Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Blogger!!!! (updated)

I'm having problems with Blogger and I don't know what to do about correcting them.  First, I'm not able to put every link that I want in my posts.  I'm doing everything the way I always have done them--and never had problems before.  These last few days/weeks I find that only SOME of the links actually make it into my posts.  Very frustrating!  And the other thing that has been going on is that 'anonymous' comments don't show up in my comment section.  Okay, so most 'anonymous' comments ARE unwelcome, but I have had a few that are legitimate.  The only way I even KNOW that there are comments is that I get a copy sent to my email.  And yes, I do allow 'anonymous' comments and have the settings set properly. ;)

****Okay, now the link I couldn't get to work in my last post seems to BE working.  This is getting beyond ridiculous!  I HATE computer/interweb problems!!!

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