Wednesday, January 05, 2011

We Just Don't Live Right

CNN just sent this breaking news story to me:  

Mega Millions: Two tickets, one sold in Idaho and one in Washington, matched all six numbers in $355 million jackpot.

K said that it is reported that the one-time buy-out for this is over $200 million--more than $100 million per winner.  I said I guess we don't live right, because we haven't won big-time like this.  And K's response made me remember this joke:

A guy sat in front of his TV and watched the lottery drawing.  As the numbers were being picked he prayed, "Please, dear Lord, let me win the lottery.  I promise to give some of my winnings to the poor."  He didn't win.

The next week, the guy watched the drawing and prayed, "Please, please, dear Lord, let me win the lottery.  I promise to give money to the poor and give the church a new roof."  He didn't win.

Every week, for six weeks, he watched the drawing, prayed to win and made promises as to what he would do with the money.  Week six, he prayed and promised, "Dear Lord, please let me win the lottery.  I promise to do good with 75% of my winnings.  PLEASE let me win!"

And then the guy heard the voice of the Lord:  "Will you help me out already and buy a damn lottery ticket?"

K told me we have to buy tickets in order to win.  :D


meleah rebeccah said...

Ahahahahahahaha! That's very funny.

I bought two tickets for that lottery drawing. Obviously, I did not win!

cmk said...

Yeah, we didn't win either--but then, we would have had to buy tickets. ;)