Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Ramble

This is the phone call you don't want to get: A co-worker at your spouse's workplace calls to talk to your spouse--while he is supposed to be at work! Yep, I got that call today! The co-worker explained that she didn't look at the schedule before making the call and apologized, but it sure sent my heart pumping for a minute. She made sure to tell K to, once again, apologize when he got home.


We are under a lake effect snow advisory again. I was hoping the snow wouldn't be here yet, but I think it won't be going away till April. I KNOW it is going to come every year, but it still seems too early whenever it gets here. Last week it was reported that at the National Weather Service office 10 miles away 44" have fallen so far this season. The average for this time of year is 22", so we might have a record-breaker in the making.


Today I went for my pre-appointment blood-letting. My internist has moved to a new office and I'm not sure I am pleased. The only way to explain the atmosphere in this new office is to think of a combination emergency room and walk-in clinic--complete with kids. Not only does this office have internists, but there is also a pediatrician. It has been YEARS since I had to sit in a waiting room with kids. The people in the waiting room were stacked like cord wood and no one seemed to be going anywhere. I would think about changing doctors, but I have been seeing him for about 10 years and like him very much, so I guess I have to put up with the place. Yuck.


Last week the TV series The Shield ran the final episode. I don't know what exactly I expected to happen, but whatever I thought, DIDN'T. It seemed almost anti-climactic in a way. While there were some deaths that were kind of expected, the absolute ending was so quiet that it almost faded away. It was very disappointing on some level.


Speaking of disappointing: Now that I have movie channels and On Demand on the TV in the kitchen, I have decided to try and catch up on movies that I haven't seen. I wish I hadn't. In the past couple of weeks I have watched Children of Men, Apocalypto, Pan's Labyrinth, and Mr Bean's Holiday. Of these, I couldn't watch all of Mr Bean--I LOVE Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean--as I found it quite dull; Pan's Labyrinth disappointed because I thought it was going to be something like one of the Narnia movies and it wasn't at all; and I feel they didn't do enough with Children of Men. Apocalypto was filmed beautifully and had a compelling story, but it seems as if MORE could have been done with it--it held my attention, but not much beyond that. I have recorded Babel and Bridge to Terebithia, so I hope those are better watching.


The thing that WASN'T disappointing was the win the Wings had over the Ducks tonight, 2-1. We finally saw a glimpse of the Wings that SHOULD be playing--they hustled for most of the 60 minutes and worked harder than they have most of this season. They had 47 shots on goal and kept the Ducks to only 16. Once again--or should I say STILL--the question is: what the hell do the Wings have to do to actually get the damn puck to go into the net? With that many shots on goal, the score should have been 14-1, at least! Giguere hadn't played for a few games, he has had personal troubles, and he couldn't have had his head in the game, yet the Wings couldn't get that puck past him. They did, however, chase him out of the goal--he couldn't play the third period due to dehydration. I guess all the work they made him do...

The Wings don't have to play again till Thursday, so they will have time to do practices and address some of the problems they have had. Holmstrom is skating again and should be back by the end of the week and Chelios is skating and may be back within two weeks, so things are getting better. It is hard to complain when they ARE winning and have such a good record, but, as a Red Wing fan, I always want more! Oh, well.


sue said...

Sorry, but i'm still stuck on that first part... um.... where is he?

meleah rebeccah said...

Babel was a good movie. That one you'll like.

Sorry about you doctors new office. That stinks!

cmk said...

sue: Yeah, that was a bit hard to read. Anyway, he WAS at work, the co-worker didn't check the schedule and called him at home, and she ALSO was at work. Kind of made my stomach do flip-flops till I understood her mistake.

meleah: Hopefully I will like Babel--don't know anyone else who has seen it.

I'll know more tomorrow as to if the new office is all screwed up or not--that's when my appointment is. :(