Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yup, Yesterday's Post Did Its Job ;)

As in the past, as soon as I write one of my 'I might be done blogging' posts, I find that I have a post inside me just waiting to get out.  This time is no different.  So, here goes.

--Has anyone else noticed a definite 'something's not right' thing going on with the interwebs today?  Things are very slow and I'm having trouble getting to some sites.  And I'm not sure what is going on...

--The first indication that something wasn't right on the Gore today was when I went to try to buy our tickets to see 'Wicked.'  It took forever to load the performing arts center website and then I couldn't get from there to Ticketmaster and things went downhill from there.  I came close to drop-kicking this computer out the front window, but I decided to try and have a Zen moment, sit back, try to relax, and ride out the problem.  Surprisingly, whatever the problem was got resolved fairly quickly and I was able to purchase our tickets--for the day I wanted AND seats that are excellent!  So, on 8 February 2011, we will be sitting and watching 'Wicked'--YAY!  I don't know if this would have been MY choice to see, but K--and our friends--wanted to see it, so I'll happily go along.  What I actually can't wait to see, however, is 'Jersey Boys'--and that will be in June.  I will get THOSE tickets next month when they go on sale.  I wonder if this means I WON'T get to see a concert next year?  Hmmm...

--We are having a perfect fall day today--temps in the mid-60s, sunshine, very little breeze.  I can handle this weather.  I've been trying to prepare things for the winter with setting out the bird feeders, etc.  It still is too early for me to put out the shepherd's hooks because of the chipmunks, but I've been able to attract birds with the window feeder.  I'm trying to get the bluejays and grey squirrels to eat off of the corncobs that I have out, but they don't seem to be going for it yet.  And I put out a 'sock' full of thistle seed, hoping that the goldfinches will find it before the snow flies.  I think they will be okay with it, even though it is so close to our back door--they are quite tame.

--Lately when I've been here at the computer--AND when there isn't a game on--I've been listening to the digital music channels on the TV.  One of the channels I listen to is 'Solid Gold Oldies' and have been enjoying it very much.  While I'm familiar with most of the songs/performers that are on here, I find myself saying "Who the hell is THAT?" often enough.  It's almost as if I just didn't listen to any music at several periods in my life--which I don't understand.  It seemed as if I LIVED for the radio back in the day, so I don't know how I missed some of these performers/songs.

--I saw my orthodontist last week.  He was The Oldest's orthodontist many years before he was mine--and I love the guy.  He is another of my health care professionals that 'gets' me--and I sometimes think that's why he still has me coming in for check-ups every four months five years after I got the braces off.  I think he waits for my visits just to hear what I have to say.  :)  Anyway, he adjusted my bottom retainer and then we discussed how my teeth seem to have completely settled, as my top retainer is actually easy for me to place and remove--a much different situation than when I first got it.  As he was looking at how nicely the retainer fit, he looked at me and said (with a twinkle in his eye)  "DON'T EVER lose this retainer--otherwise, I just may have to hurt you!  We will NEVER get this good of a fit ever again."  I guard this retainer--my second one--VERY well.  Not only does it fit PERFECTLY, but the damn thing cost me almost $400--something I DON'T ever want to pay again.  Yeah, I will do my best to never lose it!

--We are now going into the third week of The Season and I am adjusting to not having a life, once again.  Tonight's game will be the last one until next week Thursday and I'm sure I will suffer withdrawal pains--even this early in The Season.  What can I say?  K and I are still going back and forth as to whether we will be getting Center Ice this year, or not.  We get every one of the Wing games on our cable system, so Center Ice would just be for those nights the Wings aren't playing--just to see what the rest of the League is doing.  Today I told him I would be just as happy to use the money to upgrade my text-messaging service on my cellphone to unlimited messages--but he didn't respond.  Without unlimited messaging, I'm really not utilizing my cellphone as well as I should be, so I have to figure out a way to get it.  I have to come up with a plan...

--Re:  previous post.  The Oldest used to work for Wells Fargo and when I told her about the phone call, her first thought was "repo man."  However, she said that the 'repo man' usually just shows up and tows your vehicle away, rather than make calls ahead of time.  I do believe this will forever be a mystery that isn't solved.  And yes, both of the vehicles are at the neighbors' house, so neither has been repossessed.

--Re:  previous post.  I spoke to the neighbors about the driveways and it seems--whether it is intentional or not--that this entire situation is kind of pay-back for the city losing money from them*.  In order to save money on taxes, the neighbors changed the status of their property from three city lots to a homestead--and the city lost quite a bit of tax money because of it.  It almost seems as if this is payback for their doing this--but, of course, this isn't something that can be proved.  As it turned out, the neighbors didn't get any good answers to their questions regarding this entire driveway mess, but they decided to just let it go--it was much easier and cheaper to move on.  And I certainly don't blame them one bit.  After all, it IS true:  You CAN'T fight city hall.

--*I am a conspiracy theorist--and I might actually believe the conspiracy theories more than I want to admit.  ;)  I definitely believe that there are many, many things going on in the country and the world that we would be amazed at if we knew, but I don't know how much I believe in some of the 'crack-pot' theories that float around from time to time.  One thing I DO know is, people hold grudges and WILL get back at you, one way or another--especially in small towns.  And the best way to do this is through small-town politics.  When you piss off the wrong people who are part of the powers-that-be, your life and property can come under a scrutiny that isn't always comfortable--and things can be made to go against you.  And you can never prove what happened.  It is sad, but I think it is the way it always has been and will always be.  And that is why I wonder how much the 'driveway incident' might be payback--the neighbors have had their share of ongoing feuds with our elected officials--both past and present.

--And finally:  If you have never tasted Werther's coffee flavored candies, RUN don't walk, to the nearest store to get some!  I'm eating the sugar-free ones and can't stop!  I do believe they are addictive.  The mix of the coffee flavor and caramel, yummmmmmm!


kristi noser said...

You do give a girl a lot of comment fodder...
But I can't right now as I am going to run to the store for Werther's candy--see ya!

cmk said...

And you certainly make me giggle--a lot! Enjoy the candy.

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG 'Solid Gold Oldies' RULE!

I havent been having much trouble getting on the internet but I havent been ON the internet lately!

Im loving the cool Fall Weather too. Its such a relief to be able to sleep with the widows open again!

I havent been to an orthodontist in years and I hope it stays that way!

I know how much you love your Red Wings and Im glad you are enjoying The Season!

And now Im going to RUN a grab me some of those Werthers Coffee Candies STAT!

cmk said...

...and I have to get to the store and REPLENISH my supply of candies! I ate them WAY too fast! :)