Sunday, January 13, 2013

I HAD Good Intentions...

I was all set to post on a regular basis this year and here we are, 13 days in, and I already went almost a week without posting.  Oh well, I THOUGHT about it, at least.  ;)  Anyway, here is what I have been up to:

I only made it to the gym three times this past week.  Last Monday I got up to go to class and realized that my yearly physical was scheduled for tomorrow and I needed to go in for some blood-letting.  As this is one of my LEAST favorite things to do in my life, I figured I should just bite the bullet and get it over with.  So, I went to the medical center instead of the gym.  Thank goodness--otherwise, I probably would have put off the lab work until Friday, when I would have been forced to go.  The tech who drew my blood did EXCELLENT work--as do all of the ones who work in that office--and I didn't feel a thing.  She did leave me with quite a nice bruise, but that is more ME than HER.

I made my regular appointments with my trainer and we did my evaluation, so not much in the way of regular training.  And Wednesday I just couldn't get out of bed because of tiredness!  But I was back there on Thursday and Friday, feeling refreshed and rebooted!  YAY!


As I said, I have my yearly physical tomorrow.  While I don't like going to doctor appointments, I am liking it even less now that I have this woman as my primary care physician.  We STILL haven't clicked and I don't think we ever will.  It doesn't help that I only see her once a year--you can't bond when you have no interaction.  Tomorrow will be interesting, to say the least...

This doctor had a problem with me right from the start, because I use Enbrel.  She had a patient die while on the med and doesn't want ANYONE using it--she feels as if it is the direct cause of the patient's death, which I question.  So, my insisting on staying on the drug does not sit well with her.  Tomorrow I will let her know that I want to stay on my hormone replacement therapy and THAT probably will not go well.  She wants me off of estrogen and the sooner the better.  If I wouldn't have resisted, I would have been off of it the first time I saw her.  As it is, she has been decreasing my dosage for the last few years and--I think--has every intention of taking me off this year.  I'm not going to let that happen, if at all possible.  Since lowering my dosage, I have lost so much of myself that I can't even imagine what I would be like without any estrogen replacement.  My memory and cognitive abilities are for crap these days.  I find myself 'searching' for words that I can't remember--and not always 'finding' what I'm looking for.  There are most definitely subtle changes to my personality--I find that my reading addiction is not what it used to be.  And everything is so subtle and came on so gradually, that I'm sure no one else notices but me.  I won't even get into the PHYSICAL changes I have noticed, as so many of them could be considered 'vanity' issues, and I'm NOT a vain person.  So, tomorrow there may be a battle.


The gym has announced 'big changes' starting this week.  I don't think things will change with my trainer, but the class I take might have a complete make over--and I'm not too happy about that.  I don't mind new music and new routines, but it almost sounds as if the class will be a bit more advanced than it is now and that doesn't make me very happy.  This class is the closest thing to a 'beginner's class' that they offer and I STILL can't do it easily.  There still is 'too much of me' and I'm still not flexible enough to do everything, so if they advance the class too much, I may be left in the dust.  And THAT won't be a good thing.  I won't find out what the changes are until Wednesday, so...


I also have an appointment at the dentist office tomorrow.  WHAT was I thinking?  But, by the time I realized I had made two appointments on the same day, it really was too late to do anything about it.  My PCP books yearly physicals a year in advance and the dentist office schedules cleanings every 6-8 months--closer to 8--so to change an appointment would have made me have to wait months more.  And this is why  I will be running around like crazy in order to get to both appointments.  YUCK!  


We have lost almost all of our snow.  There are large areas of bare ground in our yard and this is just not the way things work out here.  But, the last week or so has been crazy warm--we have had highs in the 40s, so the snow has gone bye-bye.  Today the temp has 'plummeted' to the lower 20s, so we are back to seasonal temps.  This is supposed to last for the next ten days and actually be even colder with temps in the teens.  We should get some snow, but it doesn't look as if it will be too much.  But anything is possible with The Lake, so weather forecasting is little more than guessing here.


I finally jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon last week.  I'm finding it to be a very good substitute for most of the lotions/oils/moisturizers I use/have used and it costs WAY less than almost everything I have ever tried.  (And believe me when I say 'I've tried them all!')  I will give this a while to see if it is something I will stay with or if it is one of my 'tried it and will move on' things, but as it is right now, I will probably keep it in my arsenal as one of, if not THE weapon of choice for my dry skin.  The only problem with the coconut oil that I can see is that my cat LOVES it--as in, she licks my skin after I use it!  ICK!  I am able to get her to stop rather quickly, but I wish she wouldn't even START!


And for something that most, if not all, readers of this blog are totally uninterested in:  The hockey season is beginning on the 19th!  The Wings are in training camp and I will finally get to watch them on the ice on Tuesday when their scrimmage will be aired on TV!  Right now I have a permanent smile planted on my face--and that will stay there until the Wings start tanking.  THEN I will get surly--and THAT isn't necessarily a good thing.  ;)


Natine said...

Have to tell you I get exhausted just READING about your training! I'm trying (in my head) to get back to something resembling fitness. It's flat where I live. And the weather in winter is generally mild. So theoretically I SHOULD be able to walk 4-5 miles/day. Right now I'm congratulating myself all over if I walk 1 1/2-2!

My sister-in-law shares your excitement about the return of the Red Wings. I'll be looking forward to reading about today's medical adventures!

chrkos said...

For now, at least, I am enthusiastic about the gym. We'll see how I feel six months (or less) from now. I'm not promising anything. :)

Another Wingnut! YAY! I find I am spending way too much time reading every little bit of news about the players/team and not enough time doing what I need to do. But, it is hard to NOT search for news as we haven't had any REAL news for so long--and we normally would be almost halfway through the season by now. I'm sure the enthusiasm to read every little bit of news--nonsense or not--will decrease as time goes on.

I'm hoping to put up a post later--things turned out pretty well today.