Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Harry's Law and Another Show

It's a new year and the networks are bringing out their mid-season series--and there are quite a few I'm hoping to sample.  I already divorced 'The Cape'--actually, we didn't get to be anything beyond acquaintances before I gave up on the show.  I really think the show could possibly have been good, but the ones in charge couldn't decide just what it would be.  It was 'here's-a-joke-for-you' funny, 'over-the-top' campy, 'look-at-this-as-real' serious, and everything in between--if the show had a direction, it might have been good.  (And it has Summer Glau  as a co-star, so that was a good thing.  I LOVE her!)   Too bad the show isn't worth my time...

I finally got a chance to watch 'Harry's Law,' and I will say, without a doubt, David E Kelley has himself another monster hit.  Kelley DOES push his own political agenda with his shows, but the writing is so brilliant that I usually can ignore it.  (e.g., 'Boston Legal')  As long as Kelley keeps off of the political soapbox for the most part, this will become one of my favorite new shows.  The opening was hysterically funny and Kathy Bates is wonderful.  The entire show kept my attention and I really liked all of the characters.  It is quite unusual for me to like all of the characters in a show, but these are quirky and likable from the beginning.  (I'm hoping I still feel this way after a month.  ;))  Other than the opening--which had me running to the bathroom with laughter--the highlight of the show was toward the end when a character said, (talking about his mother) "She died during childbirth, when she had my older brother."  Unfortunately, when this line was said, I had a mouth FULL of water--which I proceeded to SPEW all over the kitchen!  LITERALLY!  I don't remember when I laughed so hard at a line in a show.

I'm hoping to get to 'Being Human' tonight--I have already watched 'Shameless' and 'Episodes' and should comment on them soon.  But, before then, find 'Harry's Law' and watch it RIGHT NOW!  You won't be sorry.


kristi noser said...

...running to the bathroom with laughter.
You. Kill. Me.

meleah rebeccah said...

Woman, you rock! I also dumped The Cape - immediately. That show is a complete mess!

Harry's Law? Well, from the opening scene, where Harriet is smoking a doobie, complete with cartoons and munchies all over her desk, I was hooked. After she was fired from her big-time Law Firm and subsequently moved into her own office located in the Ghetto, they played the theme song, ‘Moving On Up’ from ‘The Jeffersons’, which I thought was brilliant!! They introduced each individual character in such a way that it was impossible not to fall in love with them. I like to think I subscribe to the ‘everything happens for a reason’ theory, mostly. Which is definitely something this show touches on. And I LOVE the guy who plays her partner [the lawyer that hit her with the car.' He is AWESOME.

I laughed, a lot. I got teary-eyed, once. I genuinely and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. I just hope the network orders more than Six Episodes. Because I would really *hate* to have another awesome show canceled.

cmk said...

kristi: At least it wasn't "Running to the bathroom with pee dripping down my leg." :D

meleah: So, how long do you give 'The Cape' before it gets pulled off the air? I don't think it goes six episodes--but I've been wrong before. I can't see it staying on much longer, but it would all depend on what the network has to replace it.

I think 'Harry's Law' will get a nice, long time to find its audience. After all, we ARE talking David E Kelley here. ;) I'm thinking this will be a breakout hit...