Friday, July 23, 2010

Learning To Sleep With One Eye Open

My cat has very long hair.  I believe that she has Maine Coon bloodlines in her ancestry because of some of her fur characteristics.  She has a thick under coat, ear hair/tufts, and long fur between her toes.  The thickness of the fur on her haunches is incredible--I believe she could sit on an iceberg for hours and never feel the cold.  And this is where we have a bit of a problem.

There are times when the cat has litterbox 'issues.'  Her haunch fur will 'catch' her output and it will stick.  Of course, this means I have to clean this up as best I can--and that means cutting the fur to get rid of the mess.  And this is the situation I found myself in earlier today.  Cutting the cat's fur is NOT something that can be done by one person, so I have to have K around to perform this task.  K held the cat and I began to cut her fur.  After I took care of the problem, I decided to do a little more trimming in order to keep this same thing from happening any time soon.  I just TRIMMED a bit more of the fur around her butt.  I DIDN'T shave her or cause her any amount of discomfort or embarrassment.  But when I was done, the look she gave me said, "Learn to sleep with one eye open, cause I KNOW where the scissors are!"  Thank goodness she doesn't have opposable thumbs!  :D


Anonymous said...

Spot gives me that look when I trim his fur (badly). But once he figures out that he feels better without all that fur, he forgives me. I think.

meleah rebeccah said...

"Thank goodness she doesn't have opposable thumbs!"


cmk said...

janet: I would love to be able to bring the cat to a groomer, but she absolutely freaks over the sound of the electric clippers, so I trim her mats, etc, very, very badly, too. There are times she looks like she's suffering from mange.

meleah: But, she is very resourceful--I think she will learn to use scissors two-handed! (Pawed) :D

Janet said...

I considered getting an electric clipper but it would freak him out, it's hard enough just brushing him, I'd need two people to hold him if I tried clippers. So I use scissors, and tell myself that before electricity, people did just fine with scissors, but he looks like a ragamuffin when I walk him. Embarrassing.

cmk said...

It used to be so much easier to cut the cat's fur when The Youngest lived here. She would hold the cat and I would do the haircut--and it worked fine. I was able to keep her 'snuggies' trimmed nicely, as well as her 'bib.' Now I just go after mats whenever they form--and it is NOT a pretty sight. :D