Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bambi Killer

 Our second granddaughter got her buck yesterday.  This is her first year hunting, so she was pretty pumped about it.  She had to call and tell me all about it--AND let me know that she even helped field dress it.  She said it was "GROSS!"  :)  Her older sister got HER first buck the first year she hunted, too.  I guess it is a case of beginner's luck.

I have no problem with people who hunt.  The Husband used to hunt and trap when we were in high school, but has done neither since we got married.  If he had had friends that were into hunting big-time, I'm sure he would have been, too.  But, he just doesn't have anyone that he would go out with.  And I REFUSE to eat wild game, so he would be left with trying to find someone to take the meat if he actually managed to get something. (However, the local food banks accept donations of wild game, so none of the meat has to be wasted.)  The Oldest's family pretty much depends on the meat they get from hunting.  She is hoping that her oldest daughter AND her husband will be successful this year--it will keep them going for quite a long time.  They still have a few days to try.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with people who hunt for meat, I have a problem with people who hunt for trophies, and who hunt just because it's fun to shoot something that's moving and living. So I'm happy your granddaughter got hers.

cmk said...

It would be a bit difficult to live here and be against hunting, as it is almost a religion to some people. I would rather have hunters come here and ban the snowmobilers, if I had MY druthers. I DO wish that Michigan would start a mourning dove season--I really am beginning to hate those birds with a passion--and am not completely opposed to hunting the wolf--THEY no longer are endangered and are becoming too bold up here. I don't want to see them hunting moose yet--they aren't quite as well established as they need to be before they can be hunted. (MY opinion. ;))