Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Funny...Or Not?

In many instances, I have a very black, warped, macabre sense of humor.  My favorite comic of all time is/was Gary Larson's 'Far Side'--strange creatures doing weird things.  Hysterical.  Since Larson gave up writing his comic, there has been a black hole in my life that hasn't been filled--until now.  'Bunny Suicides' has filled that hole.

'Bunny Suicides' is all about rabbits trying--or succeeding--to kill themselves.  And the methods they use are quite funny.  Many of them have a very Rube Goldberg feel to them.  While some of the strips are cringe-worthy--really, who wants to see a cute little bunny have his head chopped off--most of them have me chuckling hysterically.  The 'Bunny Suicides' calendar is now the one I get for my kitchen every year.  Yes, I'm sick.

Here are a few of the strips:

So, I ask again, are these funny...or not?

*For more, you can go here.


Anonymous said...

I'd say about 80% funny. Never heard of that comic, so thanks for posting about it!

meleah rebeccah said...

Yes, they ARE funny. Very funny, indeed. But I also have a sick sense of humor!

cmk said...

The calendar ONLY has the non-dead bunny cartoons--I find the ones with the dead rabbits a bit disturbing...disturbing but funny in a very sick way. ;)

kristi noser said...

Oh my goodness. Those totally made me laugh. I love the staple the dog tail one.

cmk said...

I am SO happy to know there are others with a sick sense of humor. ;)