasons to wear boots and not sneakers or some other non-snow compatible footwear. Ah, the joys of living in the Great White North*.

As we were driving home, we were following a young woman driving an SUV. She's lucky she was driving a 4-wheel vehicle, because that is the only thing that kept her on the road for as much of the time as she WAS on the road. The first time she spun was going around a corner. As she started turning the 90 degrees, she lost control and wound up facing the direction she just came from. She just looked at us, smiled, and turned back in the direction she wanted to go--just as if this is an everyday occurrence. (Actually, after watching her driving, it probably IS!) She continued in the direction we were going, turning another corner--which she navigated okay--onto a straight street that leads into town. Things were going relatively well--she kept driving through the snow on the side of the road that the plow left--and suddenly she was spinning out of control once again. This time she missed a couple of mailboxes by two feet and wound up with the front end of her vehicle in the snowbank. Thankfully, the banks aren't that high yet, so she was able to back her way out--after three attempts, I might add--and with a wave and smile in our direction, she was on her way once again. I really don't think she made it to her destination, but I'll never know. We turned at one corner and she kept going straight. I very much doubt she ever has driven in snow before.

Adventures in winter living--sounds like a good title for my life here.

*Yes, I know that Canada is the Great White North, but most people think we ARE part of Canada, so I use the term to describe us. Deal with it. ;)


Anonymous said...

That woman must have been on tranquilizers, because I live in Snow Country, and if all that happened to me, you would see a look of panic on my face.

I'm glad you weren't hurt when you fell-that's all you need, with your sore foot!

cmk said...

She was on SOME kind of drugs, for sure! I am a basket case when I spin my tires a little bit! (Thankfully, with 4-wheel-drive I don't have THAT to worry about anymore. Well, hardly ever.)

I told K that everything that happened today--the woman and the falling--was the reason I stay at home. It's just too dangerous out there. ;)

tiger said...