Saturday, August 27, 2011

One of Those 'I Hope This Never Happens To Me' Posts

I always read the obituaries online from my old home town.  And it isn't because of the old cliche "You know you're really old when..."  ;)  The Oldest doesn't know all of the names of people I remember from when I was younger and there really isn't anyone left there that will let me know when someone dies.  (Hell, I'm lucky if anyone in my family even lets me know if a relative dies, much less a friend's parent, etc.)  So, every day one of my stops on the world wide web is the obits.

Today there was an obituary of a woman who I don't know.  (The last name is familiar, so she is a relative of someone I went to school with.)  She had lived a good, long life and was 81-years-old at the time she died.  The thing that was different about this obit was WHERE she died.  She was in the Bahamas on a FAMILY VACATION when she passed.  OH.  MY.  G--!!!!

The death of a relative is extremely stressful, as we all know.  Making all of the arrangements--whether the person had a 'pre-paid' plan or not--is exhausting.  And this is when the person dies at home--or close to the home town.  I cannot imagine WHAT this family went through to not only have 'Grandma' die, but they had to make arrangements to get her out of a foreign country and back home for the funeral.  What a nightmare.  'Vacation in the Bahamas' is definitely going to be something this family never thinks about the same way ever again.


ordinaryjanet said...

I occasionally see in the obits where someone died on vacation. I always wondered what a nightmare it must be to get the deceased home. Good thing the Bahamas aren't that far away-can you imagine if it happened in China or even Europe?

cmk said...

I thought the exact same thing after I had posted this. China, the middle of Africa, the Ukraine=a much, much bigger headache/problem than the Bahamas.

ordinaryjanet said...

Maybe it's best to stay home!!

cmk said...

That most definitely is an option. ;)