Monday, August 09, 2010

I DO Like Some Things

For the most part, I piss and moan at this time of year, but there ARE some things I look forward to.  We go to the state fair at least every other year--FAIR FOOD!!!!--and everyone has office supplies on sale--some of my favorite things to buy!  But, those aren't the only things that I like.

Every year about this time, the local this-year's crop of wildlife finally get to go out on their own.  Of course, mom and dad ARE close by, but the little ones aren't aware that they are being watched.  And this is why I have so much fun watching 'the kids' in our backyard.

Last week, a family of robins was in our yard.  Mom and dad didn't let the kids alone for this outing--or maybe it was the KIDS that wouldn't leave mom and dad alone!  It is so funny to watch the youngsters--who look to be bigger than the parents--chasing the adults around, begging for attention.  I'm really surprised that the kids waited this late for a long time away from the nest, but it still is early enough for them to be ready for the trip down south this winter.

We do, of course, get to see young chickadees--as well as other birds--and chipmunks.  One year I had a family of skunks--don't need THAT ever again--and I regularly see whitetail babies.  However, my FAVORITE creatures to watch at this age are the rabbits.  They really are cute and hysterical.

Most of the time, I will only see one rabbit at a time.  I do know, of course, that the adults are close by, but they keep themselves very well hidden--just to give the kids a sense of being on their own.  And at this time of the year, the kids are equivalent to pre-teen or early teen people--and they act like it!  I watched a rabbit the other day and he thought he was just all that because mom and dad let him out on his own.  He was FREE and took full advantage--he was all over our yard, just eating on the most tastiest of grasses and dandelion greens.  And he was fearless, just like any kid his age.  He went from spot to spot, just ecstatic to be alive.  This went on for at least an hour--and he was back the following night.  But, the third night took a turn.

I had the windows open and heard some jingling--the neighbor's dog.  I thought he was coming over for his treat, but he had other ideas--and they involved the baby rabbit.  While the dog DIDN'T catch or hurt the baby, he did give him a good chase.  And I think the rabbit has been grounded:  I haven't seen him for a few days.  I think mom and dad got upset because he went a little too far away from the nest.  I believe he learned his lesson.  I can't wait to see when he will be allowed to go out on his own again.


Just so no one thinks I've gone soft in my old age, I have to post this, too.  The other day I noticed a bit of a blush of color on several trees--a small hint of fall!  My heart sang!  :D  This can only mean one thing:  winter is VERY close--and hockey season is about to begin.  I've actually caught myself smiling these past few days.


kristi noser said...

Yesterday in our yard, a mama deer and her twin spotted fawns. The spots are fading as the babies get big--sure cool to watch.

cmk said...

I always love when the mama deer bring the babes to eat the apples that have fallen from our neighbor's tree--into our yard. Unfortunately, the tree is dying, so we don't get as many deer anymore.

meleah rebeccah said...

Fair Food does ROCK! And I truly know just how excited you are for winter and hockey! :)

cmk said...

I still go to the fair just to see if the apple dumplings have reappeared--and I haven't found them after that one time. But I will keep looking! I honestly think I could eat my weight in food at the fair!

ordinaryjanet said...

It's too damn hot to go to the fair here, and I haven't been in many years because I got tired of feeling bad for all the animals obviously suffering from the heat.

I've got dead leaves in my yard, but I don't think it's a sign of fall-I think the trees are dying from the heat and lack of rain. I'm starting to think that snow isn't so bad after all!

cmk said...

Definitely the heat will be a factor on whether we get to the fair this year, or not. The town is on the shores of Lake Michigan, so if the wind is coming from the south, we should be good, but we'll see.

I'm sure that the blush of color is only on tress that aren't completely healthy, but it gives me hope anyway. ;)

cmk said...

And that should say *trees* not *tress.* I've GOTTA start proofreading before I hit publish. :D