Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Words...

From notalwaysright.com:

Me: “Hello, this is ***** Healthcare line. What can I help you with?”
Caller: “Hi, I’m calling because my son just ate a bunch of ants.”
Me: “I’m sorry? Your son ate ants?”
Caller: “Yes! I was wondering if I need to take him to the hospital and see a doctor.”
Me: “Well, ma’am, I don’t think you need to worry. I don’t think the ants will make him sick, but I advise that he doesn’t eat any more of them.”
Caller: “Well, I gave him some ant killer to get rid of them.”
Caller’s friend: “Get him to the emergency room, now!”


meleah rebeccah said...


cmk said...

The only thing I can say about this: thank goodness this call was in Canada--that way no one can say "Stupid Americans."

ordinaryjanet said...

Once again, I have to wonder if some of those anecdotes are made up-just because I cannot believe there are such idiots in the world. (and that they're allowed to have children.)

cmk said...

You certainly HOPE these are hoaxes--it is too, too scary to think of someone this clueless raising a child.