Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Catching Up

I put out all of my bird feeders the other day and have gotten so many more birds showing up since then.  I still have the chickadees and finches, but the juncos have now moved into the yard and the starlings are making their presence known.  The blue jays continue to strip the corn cobs in record time.  I don't know what I will feed them later in the year when the corn is finished--I guess I will have to buy cracked corn to keep them happy.  (I LOVE seeing the blue of the jays in the middle of the winter--the color stands out so beautifully on a sunny winter day.)  And today I had a cardinal at one of the feeders!  I haven't seen any of them for quite a few years--at least, not up close.  We have had a family of cardinals living in the area for years, but this is the first time in a long time since one has come in our yard.  I am really looking forward to seeing what birds we get throughout the winter.

(NOT the one that was at my feeder.  ;))


And speaking of winter:  We had our first snow the other day.   I don't know if it was MEASURABLE, but it certainly was snow.  A couple of times during the day, I saw snow in the air.  I was beginning to wonder what was going on, as we hardly ever have our first snow AFTER Halloween--so, I was worried it wasn't going to happen on time this year.


Our Youngest and her husband are in the beginning stages of house shopping.  She is a bit stressed and worried--thoughts I remember so well when we decided to buy this place.  I tried my hardest to reassure her that all will be well. And I truly believe it, as they are going into this with such a realistic perspective.  They have decided just how much they can afford, where they want to live (with regards to taxes, etc), and just about every other aspect that needs to be looked at.  I guess they have impressed the realtor and financial person they are talking to--not everyone goes into house buying with so much thought and preparation.  I certainly hope all goes well for them.


The youngest granddaughter was weighed last week--or was it the week before?  Anyway, she has already gained over two pounds since being born--she is now 6lbs 6oz.  Things are going quite well, thank goodness.


 I really am re-discovering some old music these days.  I guess it started with my getting the Robert Palmer anthology and the re-issue of John Lennon's Power to the People.  I find myself listening to music much more than watching TV--which is a bit of a change from the past few years.  I just get so tired of watching the same old tired re-runs that are on during the day or late at night.  I think I will be happy when Conan comes back on the air--at least it will be something different to watch at 11:00.

Anyway, while I was listening to the Lennon CD, it occurred to me that I think he did his best work after The Beatles broke up.  The CD is just full of great songs:  Woman, Power to the People, Instant Karma, Imagine, Mind Games--as I said, some of his best work.  And personally, I think McCartney did lousy work after the break up.  I mean really, Silly Love Songs and Ebony and Ivory!?!?  The only reason Wings was a success was because he rode his Beatles fame.  (Okay, just my own opinion--but it's my blog, so I can have that.  ;))


While I try very hard not to think about it, we do have only about two months before Christmas.  So, I guess I need to get started on some gifts that I plan to make.  Last night I went into the sewing room to straighten up--a task made a lot easier to do now that I have a TV in there to watch games, I might add.  Anyway, while I was looking through the absolute mess that I had going in there, I found some material that I had bought for the purpose of making gifts.  One thing that I'm planning on making are bowl and cake pan covers--you know, like the thin plastic ones you can buy, only reusable.  I made the patterns tonight, but will have to buy more material, as some of the pieces I bought already aren't nearly big enough for what I'm doing.  I guess this gives me a reason to go to Jo-Ann's the next time we do a road trip.  :)


Not much planned for this coming week.  K is working night shift for the beginning of the week and might do a few overtime shifts later.  We don't have any appointments coming up--unlike the last two weeks--so all I have to look forward to are the games on Thursday and Saturday.  And that I can handle--a fairly lazy week.


ordinaryjanet said...

Good news about the baby!

I haven't even finalized the Thanksgiving plans yet, I don't want to think about Christmas!!

I've had a feeder up for about a month, it's starting to get popular, but the neighbor's cat is still hanging around so I wonder if that's keeping the birds away. Guess they'll risk it when we get into winter. I like the blue jays too, and I get a lot of cardinals here-love how their color stands out against the snow, too!

cmk said...

One of our neighbors has a cat that roams and he DOES come into our yard. K found a dead bird in our driveway this summer, so we don't know if it was the cat or not. Luckily, all I have to do is open the back door and the cat goes running home immediately--and I have NEVER even yelled at it! SOMEONE must have done something for it to be SO skittish.

While I love seeing the colors of the jays and cardinals in the winter, I still think the chickadees are my favorites. They are just like the people around here: feisty, won't back down, and just deal the winter. Chickadees, instead of robins, should REALLY be our state bird. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

* My parents have birdfeeders in our backyard, and I love watching /listening to the different birds!

* I can't believe you already had some snow fall. Its been TROPICAL here in NJ. UGH. Im ready for cooler temps but NOT so ready for snow!

* House-hunting is VERY stressful. Good luck to the Youngest!

* I'm happy to read that Faith is gaining weight! That's great news!

*I cant wait for Conan's comeback!

* Lennon's solo career was amazing.

* I refuse to think about xmas shopping yet!

* Enjoy your lazy week!

cmk said...

With this absolutely crazy weather system going through the mid-west right now, we are getting rain with a bit of snow mixed in. But, by Friday we should have some measurable white stuff--at least a dusting. I wouldn't expect it to make the ground white, but there should be enough to actually tell that it snowed. Just normal weather here. ;D

leazwell said...

We have shifted into fall here although today and tomorrow hot and humid.