Sunday, January 08, 2012

Eating Well

So, does this ^ look good to you?  Does it remind you of a peppermint shake or smoothie?  Well, it has no mint in it whatsoever.  It is an example of a 'green smoothie.'  Green smoothies seem to be the big thing these days.  There are green smoothie diet plans and other diets that use them as a big part of the daily menu.  What exactly is a green smoothie?  Green smoothies are vegetable based, for the most part, and a lot of them are made with spinach.  Here is a common recipe:

1 1/2 cups fruit juice
1 frozen banana, cut into chunks
1/4 cup yogurt
2 cups fresh spinach 
1 (Peel the banana BEFORE you freeze it!).
2 Pour juice into a blender jar.
3 Add chunked banana, yogurt, and spinach.
4 Blend thoroughly on High.
5 Enjoy! This recipe obviously can be tweaked to your heart's content -- add other fruit, use flavored yogurt, or even add ice cream or sherbet. It's an especially good way to use fruit that's slightly past its prime.

It seems as if most of these recipes have 60% fruit and 40% vegetables in them.  This is a good way to get veggies into your body, especially if you aren't a very big veggie lover.  I don't particularly like vegetables, so I am always happy to find a way to get more into my diet.  The surprising thing is, you DON'T taste the veggies in these smoothies!  Of course, depending on what you put in them will determine how they taste.  And the recipes are VERY forgiving--you just add whatever you have on hand and blend.

Today I made my smoothie with a banana, a container of vanilla yogurt, a bit of orange juice, some frozen strawberries, and two handfuls of spinach--and the darn thing was very good.  I used my immersion blender instead of a regular blender and it worked very well.  I do believe these will be on my menu for quite a while.  And I can pretend I'm doing something to eat better.  :D


meleah rebeccah said...

that sounds absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said...

The color puts me off, though. I think I'll stick with V-8. I did buy a bottle of the V-8 smoothie but haven't tried it yet.

cmk said...

meleah: I couldn't believe how good it was!

janet: The color IS something that you need to get past. I can't choke down V-8--even the (supposedly) fruit flavored stuff. I LOVE tomato juice and (mistakenly) thought the V-8 was just tomato juice in another form. WRONG!!!!! :D So, I'll stick with smoothies and tomato juice and leave the V-8 to K--who loves it.