Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days of Our Lives

Every year, between Christmas and New Years, my 'big' project is getting the new calendars ready for hanging.  I transfer all of the birthdays and special days and whatever appointments we already have scheduled.  The biggest task is blocking out K's work schedule--something that I MUST do because it is crazy.  Even though his work days rotate through the same 28-day rotation, I can't figure it out in my mind and HAVE to have it written out for me to look at.  And so, I sit and 'take care of' calendars the last week of every year.

This past December, I took all of the calendars that I needed to get ready and decided to get the job done.  It seems as if I'm adding more calendars every year and the task takes longer each time.  This year, I had four to work on--one for the kitchen, one for the computer room, one for the sewing room, and one for the bedroom. I got myself situated in the kitchen and proceeded to work on calendars while I watched the hockey game.  I had a 'master' calendar that I used as a reference for copying onto the 'permanent' ones.  Everything went well through the first three calendars--and then I got to the fourth one.  The 'Bunny Suicides' calendar.  I pulled out the gel pen and started to write in the upcoming special days for January when I realized things didn't look right.  K's birthday is on 4 January--a Wednesday in 2012--but 4 January was in the TUESDAY space on the 'Bunny' calendar.  WHAT?!?!  It took me a minute or two to realize what was going on:  The 'Bunny Suicides' calendar started the week on MONDAY and not on Sunday.  Who does that?  I know that 'Bunny Suicides' is a British thing, so is this a common practice in Europe?  Or is this common for business?  After all, the business week begins on Monday, not Sunday.  Needless to say, a thankless, annoying task was made just a bit more complicated by this--and I will try my hardest to NOT go through this again.  Sadly, no more 'Bunny Suicides.'

***I bought this from Barnes & Noble and there was no mention of the format.  Last year's calendar had the days in the 'right' order, so I never expected any problem.  Even though reviewers mention this fact on Amazon, it would never have helped me, as I had purchased this early.  I just have to remind myself of the format each time I look to see what day it is.  :)***


Anonymous said...

That's weird! I wonder how many other countries' calendars start with a Monday. I never thought to check when the calendars' week started, I just checked to see that they have the phases of the moon. Yet another thing I have to watch out for, when I'm at the age where I'm not as sharp.

cmk said...

I've noticed the option of what day to start the week with different software/calendar making programs, so I've known this is an option. I've just never had a calendar WITH Monday as the start of the week before. Thankfully, I've put the calendar in the bedroom, so I'm not using it quite as much as the others.

meleah rebeccah said...

"The 'Bunny Suicides' calendar started the week on MONDAY and not on Sunday. Who does that?"

That IS weird!

cmk said...

I guess these calendars must be for people who have nothing in their lives BUT work.