Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cure For What Ails Ya!

Many people will say that regular exercise will keep depression at bay.  I can't 'aye' or 'nay' to that, but I DO know that I miss the gym whenever I don't get there for a few days.  (Such as over the holidays.)  I find that three days a week is the MINIMUM I need to go for a workout in order to feel pretty good about myself--and if I manage to get there for a full five days, I have an enormous sense of accomplishment.  Now that things are settling down, I am able to get back to my Tuesdays and Thursdays with my trainer and try to make it to a group class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Depending on how worn out my body is, I will get to the gym all five days.  However, with my horrible sleeping habits--and they don't seem to be changing any time soon--and how OLD my body is, I don't always make it for a full five days.  As I get in better shape and get stronger, I will probably even do double sessions on some days.  But not yet...

The other day The Trainer had me do something that has convinced me that it is the cure for any problem a person might have.  It works out every bit of hostility, depression, anger, and frustration--and I found it incredibly FUN.  I'm talking about working with a heavy bag.

Okay, so I wasn't doing it quite like the boxer in the video.  First of all, the bag was stationary--and I didn't 'dance' around it while hitting.  I did a 3-1 combination--three jabs with one hand and then a power punch with the other.  After working both sides, I then had to do a speed drill, just jabbing as fast as I could with both hands.  After doing this for several minutes, there was no way I could have any amount of frustration or anger left in me.  I actually smiled through the rest of my workout and can't wait until The Trainer puts me back on the heavy bag.  The only downside:  I had to use the gym's boxing gloves that have been used by more people than I want to think of.  The only thing that comes close to their smell is hockey gloves--and hockey gloves stink so badly that players give 'face washes' to other players as an insult.  If I knew I was going to need them every week, I would buy my own gloves and avoid the smell!  One of these days I may even buy my own bag for the house.  I do think if everyone worked with a heavy bag every day, most of the world's ills could vanish.  ;)


NAS said...

Your "old" is clearly younger than me! Just reading about the sliding thing (yesterday) and bag punching (can you hang a person for the bag?) made my muscles ache. :)

chrkos said...

:D Believe me, I wasn't doing anything like this the first month I was at the gym. That being said, I am AMAZED at the progress I have made--in just 4+ months! Five months ago I would have had someone declared insane if they had told me I would do the things I did in the gym today-or that I would actually JOIN a gym. You are looking at the ultimate couch potato here.