Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MIA, Giddy, and Surly (No, NOT The Name of a Law Firm)

I am noticing that my moods are changing.  I am finding myself gearing up to become manic/depressive in a big, big way.  While I have shown some signs of manic/depression, it won't get to full swing for another 3 weeks.  Yes, once again, the Stanley Cup playoffs are right around the corner.  I will be MIA.  I will be giddy with happiness.  I will be surly and uncommunicative.  I will be my normal, playoff-mode self.  And, in my heart of hearts, as long as the Red Wings are playing, I will have such happiness that no one can imagine.

I would assume that any fan of any sport is quite the same way as I am.  However, I don't know if any other sport does the playoffs like hockey does.  Not only do we get to see almost a month's worth of pre-season games and another 82-game full-season, but then we get the playoffs, which last for two months.  Yes, we can get almost 10 months of hockey in a year's time--and that is a long haul, for sure.  And for someone as fanatically in love with the game as I am, it isn't nearly enough.  :)

No one even had to tell me that the playoffs were close--I could see some of the Wings were switching to 'playoff mode' already.  Baby Boy is getting feisty these days--something that he isn't known for during the regular season.  The other night he gave a player a face-wash and last night he jumped right into the middle of a scrum.  For someone who is one of the most passive hockey players out there, it is a change.  Of course, I'm loving every minute of it--he IS my Baby Boy, after all.  :D

For those of you who REALLY couldn't care less about the game of hockey, I promise not to bore you too much with any news about the sport.  While I have my hockey blog, I don't post there often--okay, I have let it languish completely--so I MAY say something here and there.  It IS my life, after all.  But I won't bore you too much.  Just know that hockey is the reason I may be MIA, giddy, or surly--and thank the NHL.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning! :-) Guess you've been impatiently waiting for college basketball to be over with.

meleah rebeccah said...

Well, have a good time with your Hockey Playoffs! GO WINGS!

cmk said...

janet: College basketball hasn't been a factor when it comes to hockey, thank goodness. It HAS pre-empted some of my normal TV watching, though. GRRRR! ;)

meleah: I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that the playoffs are starting so soon--it just isn't working, though. I'll be glued to the set even MORE than I am now, as playoff games are on the Tube 7 days a week. I think I REALLY need a life. ;D