Monday, August 02, 2010

Lack Of Posts

Life is a bit boring these days.  And the fact that I have played the part of a hermit, is the biggest reason.  I'm really getting tired of the heat and not being able to do anything because of it.  I hate living in air conditioning.  I hate not smelling fresh air.  I hate trying to figure out what to wear that I won't sweat through in a matter of minutes.  I hate not wanting to leave my house before the sun goes down.  I REALLY am beginning to hate this summer!

Every year on the last weekend in July, our town has a (quite) prestigious art show that is famous in the mid-west.  The artists that get to be in this show have to submit their projects and be selected by a committee.  (Frankly, I don't ALWAYS understand WHY some of the artists get to be in the show, but that's just me.)  This show has been held for 52 years, out-of-doors.  Because of K's work schedule, we haven't been able to attend the show for far too many years, but this year was different:  K was off today.  I set the alarm so that we could go, but before getting ready, I checked the temperature.  It was 84* and the sun was blazing full blast.  That, combined with the fact that we would have had to walk from the middle of downtown to the show, changed our minds about going.  I couldn't see myself doing all of that walking in the sun.  And the show takes place in a park that is, basically, treeless--so there is NO shade, whatsoever.  One more year that we didn't get to the art show.  I'm really tired of this summer.  :(


Ranger Tom said...

You should be here... over 100F every day with 100% humidity...

cmk said...

And that is why I only go to Florida between January and May! ;) I just can't deal--and, for some reason, this year is MUCH worse for me than usual!

Our humidity has been through the roof this summer--usually in the 80s and above. Heat bothers me, but humidity DESTROYS me! :(

Janet said...

84?? that's positively chilly!

If I'm out in the heat, I get a migraine, so I've been huddled indoors and even that hasn't kept me from getting a migraine.

This winter, I'm certainly going to look over my posts and emails from this summer before I start bitching about how cold it is!

cmk said...

I know that 84 doesn't seem like much, but considering the walk would have been done in the blazing sun, through the downtown area, it would have been excruciating! Okay, okay--I PROBABLY could have done it if I wanted to... :D

Today I am BASKING in 66* temps, sunny skies, and a nice brisk breeze/wind off of the Lake--I could almost like summer if all days were like this!