Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going To The Movies

I really enjoyed reading the 'Girl With a Dragon Tattoo' trilogy.  I find that books have so much more to offer than their movie counterparts, but was quite intrigued when I found out that there had been a Swedish version of the book/s made.  Even though I could only find the (first) movie in Swedish with English subtitles, I enjoyed it quite a bit.  It was very true to the book and well done.  The US trailer:

After hearing about the Swedish movie, I found out that Hollywood decided to do a US version.  And I cringed.  I was extremely afraid that the actors in the US version would be 'pretty'--not what the characters in the book were described like, at all.  And I had no better feel about the new version when I saw who they cast as Lisbeth:

Rooney Mara
photo by Eric Roffman

Look at that sweet face!  How could she POSSIBLY be the troubled soul that is Lisbeth Salander?  I KNEW this would be a disaster.  And then I saw this:

via W magazine

It looks like they did a good job transforming her into the character--hopefully the girl can act.  We'll have to see just how close to the book the movie stays--THAT will determine whether it is as good/better than the original.  I am very much looking forward to this--so much, that I just may go to the theater and see it there.  I don't do this often, at all, so it better be worth it.  The trailer is very interesting:

So, are there any movies you are looking forward to seeing this winter?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't get through the first two books. Initially I thought characters intriquing but ultimately they couldn't hold me.

meleah rebeccah said...

I cannot wait to see this movie. Seriously. I saw the Swedish version, and I am VERY curious how the American Version will hold up.

Anonymous said...

I saw all three of the Swedish version, and I have no interest in seeing the American version. I think the Swedish version did a terrific job, and the third one was spectacular!

I'm waiting for the DVD of "The Help" to come out. There are one or two others I want to see, but I can't remember the titles now-I hope I remember when I'm browsing!

Mrs. S. said...

I was thinking about reading those.. Still might, after I get through all the books on my nightstand and the two I have preordered.

I'm not always impressed with the way Hollyweird tears up books either. I guess it depends on the director. So many of them decide to "make it their own," and then they ruin it. My most recent disappointment was "Water for Elephants." I trudged through the book in spite of my somewhat disinterest because so many people had raved about it. It was really not they type of book I enjoy. When I saw the movie, I was very disappointed. They had changed so much about the character! Made me ill.. The movie would have been fine, I guess, if I had never read the book.

cmk said...

leazwell: I was intrigued with the story line and really only was fascinated with the character of Lisbeth. The rest of the characters were only important to me because of how they were connected to her and her story.

meleah: I am actually planning on going to see this in the theater, but have seen online that some things were changed from the book. I certainly hope that the changes aren't big, because I will be very disappointed.

janet: I still haven't gotten around to the second or third movie--something I have to do. As far as I know, they haven't been offered on any of our movie channels and I HATE having to do the pay-per-view, as our cable bill rivals the national debt already. ;) One of these days, for sure.

I read 'The Help' and was completely disappointed with it--so I won't be seeing the movie. I had such high hopes for the book from reading all of the reviews and I didn't think it came anywhere close to the hype that surrounded it.

Mrs S: Quite a few people quit reading the series because they had a hard time getting around the names--which were all Scandinavian. At first, I couldn't understand haw anyone had trouble with them, but realized that *I* have a hard time reading Russian novels for the same reason. It's all about what you are familiar/comfortable with. :)

I LOVED 'Water for Elephants.' I had bought the book and put it on my pile and FORCED myself to begin reading it--I was SURE I would hate it--but found it to be very good. However, I don't think I could watch the movie simply because of the actors they cast in the lead roles. I mean, really, Witherspoon and Pattinson? Give me a break. (And a PERFECT example of what I thought they were going to do with the casting of 'Girl.' Thank goodness they didn't.)