Saturday, January 05, 2013

Catching Up With Sleep

Since joining the gym, I have had to re-join those who are required to get out of bed at set times.  It has been YEARS--at least since The Youngest left home--since I have needed to worry about my sleep habits* and it is very hard for me to get back on track.  So, I find that the weekend is my time to 'catch up on my sleep.'  And that is what I did today.  Yuck.

I got to the gym four times this past week:  two times with The Trainer and two class sessions.  My training on Thursday didn't introduce me to anything new, but The Trainer brought back some 'oldies but goodies.'  I got to hit the heavy bad again--I REALLY need to get my own gloves--and enjoyed it just as much as the time before.  But, I had to do several things that I'm not particularly fond of--especially this:

I've done this several times before, but Thursday was the first day I was able to flip the tire BY MYSELF!  And I did it 6 times!  Even with my T-rex arms!  This isn't my favorite thing to do, but it makes me feel good when I see progress.

The slide board got another go at me, but in a different way.  And THIS one I REALLY dislike.  This is called mountain climbing:

It is going to take me a long, long time to get to the point where I can do this comfortably--if it ever happens.  My arms aren't nearly strong enough to hold up my entire body for an extended amount of time and I'll have to lose a lot more weight before I come close to being able to do this well.

I also got to pull the heavy rope again--yay.  It isn't very difficult and it's getting easier all of the time, but it most certainly works the arm muscles!  My arms are beginning to regain the strength I have lost over the years, but, again, I have quite a way to go.

I am scheduled to see The Trainer twice again next week and will probably only get to class twice--I have to have lab work done in anticipation of my physical on the 14th, so I will likely miss one day of class.  (I can't see going to the gym after fasting overnight--just isn't going to happen.)

*Of course, I DO need to get up for appointments, etc, but that is the exception, not the rule, in my life.


meleahrebeccah said...

"Thursday was the first day I was able to flip the tire BY MYSELF! And I did it 6 times! Even with my T-rex arms"

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

chrkos said...

If I do say so myself, I was pretty proud. :)