Monday, March 14, 2011


For someone that doesn't work outside the home, Monday shouldn't be a dreaded day.  But, in my case, that isn't true.  I hate Mondays.

Back when the girls were home, Mondays were always 'that day'--you know, the day when you had to 'get back to business.'  I have always been a night owl, so having to get up with the girls on Monday morning was pure hell.  I never was so happy as when the girls finally were old enough to navigate by themselves in the morning.  Don't get me wrong, I still got up with them, I just didn't have to actually DO anything to get them out the door--a major blessing for me.  K has never been a 'Monday-Friday, 9-5' worker, so he is just as apt to be home on Monday as he is at work.  He never was part of my 'I hate Monday' problems.

These days, the major reason to hate Monday is it is GARBAGE DAY.  Any other day of the week would be better for me to have to do garbage, but we are scheduled for Monday.  Gathering the garbage isn't a particular favorite of mine, but to have to do it on Monday just makes it that much more of a chore.  And I have no explanation for why it bothers me so much.

Because of Monday being garbage day, that also makes it 'do a bit more cleaning' day.  If I have to clean windows or clean out the refrigerator, it has to be done on Monday, so that all of the extra trash/garbage can be thrown out.  Anything that will make more garbage gets done on Monday, so that it can be put to the curb that night.

For whatever reason, there almost always seems to be phone calls that need to be made on Monday.  Saturday's mail inevitably brings a bill or other letter that needs 'taking care of' on Monday.  When was the last time you made a call to any type of business on a Monday?  If you don't HAVE to do it, I say don't.  I've even had my doctor's office tell me NOT to call on Monday--and they don't want me showing up in the office unless I have an appointment.  People can be downright nasty on Mondays.

I hate being part of a cliche, but there we are:  I hate Mondays.  And I have no REAL reason to feel like this.  So, does anyone LIKE Mondays?


Anonymous said...

I used to hate Mondays too, because when I was a little kid, on school days I had to wear a granny-type hearing aid, the one that was a box you clipped to your shirt with a wire coming out of it to the earpiece. It didn't help me at all, just shot a steady stream of buzzing into my head, but I had to wear it because the experts said it would stimulate my cochlea or whatever so it wouldn't completely die, in the event a cure was ever found for my particular type of deafness. I always had a headache long before school let out and would take it off and throw it into my dresser drawer and slam it as soon as I came home. This went on for a few years until my constant complaining got to my mom and she agreed to let me stop wearing it. But until that happened, Mondays meant another five days of headaches.

Now Monday is just another day of the week, and it feels great!

Our garbage gets picked up Tues. morning so I go around gathering trash on Mondays too.

meleah rebeccah said...

Im with you. I hate Monday's because they are my busiest day too. Cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping, and posting a new blog. It's too much work for one day - but then I get to enjoy the rest of my week, because I get everything out of the way and done on Monday's!

cmk said...

janet: I really shouldn't get all bent out of shape over Mondays, but I guess it is just ingrained in me to complain about them. ;D

meleah: Even though I get so much out of the way on Monday, I STILL have to get through Tuesday--I give my injection late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. For some dumb reason, I STILL kind of dread having to stick myself. But, once THAT is done, I'm free for the rest of the week. ;)