Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Changing My Life

I wasn't going to write this post for a long time, but decided that too much is going on to let it go to waste.  So, I am announcing the big change I/we made in my life this last year.  Now I will tell a (too) long story.

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I have a weight problem--and have had trouble with weight for most of my life.  I have never said out loud just how much weight I have gained since we got married and probably won't until I've lost it all.  I definitely have work to do in order for that to happen.  And that is my big news:  I have joined a gym.  And I have a personal trainer.  Here is how all of this happened.

Eight or so months ago, K was bothered with his left shoulder.  He wasn't sure how he injured it and the doctor said he might have a rotator cuff tear.  Of course, that would mean surgery--which is NOT a walk in the park.  But first, the doctor wanted him to go and see the physical therapists and have more tests done to see how bad his problem was.  As it turned out, he DIDN'T have a problem with the rotator cuff and physical therapy helped him quite a lot.  The trouble is, when they cut him loose from therapy, he didn't continue with his exercises like he should have and the pain started to come back.  That is when he decided to join the gym and get a trainer to help him.  Of course, losing weight and getting in shape was part of the reason to pay the money for this process.

When K came home from his evaluation session with the trainer, I made my decision to join the gym, too--and work with his trainer.  During my evaluation, the trainer asked me what my goals are and I said, "To begin with, I want to lose 50 pounds and stop making 'old people noises' when I get up from a chair."  Yes, that is just a start for me, but a good one, nonetheless.  And so things began...

That first day in the gym showed me just how out-of-shape I really was.  Looking back, I am surprised that my trainer didn't just give up on me right then and there.  To say I couldn't do much is putting it mildly.  I don't think I was able to do a side plank for more than 15 seconds and I could barely raise my arm and leg while in the quadruped position.  I 'sucked wind' for several weeks until I started to get more comfortable moving my body--and while losing some of my weight.  And lose I have done.  Right now I'm at 30 pounds lost--it would be more, but the holidays got in the way.  ;)

Having a trainer is both a blessing and a curse.  The Trainer keeps me on task and knows just how far he can push me so that I get a decent workout.  I do much more than I would do on my own.  However, there are days I want to punch his face because I don't want to do what he tells me to.  I never knew I could do the things with my body that I do and still be able to walk under my own power.  And I never knew I could be so proud of myself AND feel so physically and mentally good about my body!  UNBELIEVABLE!

I'm finding it quite cool that I go to the same gym as the goalie from our local college hockey team.  (You KNOW that would be a boost for me.  :D)  My trainer is the gym owner's father and he is the same age as K and I are--plus, he was born and raised 'up north' like we were.  We have gotten to be good friends, as well as trainer/client.  The people at the gym are fantastic and make you feel so welcome--a greater group you couldn't find.  I'm very happy I made this very hard decision and can't wait to see my progress through this next year.

***I don't think I will be making this blog all about my 'transformation,' but this is a big part of my life and I will be writing about it.  Mostly, you will hear more about my mishaps and the strange and wonderful things I'm doing.  Going to a gym is quite interesting.***

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