Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Romantic Husband

There we were, the week before Valentine's Day, shopping in Hobby Lobby.  K came up to me and asked what size ring I wear.  While I couldn't figure out why he asked, my mind wandered a bit:  We were going to the mall later and there WERE jewelry stores there.  I got a slight thrill over how romantic my husband is.  And then he lead me to an aisle and showed me these:

GOTTA love him.  :D


ordinaryjanet said...

Fantastic! did you get some??

kristi noser said...

He and John are brothas from anothah mothah.

cmk said...

janet: The Oldest was really bummed out when I didn't get her any--I didn't really want any for myself ;)--so when we returned to the store this past weekend, I got enough for her and all of her girls. They haven't been delivered yet, and I can't wait to hear what she has to say. :)

kristi: And my father-in-law was the same kind. :D K has shown me greeting cards in stores and said "Now I don't need to buy you one." How about John? (Of course, this is all in fun with K--he is VERY good about remembering special days.)