Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Shower, A Shower, My Kingdom For A Shower

As I said yesterday, while I'm wired up, I can't shower.  While I, basically, shower every night before going to sleep, there are times when I don't, for one reason or another.  I'm not necessarily okay with that, but I can make it through the day after not showering with little thought about it.  A swipe with a washcloth and a tie to put my hair up and I'm good to go for the day.  For some reason, this is NOT working for me right now.

To begin with, I can feel my skin 'crawling' underneath every one of the patches that are in place.  Is this my imagination or is my skin REALLY that itchy?  It could very well be mind-over-matter.  But, that isn't the only itching problem--I seem to have the 'creeping crude' right now and every place I scratch just moves the itch a couple of inches further away.  I can't seem to stop the itchiness--and, again, I don't know if this is all in my mind or not.  I just feel as if there is a layer of 'stuff' that I don't want on my skin and scalp--and it itches.

I get to have these patches removed about 2:00 PM tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I will be in the shower by 3:00--and I can't wait!  FYI:  You don't EVER want a shower more than when you CAN'T shower.


meleah rebeccah said...

" You don't EVER want a shower more than when you CAN'T shower."

Oh yes, and that's the worst feeling!!

cmk said...

I came home after getting the patches off and just scrubbed and scrubbed. And I look forward to doing it again later tonight. :) (Yes, I'm a bit obsessive--what can I say. :D)

Anonymous said...

I think that when we can;t bathe, we really want to-and that's all we can think about. Same as when the water's shut off-all we want is a glass of water.

Hope the test results are good!

cmk said...

The mind REALLY does a number on us, doesn't it? ;)

I'm going with the 'no news is good news' scenario. Like I said, I'm pretty sure just the fact I'm off of the med will do wonders for the way I'm doing. (Actually, the fatigue is MUCH better already.)