Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Getting Done

Here it is just two days before the Big One--in our household, Christmas Eve has always been bigger than Christmas Day--and I am getting things done. I finally got the decorating finished--albeit, a bit less than usual. I didn't put out any of my angel or nativity collections, my Christmas village, or various tchotchkes, but it looks like Christmas, so I'm satisfied. I couldn't see spending the time or effort for the short time everything will be on display. I already let A know that I won't be doing any Oreo truffles, so that is one thing off of my list. I will do some of my favorite finger food type things and that will be the extent of my Christmas baking/cooking.

K will be going to work for half of a shift tonight and then he will be home until next Sunday. This will give time for him to help with some of the rest of the preparations. I'm hoping he will do the gift wrapping for the grandkids when he gets home tonight because he has to deliver the stuff tomorrow. I really won't have time to do any of the wrapping as I still have to venture out and shop.

I am hoping to finish all of my shopping tonight. I don't know if I'm strong enough to do a marathon trip yet, but I will try. I at least have to do grocery shopping and a couple of other stores. If I can't do it all tonight, for sure I will finish tomorrow. K and I were supposed to give living room furniture as a Christmas gift to ourselves this year, but with me being sick, I don't think it will happen till later January or early February. So, this means I have to come up with gifts for him--something I didn't think I needed to do. (Now, I don't MIND him having to buy me a gift--I LIKE presents, after all! ;)) He is NOT hard to buy for, as he is happy with anything, it's just he doesn't NEED or USE most of what he gets. I have to really try to come up with something that will rock his world. Oh, well, shirts and pants it is then. ;) Anyway, I wish I was done with my shopping, but I'm not.

I will try to do a few more posts--I do have things to write about--when I have the time. Until then...

Santa and his Sleigh


kristi noser said...

If you're up to shopping--and I know how much you love that--you must be feeling better. YAY!

cmk said...

I was out all evening and got almost all of the Christmas shopping done--and it felt GREAT to be out and about again! I guess I AM getting better. :)