Sunday, March 11, 2012

And Furthermore...

To give a little perspective on the last post:

The town I grew up in had 960 people.  The town K grew up in had less.  Our graduating class had less than 50 kids.  Our ENTIRE high school--grades 6-12--had LESS kids than The Youngest's graduating class.  The biggest town closest to us--8 miles down the road--had less than 10,000 people in it.  So, as you can see, a city with almost 25,000 people was/is big time for us.  ;)

I almost freaked out when we went to see Eric Clapton because the Xcel Center--where the concert was--held at least 25,000.  The entire population of our city could have fit in the place and still there would have been seats left empty.  Is it a wonder I get a little panic attack whenever we go to REAL cities?  ;)

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