Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

It has been quite some time since I last posted and I think the dry spell has ended--at least I hope so.  :)  While I may put up some posts about the holidays, I will begin the new year with the police logs!  While none of these are roll-on-the-floor funny, they ARE good for a chuckle or head-scratch.  Hope you enjoy!

 --1:32 AM, suspicious subject shoveling snow on the beach
This one completely mystifies me.  Not only can you NOT shovel all of the snow from the beach around here, but why do it in the middle of the night?  I figure the person was very, very drunk.

--2:25 PM, vehicle backed into a plow
Have you ever seen the size of our plows around here?  Wasn't this person wearing his/her glasses?  They'll give licenses to drive to ANYONE!  (After all, they gave one to me, didn't they?  ;))

--10:55 AM, elderly male subject reported down;  natural death
Couldn't they have worded this a bit nicer?  I'm sorry, but I chuckled self-consciously over this one.

And my candidate for the "So You Are Stuck Writing Police Logs When You Actually Want To Be Writing Novels" Award goes to:

--7:50 AM, driver struck a large object in the westbound lane of the US 41 bypass near McClellan, which took his tire completely off and destroyed the rim, unsure what object was.  Officers determined object was a log, which had been dragged under the vehicle.
Really, nothing more needs to be said...


kristi noser said...

It was a swarthy log, with muscles in all the right places. The bark was rough and soft all at the same time, as all logs should be...

Welcome back, cmk. I missed you and your police logs.

kristi noser said...

And if you ever have some extra time and want to really roll your eyes, look up the police logs of Longboat Key, a place on the Gulf in FL where my friends live. Seriously, the people there have NOTHING to do.
"Uh oh, a dog's crapping on my lawn, better call the police."

cmk said...

Honestly, I'm surprised the writer didn't add a long description of the log. Must have been a VERY slow day at the call center. ;)

Believe me, kristi, those are the same things that are in our police logs--I just put the 'interesting' ones here. Now that it's winter, every day there is a listing about someone blowing snow in someone else's yard. Yep, some people have NO lives--even less than me! :D

meleah rebeccah said...

YAY!! You're back! And with my favorite Police Logs!

Happy New Years, CMK.
Looking forward to another year reading your blog, sharing laughs and emails together!


cmk said...

I will get back to regular posting soon. I'm getting ready for my doctor appointment tomorrow, then I'll be pretty free to write after that--as long as I can find things to write about. :)

meleah rebeccah said...