Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sometimes I want to Unfollow EVERYONE

There are two people on Twitter that I follow that REALLY give me pains in the ass sometimes.  One is a woman in her early 40s--never married.  The other is a guy in his late 30s--never married.  They have long conversations with each other and it seems as if they are 'feeling each other out' and it wouldn't surprise me if they got together at some point.  Anyway, they REALLY drive me crazy when they get started.

First of all, the woman knows EVERYTHING!  She is a 'scientist' (a lab tech) and is knowledgeable about every subject known--and unknown--to modern man.  She is constantly correcting people and tweeting obscure scientific facts--mainly to make herself look better, IMHO.  One day, she tweeted something very condescending about her political opposites and I gently called her on it.  She hasn't 'talked' to me since then.  But I don't mind her ignoring me--I never thought we would ever be 'friends.'

The guy I 'know' because of our being fans of the Red Wings--as is the woman.  I really appreciate his hockey knowledge and devour every word he writes on his blog.  And he seems to be a kind person--I think he should RUN and not walk away from the woman.  But when he and this woman get started...

One night the two of them started on the Vietnam War--and they were barely born (if even) while it was going on.  They went on and on about what 'Dad' said about those years, or how 'Mom' protested the war--and the entire time as if THEY were the ones who experienced those years.  And then they got on the military.  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even though I never was IN the military, I was a military wife--and I didn't KNOW as much as they 'did' during the conversation.  I hate anyone who is an 'authority' about things they know NOTHING about--and think they know more than people who actually experienced the event, just because someone 'told' them about it.  I guess this bothered me so much because I have such a roller coaster-of-feelings about that time.  Those years were so very hard to get through and my feelings about what happened seem to change as I get older.  Anyone who never lived through those times CANNOT, with any certainty, KNOW beyond any doubt what went on.  But, I was good and never said a word to either of them.

Tonight, the two of them started up about women's rights--including reproductive health.  Again, the condescending tone of the conversation just appalled me.  It was implied that 'working class' people aren't progressive or smart enough to have equality in a marriage.  That the only women that are worthy of respect are those who worked outside of the home.  That anyone who doesn't want to do something against their conscience--as in pharmacists and other medical personnel--are small-minded and stupid.  Women who 'depend' on a man to 'take care of them' are idiots.  And this was NOT a private conversation!

Okay, I will admit that I am a bit sensitive when it comes to each subject.  K was on his way to Vietnam when the war was de-escalated, so I have a biased point of view.  (His orders were changed at the last minute and he didn't get there.)  Also, I lost close friends and had family and friends 'do their time' over there.  As I said, my opinion on the entire thing is very much a roller coaster ride, so I can't stand anyone--especially those who didn't experience it--to be black-and-white about it.  I think everyone who lived through those years will admit to having mixed feelings.

And I don't believe I have ever let my feelings be hidden about my stay-at-home status.  I have never felt like a lesser person because I didn't leave the house daily and bring home a paycheck, but far too many people actually believe the only way for someone to prove their worth is by what they get paid.  These two, also, seemed to feel that there could not be any equality in a marriage if the woman didn't work, didn't have her 'own' money.  I do feel sorry for people who 'know' all about relationships without getting to know the people involved.  For example, the money K earns is OUR money--we share it equally.  Not only do I discuss how I want to spend it, but HE discusses how HE will spend money, also.  Neither one of us needs the other's 'permission,' but we will defer to the other if it is determined that we can't afford something.  And just because I don't go out and work, it doesn't mean I don't have a job.  Oh, there are times I feel unappreciated, but I KNOW I truly AM appreciated for what I do.  And I AM respected for the things I do.

The bottom line to all of this is that I probably should unfollow these people.  But I just feel sorry for them--they are really limiting themselves by not trying to understand things they really know nothing about--and I think that makes THEM small minded.  So, I will continue to keep them in my 'follow' column and just ignore them when they go off like this.


meleah rebeccah said...

For real, do yourself a favor and totally unfollow those people!

leazwell said...


I guess I'm an idiot because I willingly quit work and let my husband take of me. Good grief I had other things to do that are equally and more satisfying than being an employee all day!

cmk said...

Thankfully, these two don't post drivel too often. But when they do, it gives me a chance to practice my new philosophy: just shake my head, smile, and say 'silly, silly people.' :)